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"fourtunes tossed into the air like bread to seaguls
-name the author

When people think of the steem community, they think of the brightest superstars in the world.

The smartest and most talented people in the world are getting crypto.

What if you could get paid in crypto for the work that you perform on a daily basis?

Landing a job that pays you in crypto is very hard to do.

The competition is tough because everybody wants to get paid in crypto for the work that they perform daily.

Steem is the only crypto that allows employers to pay its employees and transparently record employee data on the blockchain.

Every steemian is an avertisement for steem the currency. Some steemians are like super bowl commercials that are great and fun and effective promoters of the product, who make new people want to join steem and make steem their preferred personal wealth storage method of choice. Other steemians are bad commercials that make you want to boycot the product. These bad advertisements, do not make new people forsee the personal benefit of taking the time and energy to open a new steem account.

Steemjet employees are the best example of human advertisements that teach the world that crypto can make your dreams come true, and steem is truly unique among all cryptocurrencies.

Steemjet has one vision - global steem adoption

Steemjet has one method of achieving this vision - physically sending steem to everyone in the world while teaching them what steem can do for them

Steemjet is a self funded company that employs people who help steem achieve mass adoption

Steemjet has just completed giving away $200,000 USD worth of liquid steem to the newly contracted and highly talented Steemjet Space Force as a signing-bonus. And now, through the invention of delegated steem power, Steemjet has contractually employed some of the most highly compensated blockchain community developers in the world, and is using the steem blockchain to manage all payroll and accounting functions of the business.

Since we used our legal budget to pay the cash signing bonuses, we are currently unable to target people with money for our crypto/steem educational class, because our message could be logically mistaken as financial advice. This barrier to our advanced teaching portion of the overall business model will hopefully be broken as easily as steemjet breaks the sound barrier. But for now, our target audience of everyone on earth is limited to only the broke.

However, since this "broke" demographic consists of almost everyone on earth including many here who steem only on a cell phone, and nearly all kids. It will take much work to complete this phase of the steem distribution initiative and we will complete our intermediate and advanced csteem high lass.

We are in this current state of disorganization because we have taken on too many different (and complex) initiatives simultaneously, and are now forced to re-focus after such a significant capital investment.

Since Steemjet has never received funding from steem whales or anybody with any money, our business model remains self-funded. Any external financial support that we receive is explicitly funding a company with a business model that does not offer any financial advice by definition of our vision statement. We will only begin teaching people with money after it is publicly announced that we are adequately capitalized enough to do so.

Any member of the Space Force who talks about crypto to anybody with money is assuming all legal liability for both acting as a fiduciary, and slander/libel/character defamation, etc. I do not own steemjet. I never had any of the account keys in my posession. Steemjet is a community of friends whom I fund, therefore I assume no liability for their actions or words.

Steemjet is building an eternally sustainable business model (continuous steem inflation guarantees this) based on our ability to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Steemjet business model, and to pursuade other businesses to migrate their accounting and human resources to a transparent blockchain such as steem.

But what I can reveal is that the steem blockchain assists in all of steemjet's critical business functions such as hiring, firing, performance management, accounting, payroll, talent sourcing, and employment contracting.

So for now, we will leave the advanced technical crypto comparative discussions to those who are better capitalized or have whale supporters who are. But when our capital levels have been re-established, then we can unleash our "cryptocurrency fundamental-analysis" tools to the masses. Steemjet will not teach technical analysis because true fundamental analysis is difficult enough to teach. The scope of crypto fundamental analysis is enormous due to the complex interactions between all the markets that will be changed by blockchain. What market will not be affected by blockchain. These discussions are the most fun and enlightening to those whith money, most could care less about technical comparisions between the leaders in the anonymous smart contract space. Broke folk might not even know what makes a good store of their value to trade their time for daily. So you can see that steemjet's audience is different than the audience for 99% of all steem bloggers.

But the fact is that steemjet's audience is much larger than theirs because steemjet is bringing steem to the broke masses. Technical analysis bloggers are talking only to the top 1% wealthiest people in the world.

Steemjet (for now) is the first and only cryptocurrency school/forum for the broke because nothing discussed here can logically be interpreted as financial advice since there is no logical prospect for asset exchange for financial gain of either party (the teaching or the taught).

And now that Steemjet is currently off the ground and flying with adequate employees to service all customer inquiries, it is up to the Space Force to facilitate the onboarding of every person on the planet..

Launch Codes (Steemjet Space Force Code of Conduct). For the Space Force members who want to get an employment contract extension, pay raise, or just keep their job, then do your job. These Launch Codes should provide a basic guide to attaining and retaining employment as a paid member of the Steemjet Space Force:

Launch Code 1

When in doubt, spread it out.

