My Letter to @themarkymark - in response to his continual flagging of my account, and not hearing about my STEEMLEO block from anybody!🖖

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Dear @themarkymark,

Why did I get blocked from STEEMLEO, I do no different than anyone else?

@noleo4u is ghosting me?? I invested real money BTC in the TOKEN, I have a blog there that I cannot use, I have more BTC than anyone else I know inside #STEEMLEO, maybe that is why, the Jealousy must hurt too much for you???
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Because STEEM is always DOWN, while BTC is ALWAYS UP!

I told You already, until you stop flagging me and innocent Steemians, STEEM is NOT going anywhere dude, but to hell in a hand basket and beyond! ! LOL Whuahahahaha!

Maybe I will try to post there is a couple of days!

STEEMLEO was the only site that my non weed related stuff would show up. You are hurting the STEEMLEO community by not letting me share my ideas. Is it just because you don't like the truth spreading? You all loose, not me. Big investors watch me! They follow me, and do what I do, & if they are smart they can even 1 UP on me & turn my mistakes into their gains! There are not a lot of people out there like me willing to show the whole truth including their mistakes too, especially in Finance and trading. I've never seen anyone show off an unrealized loss like me before!! I'm up big today and could have posted about being up 20Gs!

Now I have to post it on Steemit, and get greyed out for that, yo - I don't think so! #STEEMLEO'S-LOSS! You all kill the golden goose. I don't know what you think you are accomplishing trying to scare me away from steemit, we'll it is not going to work, all you are going to do is end up scaring yourself! 🙀

Hi - Have A Nice Life!



P.S. Here is what I am talking about below! He does this every single time with a robot!
And tonight they are going come back and make sure they are all greyed out as usual! And you wonder why I flipped out a little before?

I personally finally just quit flagging "Cold Turkey" yesterday, I am never going down that slippery downvote road gain!

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They even grey out my Sunsets! Doesn't anybody care?

These guys are like a disease to Steemit! The Grey Plague, and it is creeping in! I wish they would get their downvote taken away, show them the consequences of their actions!
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Why doesn't Steemit block him, they blocked the good guy @fulltimegeek, and I am worried they are going to try to block me entirely soon!

I need somebody with power to take care of this little problem for me!
-- Thanks a Million!

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I will never flag @berniesanders or anyone on steemit ever again, but I think he is @abusereports, pretty sure.


may i suggest since you have a shit load of BTC, trade it for steem and get addicted to the little green upvote button ;)

fk you just might make bank as an author too if you wrote about stuff others are interested in

Hell no! Come on Now, then I would not have any hope! Look how good btc did today va steem? I quit downvoting, instead I just send links! I’m getting better at controlling my temper.
What are some topics others would be interested in? I need ideas?

i usually like real stories about the person themselves i.e how someones doing in crypto for instance. what their doing hows it going, making money / losing money / plans etc.

fk knows i kinda change from day to day what i like lol

send me a link

That is exactly why I won't invest any more, for one thing I am plum out of ideas!
Secondly you sound kinda mean dissing me telling me I am uninteresting, that is not what this post is supposed to be about. Turning it around on me, eh! I only blog about what I know, and right now all I know is I need to work on getting these flags to go down a little. Then maybe my mind can rest and start thinking again. I'm a no good writer, and most topics on steemit have been exhausted 10X by now. Blogging on steemit is more like flogging a dead horse! lol jk!

I have a hurricane hitting right now, I gotta go, thanks!

Only three of the flaggots I saw up there aren't Bernie. He has a horde of bots.

You've managed to get some PAL folks angry at you too, like swelker and discordiant. I've never seen them flag anyone before, markymark either, now that I think about it. You, sir, have talent! It's easy to get bernie to flag you, but the others must have taken dedicated effort.


Thanks, it was no easy task bringing them all out into the spotlight like that! Goodnight!

Well anyone who would have cared likely got DV'd while you were throwing your temper tantrum.

That sound like OLD STEEM! I’m trying new steem again, I think it might stick this time???

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