Steemleo Tag Abuse | Why You’ll Start Seeing Flags on Steemleo Content

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First of all, let us begin by saying that a flag from @noleo4u simply means that your LEO rewards are being flagged and not your STEEM/SBD/PAL/insert-token-here.

What kind of content will be flagged?

Content that has nothing to do with investing. As we said in our intro post and we’ll continue to reiterate: Steemleo is a platform for investing content, not pictures of your cat or your morning jog.

Some have expressed concerns about people posting and not being financial professionals. We are not a platform for financial professionals. We are a platform for real people to talk about investing, discuss what they do and why, etc.

If you’ve been on Steem for any period of time, then you will know that many of us tend to talk about our investments (especially in Steem), even though 99% of us are not financial advisers.

Same deal with Steemleo. You don’t need some piece of paper or ridiculous degree from a university to be able to talk about investing.

The simple fact that you are on Steem right now makes you an investor of some capacity.

Steemleo content is not just about buying/selling and talking about the specific things that you’re buying. This is a place for philosophical discussion. For ethical discussions. For discussion of fundamentals and investment ideals. Value investing and more.

The scope of what you can post on Steemleo is VERY WIDE, BUT we still don’t want to see pictures of your cat or your latest drawing.

Keep that stuff on Steem/other communities because it’s awesome that you can create content that you enjoy and share it on such a cool platform.

Just don’t use the tag "steemleo" for that kind of content. If you do, you will get your LEO rewards flagged. -- your steem rewards won't be impacted, but you won't be rewarded for using a platform about investing when your content has no link to that topic.

Is Investing too niche?

We’ve seen this concern as well. Some think that there isn’t enough potential in “just investing content” on Steem. You’re right, there isn’t much potential in that statement.

The thing is, our vision for Steemleo begins with the core community of Steem, but our plans stem far beyond just the community that is here right now.

For every community that arises here on Steem, it is 100% ESSENTIAL to go beyond the community of Steem and onboard new users. If you’re not growing and onboarding new users, then you’re slowly fading away into the night.

This is essential to the health of all communities present and future. It is essential to the Steem blockchain as well. Steem has less than 15,000 active users when you cut out multiple accounts and the like.

If we want to see Steem achieve the heights that we know are possible, then we must build these communities and reach out to get NEW users. Not just market to the current ones.

So you see, Steemleo is at this beginning stage. It hasn’t even been 48 hours yet. If you think you’ve seen onboarding, you ain’t seen nothing yet. We’ve got big things in store and we’ll focus HEAVILY on bringing in brand spanking new users to this blockchain and the Steemleo community.

Thank you for joining this journey and being a part of Steemleo. We look forward to seeing your INVESTING content 😉


So please tell me why my post that clearly fits all your criteria did not get an upvote from steemleo?

Hi, not every post on Steemleo will get an upvote from Steemleo. We try to manually curate as much content as we can but the curation team is currently 1.5 people (1 full-time and 1 part time). We'll be adding more curators very soon though.

We set up a post promotion channel in our discord which helps us identify posts from more engaged users as well. Posting in that channel will nearly guarantee curation from our team, but only on good investing content. I'll look for your latest post now ;)

THX.. but actually I did not write this because I am begging for an upvote.. ;-)
It was just to understand how your curation works... got it.. THX...

will chat on DC about some ideas I got

Since @noleo4u account doesn't stake any PAL or any significant SP, flagging will only result in forfeiture of LEO revenue. But how will it discourage users from using steemleo tag? It will only increase the workload for @noleo4u.

Isn't it logical for me to keep using #steemleo tag for non-investment related posts too, in the hope to earn some LEO in case @noleo4u account misses on flagging that content. And if it flags, I've nothing to lose as I wasn't going to earn any LEO for that post anyway!

So shouldn't there be some additional policy of blacklisting some accounts on repeat offence of tag spamming?

I think you should consider unbanning / unmuting @coininstant. I think he might help raise the price of Leo and provide a boost to the platform and send a signal that steemleo is an inclusive pro-investor platform unlike

I think it is good that you will be making a line in the sand so to speak. Like many I do not post much about finance, or investing, how ever I do enjoy keeping track of my steem and do reqular updates, so now I will need to figure out how to incorporate PAL and LEO with my Steem Reports.

When you pick up a magazine, as I have said before, you want the expected content, not some completely unrelated drivel. I staked and will do so with all LEO's earned, and while I don't put out much in this content area it does not mean I do not read the content and when I vote I want to be able to give a real vote.

Thank you. Glad you see what we're trying to accomplish here and your analogy to a magazine is exactly what we are going for here. We may even steal that analogy at some point in the future, if you don't mind :)

When you "pick up" steemleo (open one of our interfaces) we want you to see what you expect/want to see --> investing-related content.