I try to upvote everyone, even when I don't like what they post (like spam). This way I can logically assume that they read my reply, and therefore I then have the right to downvote/flag them if they persist with the spam. Some people who post spam are spammers. Others are just dim like myself but they will only spam once (initially) and will follow the rules after the first warning.

You must first upvote them to see if they are sincere (their second post will show you if they are learning or if they have negative intentions of a smart spammer. This way, we are bringing talented people into our community who have a proven ability to learn, and this is the logic behind our feasible plan on achieving mass adoption through global distribution to every person on the planet who is sincere and capable of learning. And in achieving this more targeted goal, we will be assured to upvote everyone on the planet guaranteed thanks to this well defined launch code.

For Steemjet to reach its ultimate goal of global adoption, there will need to be a Space Force 8 and it will consist of 100 members at least. SF9 (1000 people). Because if you think that this world has a lot of people to teach, then just imagine how many people in the cosmos there are!

I have upvoted thousands of different people, but now I need to spend my time on other initiatives that are lagging. So it is logical to assume that our 70 member Space Force will be able to utilize our SP more effectively for this objective, than undistributed SP in a single account can.

This is the main reason behind this Steem Power delegation initiative. But some people will never be happy, and it is a waste of time to try to make everyone happy (that kind of stress will kill you!). Now I can sleep at night knowing that Steemjet will still fly true even if I never wake again. And with this new piece of mind comes more room for creativity and creation because less brain time is spent worrying.

Launch Code 2. Upvote those who are onboarding new steemians and steemjet riders.

Launch Code 3. Show that you are onboarding new members.

Launch Code 4. Help bring the cream of the conversation to the top of my posts

Launch Code 5. Show us something impressive - prove your superstardom

Launch Code 6. Effectively evaluate the performance (or lack of) of other Space Force members. Whistle-blowers will be rewarded. This is the fastest path to promotion, but is also the most difficult task to perform effectively. Self auditing is a necessary requirement of all successful adventures.

If you think that you can do a better job than a Space Force member, then show us your results, and you will find yourself aboard Steemjet heading into space!

Now that you know the types of tasks that contribute to the success of our initiatives, you will know what to expect when I come around for the bi-annual employee evaluations. Now that we have the Launch Codes there is no longer the need for periodic "steemjet reports" unless you want to do them on your own. You can work either independently or with a group. It might be easier to work as part of a group becasue they will be able to vouch for your performance when I come around for employee evaluations. Independant workers will have to prove their worth themselves.

Contract extensions are the easiest way to see who is succeeding. Initial reward for outstanding performance will be a contract extension. Currently, all contracts are up August 1 except for SF1 and lifeofdarlington and the music teams whose contracts have been extended until Jan 1.

Everyone knows that the most talented superstar creators on earth work for Steemjet!

Space Force 1 (6000 SP)

@deandaniel - BOSS

@lordjames - pilot

@m(b)j - (Michelangelo Jackson)

@empato365 - the money man

Space Force 2 (3000 SP)

@mhizsophie - hostess

@ubongj - Picasso

@shartzy - Leonardo Di Vinci

@geyzee - Donatello

Space Force 3 (2000 SP)

@peterakpan - Raphael

@joshuaedoja - Salvadore Dali

@gutzygwin - curator extrordinaire

@penking - space force auditor

Space Force 4 (1500 SP)

@kristenantai01 - the voice of steemjet

@longmining - my long lost twin? - the next big initiative is about to begin

@lucentbritex - Vincent Van Gogh was the best black and white sketch artist everyone knows

@shuta - continuous inspiration in every initiative

@lifeofdarlington - knows whats going on around here

Space Force 5 (1250 SP)

@rextyge - works for @lifeofdarlington

@dromzz - Banksy

@omowumi - the queen of bling

@joshuaetim - setting boundaries

@afolwalex - likes to read all replies to my posts, and therefore should get his head checked

SF6 (1000SP)

@mrprecious - steemjet house band

@etemi - steemjet house band

@jogreh - the legend

@jbee007 - emotional powerhouse

@chukwunalu - deep guru

@udembahenry - prolific maniac:

@kabolo - the original

@vheobong - kristenantai01's band

@mathemandy - kristenantai01's band

@profchydon - kristenantai01's band

Space Force 7 (600SP)


@inieson - music department
@sancti -
@izuchukwu1506 - steemjet nigeria initiative




@samuel9135 - the steemjet quarterly:

@anikearn - my new favorite image

@jesse12 - you made it!
@owaniofficial - early bird
@faith49 - congratulations!
@applo - fun graphics

Effective workers get contract extensions, bonuses, pay raises, and helpers. Ineffective workers get replaced.

