Scot Tribes - Why Token Abundance Is Good For Steem

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Steem Engine is becoming an opportunity hub, injecting the Steem blockchain witgh new power. The possibility of creating out-of-the-box community tokens with entire frontends via Steemit condenser, Steempeak, TokenBB and now also ScotTube, is unseen in the cryptosphere before. The is a revolution and we are all experiencing it first hand.


Demand For Steem Engine Tokens Reduces Steem Supply

The flood of new communities and Scot tokens (mimicking the Steem voting pool behavior) has left many Steemians both enthusiastic and confused. I am seeing the first people raising their concerns about the amount of new tokens. They believe that people are selling their Steem for them and hence drive down the demand of Steem.

This couldn't be further from the truth!

Each new investor who wants to buy PAL, SPT, LEO, SPORTS, BATTLE and so on, has to invest into Steem first, increasing the traded volume of Steem on exchanges. Then, they have to deposit the Steem into their Steem Engine wallet, which creates new STEEMP tokens in the equivalent of their Steem. The original Steem is locked in the Steem Engine account until someone is withdrawing the STEEM again, burning the STEEMP token.

This process means, that when the demand for tokens on Steem Engine is growing, that more and more Steem is temporarily leaving the public supply. When the Steem Engine tokens stay popular, this Steem will be locked away indefinably. The next person who wants to buy a token, will have to deal with the lower supply of Steem on the market. Obviously, the Steem inflation will always attack the price through new tokens but that effect is being reduced now, thanks to Steem Engine.

Also, each user of Scot communities will still have to have at least some Steem power staked, or will end up running out of resource credits very quickly. They are required to cast transactions to the Steem network and increase with more Steem Power. Everything is going exactly according to how Steemit it once envisioned it, except that Steem Engine has taken over and delivered what Steemit couldn't.


Tribes Control Their Ecosystems

Unlike Steem, where we have a skewed distribution, with Steemit sitting on and selling off the by far largest stake, as well as various bad player whales, the new economies give a huge control to them, allowing them to keep their content pure and reward pools distributed in a way, that benefits the communities goals. They can even mute a bad player and prevent them from abusing the reward pool. This might be centralized control but everyone is free to use one of the many other communities that pop up like mushrooms now. That is actually pretty decentralized then. Some will be more open and others more controlled.

This is increasing trust, because stake holders can have a much different relation with #SPT or #STEEMLEO than with Steem. And it doesn't matter whether #SPORTSTALK and #BATTLE are covering much broader topics, because each token can appeal to just the right people. Even smaller economies can perfectly work this way. Of course, when we have learned anything from the past, many will also fail. But that is the game and we are all playing it.


Start Earning Your Scots Now

Be careful before you invest into any of these tokens. Maybe becoming a content creator for their niche is the better alternative and you simply earn these tokens, effectively reducing your risk. The first weeks and months for each Scot will be very profitable in mere token numbers for everyone who is contributing, because the reward pool will be shared with fewer people. After a while, more and more will share less and less.

The most promising Scot projects so far, in my personal opinion, are the following five:

Special FrontendSpecial FrontendSpecial FrontendSpecial FrontendSpecial Frontend
GamesSplinterlandsMeta CommunityInvestmentSports


PAL is the big new community token, that has started the new gold rush of ScotTribes. I think it doesn't require any further introduction.



The Battle token will be really cool for all gamers. You can post your game articles on and upload your gaming videos to You can even put all your YouTube and Twich livestreams up there, as DTube allows now to simply share links from other video platforms. You can earn whale upvotes from DTube and from Battletube but also regular upvotes from users in STEEM, DTC (the new DTube Coin) and BATTLE.



The same is true for the Splinterlands game, which has its own niche community called Splintertalk, with the SPT token. You can even post to both tags, #battle and #spt, whenever you write about Splinterlands, because it also fits into the BATTLE niche, effectively earning four tokens at once. This cross-monetization will surely grow in the future.



The @steem.leo project started yesterday and looks like an instant win: a new Scot tribe for investors. They made an airdrop based on PAL holdings, an entire new way of distributing tokens to the community. Within the first 24 hours, thousands of posts under the #steemleo tag have been created and over one million LEO has been staked, a huge success.



On you can find a Scot tribe all about sports in general. If you combine posting you daily ActiFit results with the #sports tag, then you have yet another really useful cross-monetization, that rewards you for staying fit and healthy.


These are all super interesting niches and I have already created content for them, so I feel right at home there. I have staked all my tokens from them so far and I am planning on growing my stake with all of them, to be able to give generous upvotes in the future. This is a new chance for all of us to grow our influence and value in the Steem community. And Steem itself is looking better than ever. I don't mind the low price too much in such a creative and promising environment

I have a very good feeling about Steem and the Steem Engine tokens. What about you?



Thanks for the info, I'll use Battle for my SteemMonsters posts. There's many others that I would like to know more about and when to use the.. eg. #sct.. and yet others that will flag you if you use them for the wrong reasons.., eg.. #weed.

How many more.. besides the ones I mention?

Quite a few. Here is a list with all Scot tokens:

Battletube working? Wow Thank you for this amazing info! I like Splinterlands and smetimes i like record video.

So many choices...
I was happy to read your thoughts on how all these communities help take STEEM off the exchanges. Maybe the price will slowly start to grow, I do not want fast movement as that always creates fast corrections.

