Investments... How are you doing?

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Hello Business people

How are your investments going? Still confused about all this?... and need some entertaining lead?... I might have some. Let's try to follow the positive thinking here (I don't wish to cast any magical enchantments and please don't consider this an investment advice, always do your own research, blah blah blah, the usual).

Fun first!

Yes, if you want to invest while reducing the risks you need to have "FUN"! That's the only way you can justify "loss" and very easily adjust to new patterns or businesses interests. In my view OK?!


If you don't know what ReviewHunt is, then give it a look. If you love exploring and get rewarded to do so, I can tell you that you will love this one.

What have I tried...

I am an iPhone user, so, BUZZi is crossed... and MOSAEEK is not something I can compete with... I am too ugly to be in front of the camera. So #tata it!

The tata Platform

This was not intended to be a review, but lately, I found some interesting stuff... so I thought that many would enjoy knowing about some of this in advance of trying it (in case you decide to).

#tata is a social app on top of the TTC blockchain, using a tokenized world called ACN (Acron Protocol). Just like SE tokens in STEEM.

It has an iOS and Android app... also a "DEX" (Decentralized EXchange) that works really great "in-app".

So what's new?

At start I thought this app would never make it to mass userspace, but I was completely wrong. And only now I know the importance of a UX/UI when trying mass adoption... I am eagerly waiting for Voice (based on EOS) to make things perfect! The power of social networks is crazy expansive if done the right way.

#tata rewards you for the likes, posts, comments and reviewing others reports about code of conduct misuse, and the way you follow or get followed. They have a pretty extensive way of "proof-of-social" thing (sort of...).

What can you do with ACN?

ACN is the token you get rewarded with, for the above... you can (currently) only exchange for TTC... which you can then sell again for any other crypto (on external exchanges).

What's else?

Like STEEM and EOS blockchains you can also vote for "BPs" (block producers), but here things change a bit. On TTC, block producer is divided in tiers... and to be a "BP" can be easily incentivised by just targeting wherein these tiers you want to be (I never thought about it, to be honest) and then launch your effort accordantly.

You WIN by voting!

Yes, crazy right... if you vote for a block producer.. you get some of their rewards. This WILL be an amazing change STEEM could actually do that would radically change the way BPs get elected. I know this will also create some instability that is sometimes necessary for BPs to survive but, at this stage, I don't think it will be at all harmful for STEEM. This would rather show who really wants to play the LONGGGG game.

New tokens...

TTC will be launching their internal ICO's and currently, there's one ongoing... where you need at least 1000 TTC to participate. I foresee many more will come (just a matter of time).


Well, this is not an open Platform like STEEM (even if the code is open source). So expect to not know everything you need to know... plus and probably deliberately, this was never intended to make things simpler for the block producers. They get a big slice but easily diluted compared to STEEM.

Most people will be selling everything... so, expect the prices to go further down. Only when the amount of value arriving (total investment-wise) on the platform are more than the ones leaving, this or anyone social app can be massively adopted.

Experience on fake people?

If you are aiming for this to be an easy grab... don't even think about spending time on this. The economics are playing so well (so far) that there is little rewards for abusers. You can try your luck... but I think you will loose more than win in terms of your time.

Investors & Traders...

If you would like to trade TTC, I would advise you to consider Bittrex on this one. The TTC transfers are quite "instantaneous" there.

Let me know if you know more about this, and I will reward you!

Also check the previous post I did about #tata, as it might have additional information you may be searching for.

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by @forykw


Hello @forykw from "business people" :)

please don't consider this an investment advice, always do your own research, blah blah blah, the usual

I hope you're aware why people do add this kind of disclaimer? The only reason is to protect yourself from chance of being sued to court for financial advise, which causes someone lost of money.

I don't think your disclaimer would protect you hahaha :)

Personally, I'm not sure if "having fun" should be part of anyones investing adventure. Perhaps once we're just starting up and we want to learn a bit about investing strategies and we're not really serious about it (including amount of capital - it cannot be serious amount if we want to have fun).

Anyway back to main topic. I've surely never heard about Reviewhunt. I also never heard about #tata and after reading your post, I'm still not sure how to connect those two.

I don't want to be considered "whiny little bit*h", however at the end of reading your publication I found it very unclear what was main message your readers should receive lol. There isn't much flow lol and. Upvoted anyway :)

Yours, Piotr

Hey hey... that's awesome. Love feedback.

And in fact I agree also with what you say. This was not a post to initiate users on Review Hunt, but just to tease people to look for more.

This was more about #tata and what I found about it so far... along with a mixture of strategy that I think many users will find when going up that path.

Coming back to review hunt, it makes me feel empowered to build a new post about it. I stumbles me that many people are yet not familiar with it. But hey! This is a pretty large world, so I understand.

But for now I will hold myself to another time maybe. I will add to the post another link of a previous review I did about #tata that might better explain a bit of what you mentioned as being missing.

Thanks a lot for checking out my stuff!

I guess it's just a matter of time. For now I am focused on Steem. It's not that I have too much to invest.

On the other hand, I feel like I'm having fun here, I think this is my niche. I think that from here I have the opportunity to develop any project.

Let's hope that Steem's prices improve and we continue to advance with more strength.

I am with you mate... I love this platform because of many things...

Now that you mentioned... it's hard to completely describe all the reasons I like this platform and the real reason I can't let it goo... I mean, I know where I can get way more profit... still... I am here.

Hi, thanx for this, I will keep an eye on it. Not sure yet if I will be using it, but definetely thank you for informing us.

What got me involved was the app, but now I am getting more into the deeps of the TTC blockchain. Finding it somehow interesting... at least to watch and play with.

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Obrigado pela review, vou dar uma olhada

Hello dear @forykw, thanks for this information.

These are options that are worth checking, right now every sum, and we must not dismiss any offer.

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@forykw, In my opinion on Steem Blockchain splitting of Block Producers rewards will not happen but hope that some other surprising aspects are waiting for the Steem.

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It could be seen as an incentive for people to vote often. It should not depend on who you vote, but instead on the amount of value you stake. This way the more you hold the more important will be for you to vote.

While I heard of Tata, I never actually used it. Do you see this at all similar to Quora (has not [yet] returned to rewards).

Naaa.. Quora is more faced through the discovery of content and knowledge community building. Tata is more like social media thing... like twitter or so, but with rewards. I am still trying to understand where they are going.

I am still trying to understand where they are going.
Helpful. :)

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