Feel free, I don't own the magazine example, I am sure others have typed it or at least thought it also. Well at least those that are old enough to remember what real magazines were like before all the prescription 5 or 7 page advertisements took over. LoL.


...a flag from @noleo4u simply means that your LEO rewards are being flagged and not your STEEM/SBD/PAL/insert-token-here.

Thank you very much for making your policies clear especially use of the tag #steemleo. Very important for those wishing to become part of this new Community, i.e., me!

I love that the new communities are taking action early on to prevent tag abuse. I staked my LEO, I don't usually make posts about investing, but I do read and comment on posts. Thank you for making sure that the community grows!

Awesome that you appreciate what we're trying to do here. Building niche communities will take focus and effort. Steemians are used to being able to tag whatever they want on their posts, but with communities like Steemleo, it's important to make clearer rules about what we want to see. Thanks for supporting us 🧡

I was happy to see the explanation in the introduction post about only wanting community content using your TAG. I truly believe that will a community grow with just like minded content and not people posting for rewards.
I have staked my LEO, but do not expect to do any posting about investing. I do expect to read the content and am happy to see you supported by the @steempeak front end. I use it and enjoy the ability to easily switch between Tribe material that I wish to explore.

Curating is always great. Love tribes from steempeak too. Using the native site has its benefits though.

The native sites often are close clones of the hideous UI/UX..

Using the native site has its benefits though

Which are? I'm not disagreeing, but as far as I know there is no real benefit which can't already be done on any other front-end, or especially done with Steempeak... but I am open to learning if you can brainstorm some for me.

You can visit/filter any community with Steempeak, not just the ones they officially support ;)

What languages does this platform currently support?

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Suppose I am investing in cats? But no, really I understand what SteemLEO is about which is why, while I did stake the amount I was airdropped I think I will not be to active using your tag as my incursions into investing are limited. I do think it is right for you not to reward material that does not relate to your niche.

Hellow sir! Excellent plan sir. You are really a £€♡ guro now, my friend. Quality opinions!

Actually this is a good start, but...

Any tag abuser worth their salt knows comment spam abuse is the best.
Write a fancy comment and spam it on every post to try and get upvotes, then self up vote it on day 6.

Hello! Thank you. We appreciate all the feedback, good and bad.

Yes, we will be on the lookout for comment abuse as well. Anything that is abusing LEO rewards will be addressed. We can't guarantee that we'll get it all right away, but we'll get it all eventually.

Greetings, @noelo4u

I igree with this, man!!! Thank you for share with us!


I have removed the steemleo tag from my post. I used it because I was posting from steemleo and I had no idea there was a specific investment related post requirement. Can you please remove your downvote?

Posted via Steemleo

The Latin community within steem is a bit limited, especially since there is no research culture, the investment issues are somewhat complicated, even as you mention it, being in steem is already an investment and is likely to start with some publications starting from the basics to buy / sell in steem engine, or even from using keychain, many do not even know that.

Is it possible to use the tag for these subjects? keychain, steem engine, Palnet, bloque64, etc? They would be in Spanish.

So just to clarify a post basically sharing what steem.leo is and why it fits perfectly with the #steemsilvergold tag would fall into the investment category because we deal with commodities. Also, showing off pick ups would be acceptable as well right? Thanks for sharing!!

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I have a question. I sometimes do Steemhunts related to investments, financial assets, products that involve money and its storage for subsequent use. Is this allowed? Sorry for being blunt! But I had to ask before I continue using #SteemLeo tag on these hunt posts.

If you do not already know what Steemhunt is then it is a clone of product hunt where users get rewarded for finding new and unique products and services. Infact this can be seperate tag on Steemleo. #ProductReview. Investors can easily find profitable investment assets and opportunities using Steem Leo. What do you think @noleo4u?

👍🙋 This is awesome to see @noleo4u ! I did a post in this regards yesterday as it was getting increasingly harder for me to find anything at all about investing or Steemleo for that matter! link here if you care to check it out:
I also just read the @steem.leo 24 hour launch report which I upped and resteemed as well, and was glad to see that a Tag Moderation Team was being set up! Happy to be part of Steemleo , its going to be EPIC! 👍😎❤
Upped and resteemed
👍 Tag Abuse Must Stop!

I have a very good friend who...

finds herself unable to use steemleo any more,
and we'd like to see if she can be reinstated. I
can vouch for her dedication to investing, just
a look at her blog will reveal this as well. Please
provide contact info so we can check and see
if the ban was possibly in error, or she can apply
to be reinstated? Thanks so much,
UNDY (big investor in @spinvest-leo)

Good to see this account arrive 😁

The simple fact that you are on Steem right now makes you an investor of some capacity

This is what I've been telling people and so I'm glad to read it here. I follow some people who like to report on their steem investment, and think that this content is suitable for steemleo. Cheers!

