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Here is another model I started a while back. This is a build of the Mini that won the Monte Carlo rally in 1967.

The weather here was so cold and wet I did not have a chance to go outside and spray anything, so all I had done was a bit on the engine.

Here's the box;

Mocking it up a bit.

I decided to dress it up a bit with some spark plug wires, I had hoped to do more details but these wires look so comically huge on the engine that I am considering just doing spark plug wires.

Without the body to hide the engine, a lot of green...

I had to make my own distributor cap, as I was trying to make holes in the kit part it slipped out of my hand and shot who knows where.

It does not seem to show up in the photos though!

Overall I am not too unhappy with what I have done, only the second engine I have done, so not too bad. The wire is from a network cable, with the 'boots' being the insulation around it, hence the blue colour.

I am a bit swamped with freelance work now, but soon I will get the ignition coil painted and glued on, so that the last wire has a place to go.

My first Tamiya kit too, I am impressed with the detail, instructions and how well everything is done!

I told myself 'no more kits till you build all the cars!' so I am hoping for better weather to get some paint on the chassis and all the other places where a rattle can would look better than a brush. I have 2 started and 2 kits not started yet, so it may be a while before I get more at this pace...

What a random assortment of sentences, comments welcome, I am not an experienced builder and am using what I have on hand, so it's never going to be life like

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  ·  last year (edited)

Sorry, what are you designing on

Not sure that I understand your question. Can you try rephrase it for me please?

If you are referring to a 3d printing post I did a while back, that's done in Blender, with the slicing happening in Cura.
Hope that helps :)

Oh okay....ywah wanted to know the 3d modelling software

Blender is free and absolutely amazing. It's quite a learning curve but there are many videos / articles online as well.