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We feel that the current stake distribution of PAL represents some of the most active/best Steemians on the chain and also represents a group of people who already know how the SCOT ecosystem works and how to use Steem-Engine.

Can you explain why you only rewarded STAKED non-delegated PAL? It seems that a lot of people missed their airdrop and this was a shortfall that I was able to identify quickly.


Hey! The plan was to airdrop based on staked PAL.. which should have included delegated PAL as well. Sorry for the complete oversight on our behalf. A second airdrop round will go out shortly based on delegated PAL stake.

Sorry again for the delay on that. We didn't catch it until after the airdrop went out.

Thanks for the quick follow-up. I've had people delegate PAL to Steem Basic Income at no charge and I'd hate to see them miss out on LEO because of it.

of course! Really sorry again for the bumpy start. The second airdrop just went out, if you know anyone else who's still missing their airdrop, please direct them here and we'll help them out ASAP! Thanks!


1 LEO in second drop for 1000 PAL delegated out...

Is there a third fix? Or is this 1 from something else entirely and the actual fix is still running?

I had Bit coin connect wallet last do I transfer my funds to a different coin?. I'm a sports card collector / blogger I like talking about sports cards #focusboysports

I never used bitconnect; I have no idea how to transfer your funds or whether there is still anyway to recover them at all.

I have neither received an airdrop with the first nor with the second airdrop. I have all my PAL delagted to Would be cool if you could check that, @steem.leo.

me too!

I delegated PAL too, but, since I'm traveling without a PC, using SE on mobile is a very bad experience to me!

I received some LEO and I'm grateful for that! Could you please include me in the second airdrop for the part of PAL I delegated?

Thanks so much! 🤗

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Hi. I have delegated all my PAL to too and can't see any airdrop too :(

I came here from @abh12345's post. Wanted to say the same thing @josephsavage said. I have delegated all staked pal to another account. That's why haven't received any LEO.

Hey, sorry about the delay. We've just sent the second airdrop and you've now got your LEO in your wallet. Apologies for that, we had a major oversight when airdropping the original stake! Hope you understand 🧡

Thank for being so responsive. :)

I have PAL staked. I have received no LEO.

Please advise.


So why in the hell would anyone stake their own pal if there is a chance to pawn it off to the highest bidder getting both the benefits the air drop as well as the benefits of having their pal vote in a massive conglomeration of voters that will outright suck the curation value of every post voted on due to the new HF based setup of @steemleo and the other altchains that are coming out? Was the purpose of this stuff to fish out the multiple account farming and several other factors that has outright nuked the value and perception of steem and steemit? Is that not why there is staking and delegation in the first place so people do not double dip like this? I am certainly up for debate and curious what I am missing or misinterpreting.

It sounds like you are confusing several different things that have nothing to do with each other, but your comment is a mad scramble of words so I really couldn't say for sure.

So why would everyone not just delegate their pal tokens to their biggest favorite glut of voters that is an upvote service say for example and essentially get an inflated vote with one a steem-engine coin (that enables delegation, pal being the only one at the moment) then have that voting service I use vote my post in a non-linear curation/vote value inflating my payout and pretty much walking away with all significant curation and growing like mad in all of these areas? The air dropper I would assume sorts out for people who delegated their pal to their main account, or other places that can bid for their coins now or in the future. What an airdrop does is up to them, I just get annoyed with people that want things both ways on here. I am guessing to avoid I am just saying hypothetically of course if someone were going to do that of course.

Couldn't you make that same argument about SP? Or are you making some assumption about non-linear curation?

Sure to a point. I am just mentioning that because if the group that air drops the tokens would have the non-delegated PAL tokens vs the delegated they did that likely for a reason. The point is moot anyways I am not going to tell one of these groups who they can and cannot support, that is of course their call. As an independent member on steemit (and now the rest of this sidechain network) to a point I think people will not be happy with the exact same people being the massive holders of this string of tokens, which is fine everyone has their option of which to support and which not--basically the best of both worlds having options so I suppose no harm done. Many people are likely not as fickle with this stuff as I am which is something I definitely have to admit.

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