There's going to be always that kind of abuse in the first phase of the project!!

We are lucky we are not in the bull run hahaha.

I know we all know that during the bull run a lot of folks pour here with an aim of making some quick bucks with non serious posts.

I am glad I staked my Pal and hence received my Leo which obviously I have also staked yesterday.

I will be visiting this place more to learn of ways to invest !!

Bring them in.

oohh Understood! Ok ill make sure to keep my stuff clean from "cat pictures"

Excellent and I'm really happy you listened to some of our suggestions about abusers.

I was never implying that only professionals should be allowed to use your tag, just that maybe they could be verified. Professionals won't risk their licensing pumping junk and providing false or misleading info.

Policing should be in order for people who are misleading investors and misrepresenting information. Blacklists are in order for manipulation.

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What about if it's a picture of your cat investing in crypto? Or a drawing of your cat buying bitcoin?

It's funny...when PAL first came out, I wondered if a community with no actual niche would last. The only way I thought it would actually be successful is if they managed to catch on in popularity enough, that when we have more niche communities, there was significant reason to regularly post in it rather than those other communities. But now I realize, people are too abusive and stupid for niche communities. How is a topic for a tag/community too complex for people?

The idea of creating new ventures like steemleo is a great undertaking. Having real live human beings monitoring abuse especially tag abuse, or really any other kind of blatant abuse is a very special effort in making your brand above and beyond what is expected. I am extremely pleased that there is this kind of an open forum to discuss economics, finance, and how it relates to the crypto world within a platform that prides itself and is putting its money where its mouth is in protecting the brand and the user within who in good faith is putting together real content to be commented upon and evaluated open and honestly by their peers on this wonderful new network.

I have to say that I think I used the # on Instagram a week or so ago. I was simply typing #steem and accepting whatever popped up.

I'm new here and just this week have began to grasp the inner workings of everything (decentralization, dapps, groups, etc). I apologize for the misuse and misunderstanding. 💕

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@laputis and I have removed autovotes for most of the accounts we used to upvote via Steemdunk. I have even removed the vote trailing on Steemauto. This is because some people have abused steemleo tag posting not about investing (for example a post about their drawing). We are keeping only autovotes for those few accounts we trust won't abuse steemleo and other tokenized tags.

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Hi @noleo4u,

you just downvoted some of my posts. The overview I post every day includes crypto posts. So this is something relevant for investments, right? So can you please explain the downvotes? Thx in advance.

Only Leos in Here!!!

you was really stupid my friend. i post investing BTC news and you flaged me? whats wrong with you? never post on leo can post alone ..:)) ahh pls chill little bit. you was too agressiv is not good for you to much stress chill man chill

Why this my articles about SBD and market price was flag??? I know that is not in english but it is really about invesment.

So should I take my cat pic out of my last investing post? I don't want any trouble? Is this last post totally unacceptable?
If so I will not do it like that, and stick to financials! I have a ton of Bitcoin to post about! Coming Soon, maybe tomorrow!! Portfolio updates!!
My last post I know - It was a stretch. What about all the weed? Let me know now if you don't want to see weed pics, I can relate anything to investing. I don't need to post them in here however, I already have for that. Investing in WEED is a hot commodity right now! I was just trying to be crafty today!! Sorry! I think I crossed the line! I can be a grown up in here if that is the case, I will cooperate!

Just tell me the 100% truth right now so I don't make the same mistakes again!! I see I already got a bunch of flags from @swelker101 & @themarkymark?? Is that the reason?
Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 7.59.21 PM.png

I don't want to get blocked like on PAL.

Also is there anything we can do to protect me from @swelker101, & @themarkymark! They flag me for nothing every time! It seems like vagrant abuse of their power since they have like 100X the amount of STEEM and PAL and LEO than me, and that is why I am here in the first place, to escape them! If I cannot be treated equally, I will just find someplace I can!
I.E. My last two posts were flagged in here too! <leos4me already!Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 7.51.41 PM.png

Also can we tag posts with @noleo4u to get you to flag the offending posts?

What about this gambling! I downvoted it, not sure if anything happened? Did I make a mistake on this one? Gambling does not equal investing!! :Dice, also bidbotted up ad spam looking to me! The guy in the add shooting the hand pistol annoys the heck out of me for some reason!!??! IMHO Just saying!!
Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 8.16.32 PM.png

! Need Guidance??

I have a problem, things I voted on steemit show up here as upvotes too! UT-OH??

Also things I downvoted, like the porn token post was not weed related, however maybe investment related, and showed up as a downvote here! Yikes, torn??? Nothing I can really do about that!
Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 8.31.29 PM.png
The above post I downvoted from the for not being weed related. I really don't think it is investment related either, however that was not the reason I flagged it!
I have already seen tons of non investment posts in here!

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