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I started this thread with the intention of posting updates often. Unfortunately work and after hours freelancing has eaten up my time, so I plug away at the mini in what spare time I can muster. This means I often forget to take photos.

Pretty much the same engine, but in the subframe, then loosely mounted in the chassis for fitting.

I used a silver Sharpie to do the detailing on the bottom. Found at a local Walmart equivalent store call Jumbo. I love this pen!

A few more enging in chassis shots...

The painted body, this is after having stripped it once before.

I thought I hit the jackpot, finding acrylic rattle can paint. To my horror, when I sprayed it on it stayed tacky for days, eventually I cleaned it off with water detergent and a toothbrush.

Eventually I found a primer that does not attack the styrene (I have spent more on different primers than what I paid for the model originally). I sprayed the primer, then applied the red acrylic. It still does not dry hard, but I don't have much of a choice so am pressing on, it won't get handled much once it's built so it's a lesson learnt.

We will be moving in a few months time, hopefully to house and not another flat/apartment which means I may be able to get a compressor and try my hand at using an airbrush.

I decided to paint the brake caliper blue for some pop behind the rim

But it's not noticable at all...

I thought darker rims than the original silver would help, alas no, here they are before I repainted them though.

I have more work done on the Mini and will post an update soon!

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