Updates On Existing Art Contests

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It is now clear that the time contest have come to an end. Five winners have been selected for 500 liquid Steem prize each and 500 Steem given to Lordjames to judge and reward the remaining winners. For more information about this decision, read the full details here.

The time contest have ended now, no entries will be accepted again for the contest. They have been so many inspiring art entries I was inspired to make one of my crazy drawing again today.

On Steemjet, everyone is a winner, therefore I'll ask the art department to submit collection of all entries for the time contest. And the 500 Steem pool be shared to all participant.

Entries for the gold bling contest will end on June 9th, 2018 and payment be made during the weekend. While the happie the bird art contest https://steemit.com/steem/@dimimp/steem-love-us-or-hate-us-you-still-know-us-steem, will end on June 16th, 2018. All winners will be paid before June 23rd, 2018.

The art department headed by @mbj have been doing a great job compiling all the entries for the community. The entries for the two remaining contest have been submitted and you can read through them here

And https://steemit.com/steemjet/@dimimp/graphic-design-contest-2-of-3-gold-bling-and-3-of-3-bird-total-bounty-budget-of-usd12-000-in-steem-upvotes-enter-until-june-30

For any enquires about your entry contact the art department.

How Will Winners Be Selected

From the final compilation which the art department will submit to me at the end of each contest. I'll select 5 best winners for 200 liquid Steem each. Another 10 winners will received 100 Steem each and the remaining 1000 Steem will be paid as compensation to every entries. Same will be done for happie the bird contest.

Join us on discord at https://discord.gg/GmWHv2v

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My entry for gold


It's high time I edited my gold contest and make a new one. This is getting tougher, Lol!

Well, we keep the jet high still. We steem high.


You can submit as many entries as you wish.


Can i submit entries now?


yeah bro @afolwalex we will together keep the steemjet high.

Has dimimp already paid rewards to time contest? I haven't seen mine


You can read the last post made by Dimimp for clarification.

Thanks for the information update pilot @lordjames


kilatunzii, how can i participate in steemjet contest? And how can i be notified of subsequent contest?

A wonderful concept @steemjet!

Let's keep the jet afloat!

I believe you guys will be transperent enough because the boss @dimimp has always beleve in us.
Thanks for the update.
This is my entry for gold.

time contest entry end today? someday before i made a post on time contest. my entry considered valid or not ?


The entry is no longer valid.


the deadline is 30 may ? right ?

Hello @steemjet handle, please I can't find my entry in the collections.

Please @mbj,kindly include my design.

Thank you.
CC: @lordjames, @deandaniel, @empato365


The art director will make another post with received entries, three days to closing of the contest. If yours is not featured, you can reply the post with your entry.

Thank you for the information @lordjames. Keep up the good work guys.

I can remember @dimimp mentioned in his last post that the time contest ends by June 30, but why say today?
Can we be sure that all submitted entries will be seen?
Have been trying to present my time contest entry a couple of days back, but here is it again:
@mbj, come see this.


Your entry was made before the contest was closed. Valid.

By compilation of the time contest... Do you mean all that was captured or replied by @dimimp or everything that was submitted by anyone?

Because some were submitted in different posts..

Maybe @mbj or anyone can clarify me


If you entry was not captured am mbj, you can reply to his post with your entry so it will be easy to see.

i have submitted my entry for time contest yesterday .Will that be considered?


No, it is not valid.


ohh man i have made a lot of efforts in that
bdw who will be selected by @lordjames

I want to be sure if all submitted entries for the time contest will be seen or can we begin to drop our entries here?
Am a steemjet-newbie, I don't know the channel through which am going to submit my time contest entry, but I guess I drop my link here:
Referee: The art department HOD, @mbj, The Pilot, @lordjames.


I submitted my entry few hours before this very post, is it valid?


Thank you Sir.


Thank you sir too..

Hi, I really don't know who to ask for this if to our boss @dimimp or someone in the #SpaceForce1 or someone else.
I want to know if I can be put to pay with liquid steem the rest of my debth the last time that was brought to me you can see it here.
I doing this because I need to buy some equipment for my college. Thank u in advence.


Hello @gacorniel, you can contact Dimimp on a comments on his post with your request for liquid Steem.

My gold entrysketch1523450748174.png
And you can see my all entries here

This is a good one @lordjames, this will help clarify all issues concerning entries and payment. Well done

Steemjet - On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem

This is great job guys, I must admit. Your dedication is just awesome.

Congratulation to all winners, long live steemjet
@steemjet I will also participate in the the next contest.

Brilliant art sir @steemjet

Gold logo

Nice work by @steemjet coordinated by space force
Below is my steem high design
Check it out

Hi steemjet here is my steemjet care graphics design, please check i hope you like this.


thanks for updates
how many people will be selected by lord james for time contest

Congratulations to all of our participants ... they are pure talent!

Congrats to to winners steemjetian @steemjet
It's all your hard work steemjetians.

Thanks for the announcement. Anticipating a winners post.

this is nice to see.

congress all the winner

Congratulations @steemjet!
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Awesome hope my entries will get somewhere listed in the contest...
Eagerly waiting for the result to pop-up..

Wow it's time to submit my gold design

Great work @mbj u are really moving the art department forward.

This explains it all and time to pick up the challenge and join the contest. Thanks for the clarification

Hello @steemjet
I'm new to steemit and I've heard alot about this family.I hope I'm not too late.
These are my entries for the steemjet gold contest

What a great iniciative! Thanks to @dimimp for make all these posible.

I don't know the rightful place to share my own gold design.

But this is the link to the post where i designed my gold steemjet.


I love steemjet.follow @steemjet

I hope I make the top 10winners for the steemjet Logo contest.
This is my entry
my GOLDjetFlighter Logo





Please how do I partake as a visual artist? Any contest for us?

I didn't see any announcement about ending the gold contest before 30th June! Only Time was decided to end earlier. If you could correct me where I am wrong! Thanks

9th June is very near and I couldn't submit my Gold design. I will have to move my hands to make one.

almost all the works that participate in the contest use digital tools.
it's time I learned a lot about making artwork using digital tools ..
in the next contest I will participate.
thank you @steemjet and team

My entry for the GOLD Design. Hope you like it. :)



don't know if it's the right place to post my last entry:

Thanks gor the payment of time content pilot @lordjames
Here is my gold entry:

Hello pilot @lordjames as other receive steem for the gold contest i also submitted my entry and I didn't recieve anything. I submitted my entry 2 days ago and the deadline is 30th june. Please help me.
My entry is

Please someone should reply me. How are the steemjet contest being notified to those that wants to participate?

Mehh !!!

Have a look at these reports sir @steemjet, if you found some mistakes, Do inform me :)

Steemjet-Talent-Hut-Report-1, 28-5-2018

Steemjet-Talent-Hut-Report-2, 30-5-2018