Interesting thought on how to gain multiple tokens by posting Actifit activities with #SPORT tag. As a Fitbit user I have been on the fence about connecting to @Actifit, but as I Stake and HODL all these new tokens I have been acquiring I will look closer at joining Actifit.

You know that Fitbit is supported by Actifit, right?

Yes, but do I have to turn on bluetooth on my phone to link the two? I connect my Fitbit to my pc not my phone.

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Yes scot is very important for steem.

Maybe you can talk to me on discord and explain it to me with the LEO Tokens. i do not understand it actually.

Greetings @flaywy

Excelent post, man!!!! I joined @steemleo, @battlegames, palnet and spt tribes and its a very good thing for steem blockchain.

Just i think that is bring me some issue. I made posts, upvotes, comments... for all this front-ends. Its taking all my RCs. Now, it is RCs: 41B / 16.95%

I have to wait to make post, comments or upvotes

thank you and have a nice day!

#spt #palnet #battle #steemleo #sportstalk

Maybe power up some more Steem. Then you will be able to do anything almost without limits.

Dom't forget! @weedcashnetwork has #weedcash front end cannabis users whether recreational or medically, like myself; cannabis community. Or I am wrong, because it wouldn't be the first time i felt dumb trust. everything changes so quickly. it's hard to keep up!

No, you are right. #weedcash is another tag running a ScotBot from Steem Engine. If your posts are related to Weed, you can easily add it and get rewarded in WEED. Literally. ;-)

These are not only good for the Content creators, but also for the consumer. I was mentioning to the steemleo people, (with my other account), how I liked that they and PAL are taking and planning on controlling what content, and or actions are allowed on their little bit of the block chain.

I see steemleo, as the first specialty magazine on the rack, I may not produce financial reports or content, that does not mean I do not enjoy reading about it. I do like the fact that eventually when the content producers learn, I will be able to go read about financial/investing content with having to wander through eight pages of pharmaceutical take our pill commercial/advertisements or see images of grandma modeling Victoria Secrets sweatshirts.

Some people like DC comics some like Marvel Comics, there is room for everyone on the block chain. I think the ScotTribes and options that people now have are going to be nothing but a boon to steem, and the steem block chain.

Some people like DC comics some like Marvel Comics, there is room for everyone on the block chain.

Exactly. And some people like both and start earning MARVEL and DC tokens. (Not a thing, don't buy MARVEL tokens on Steem Engine, lol)

This is a great point here below

Be careful before you invest into any of these tokens. Maybe becoming a content creator for their niche is the better alternative and you simply earn these tokens, effectively reducing your risk.

I do create content and accumulate tokens that way and it's much easier when the platform is still new !

I had never heard of Battle until now hehehe, I have checked it and I am not a games guy though.

I will stick with palnet, sports and leo.

I used to be bothered by the Steem price too,but that stopped 2 weeks ago when I discovered Palnet and just after that all these front ends sprouted up!!

Who thinks of the low Steem price with all these Steem Engine tokens opportunity.

Stack enough tokens before Steem moons hehehe.

Things are suddenly moving really fast, it's exciting and very promising. I kind of feel like the true potential of Steem is only starting to show just now and really hope these communities manage to keep their community clean and relevant, if they do so, there is a big future for Steem ahead.

interesting times ahead for steem with lot of cool tokens coming out more and more

The ones I will keep accumulate is PAL and SCOT.

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Can explain to me what Scot is? I had a look at it a few times but didn't find enough information.

I think it is great and I hope to see more, especially ones that have nothing to do with blockchain such as sports and for the most part gaming (not that I'm against it, I just like onboarding).

I'm holding off on over investing in any of these until SMTs come out because we may see some issues when that happens. Also, some of the best are holding off I imaging.

People can just deposit straight btc to steem-engine wighout touching steem

I also saw that now. So then what? Steem Engine = BAD? It seems that a lot of people are uncomfortable with the tokenization. Maybe Voice is then the better option for these people, if they accept the KYD.

No No, I think that tokens are still amazing, just saying that it doesn't necessaraly need to touch steem

Sorry, I didn't mean you but the fear of people in general. They are skeptical, I get it. But we have seen so much bad stuff on Steem, I just think this is the coolest that has happened so far.

And you are right about BTC and also a few other coins, to buy into Steem Engine. Although that will not create a SteemP token but a BTCP, or whatever. So Steem is still being locked away and I assume at a high percentage of the entire market.

I'm very excited too, specially after all the hard-forking sadness

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Great article flauwy. I'm quite newie in steem and all this things have occur very fast for me. Everything I discover everyday seems to me fascinating, like this new Scott funcionality. Thank you for this information that helps to understand better all the ecosystem.

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I am two years on Steem and things happen just as fast for me as they do for you. ;-) For a long time not much happened but now things are starting to roll...

In my latest post about exploring Dark Energy Crystals on Steem Engine I was able to combine palnet, neoxian, battle, spt and steemleo tags. Although I'm not into organized sports, I think I will resume posting my Actifit reports with sportstalk tag. Feeling super excited about multiple tokens in our community.

Great write up @flauwy I couldn't agree more on your sentiment about more SCOT tribes and tokens being better for steem. Steem will be the reserve currency for all these binding them together. These ecosystems are also selling miners for steem, and if the originators of the tokens are serious at all about sticking around they will be either powering up the steem to remain viable or finding it somewhere in the ecosystem to spend it to best create value for their token, which creates a robust economy in many ways. Over time this creates massive long term value for steem and the community as a whole, having micro economies that best suit people's interests. I really have a hard time finding really any case at all being against any of that.