Steemjet - Where the most impressive work their way up the ladder of global currency adoption

And for those artists wondering how to get up on this list,

here is the current theme, STEEM HIGH:

@owaniofficial kicks us off with

(and earned a job on the Space Force for doing so)


(also won a job as paid Space Force Superstar due to his mastery of the graphic)

Why does Steemjet pay its employees so much?

Why did Henry Ford pay its employees so much? It was a requirement in order to build the biggest factory chain in the world first.

Which cryptocurrency will get globally distributed first?

Maybe the one that pays it's employees the most? The study of mass adoption is not new science. The template for global adoption is old, tried, and true.

For the creative among us, here is your muse:

Steem High - free crypto classes for broke students

How do we plan to teach crypto to broke kids?

What kind of teaching tools can be created through employment contracts on steem?

The steem blockchain allows you to realize your creative dreams, even without steem-whale upvotes. Steem is a blockchain for your business solutions. What is your blockchain doing for you?

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM!
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Hello sir @dimimp!! we miss you for days now! but welcome back!!


Sir, The reasons for this collection is to make it easier for you to access the graphics art since in was buried by thousands of comment in the previous post!!





I AM STILL YOUR BOY @mbj from STEEMJET Art Department!!
"on the wings of the superstars, we are words and STEEM"

fabulous work my friend, I have been spending too much time lately trying to compile these images!

I will make it easier for you sir!! you don't have to stress yourself too much again!! that is why you have us here, we will do it for you and then give you the link to it.


100% right sir


Is quite amazing that just a day I wasn't online constantly it seem to me as if it has been 10days, a lots going on here, Am quite impress that my observations has also been observed and has been put under consideration and control well done STEEMJET.

please to have you online sir @dimimp

what another day thanks to God
I was thinking of creating a badges for the STEEMJET from SF1 - SF7 like @mbj got some on his post noticed. At least it will help others members to be aware of the SPACE FORCE group each belongs to , not only that base on the rank each SPACE FORCE badge has a unique and well structured design that best suit their rank.

but for the mean time I think my bird should be flying by now as STEEMJET IS ON AIR FLYING AROUND THE WORLD lol.


if you have any suggestion on the badge or how you want it to be please do say

great suggestion owaniofficial, and superb geaphics!

I am glad you are on our team!

  ·  last year (edited)

This is Awesome printed graphics design, i liked the second one :-)

This is fabulous... I am learning a lot from this.. Welcome to THE STEEMJET ART DEPARTMENT...

You are doing a wonderful job,gathering all the work really needs alot of energy and dedication....
Guess the boy is doing his job with great synergy...
Keep up brother .

We are all of now happy our @dimimp Boss are come back

I am all for beginning to assign scores while letting the contest conclude as scheduled unless we are in a position to take a specific action. Why wait to file the entries.
As with the reports, organization is key and scoring may illuminate areas for new entries to focus on.

For instance, consider:

@aideedavies AMAZING !!!

This one really caught my eye.

I mean it just dominated my vision while scrolling. Was it the color or design?
Is @aideedavies saying "Girl Power", "Women in Aviation/Aerospace", or sometimes the sky is pink?


Or is @aideedavies artwork pointing us toward how the Hivemind will infuse the SteemEngine with quantum light:

Good job, well done!))

oh man you are beauty! good job. keep it up.

Thank you @machnbirdsparo, for appreciating my work of Art. I was portraying the less time numerous number of steemians can move on our jet and all get to our destinations on time. With steemjet we deliberately move and we move with style...

Synchronicity then

Ok boss, I hope you won't miss anyone doing a good job.

if you are missed out, just let me know!

Good job mbj

Good job man, you never disappoint.

Well done @mbj for the summary and organization

Welcome Aboard man! steemjet is getting higher now ... have you heard of our new contest "STEEM HIGH" get "HIGH ON STEEM".

Nice job @mbj but I can see my entry is not part of the list you collated. Here is the post to my entry and here is the image

  ·  last year (edited)

Noted !!did you make this yourself???! thanks for reminding me !!

Yes I did


Good job man!!! Now it will be easier for the bos @dimimp to end the time design contest!!

I will be kicking of on the lessons on how to draw an art work without applying painting on the drawing just for those without the knowledge of art.

You are a good mediator that's the more reason you deserve the position. I'm glad my thoughts, out thoughts has reached the appropriate quarters

@mbj you are best man.

Thank you! STEEMJET deserves the best!!

right dear. now SteemJet for me!

SteemJet Chocolate for you!

That's some yummy chocolate.

Thanks man.

@mbj is always doing the people's mind!! ride on man!

You just said it !! you guys are my strength!! Thank you.

Nice on @mbj of SF 1
I think the time contest has gone on for a while now
Its good to end it.

Yeah we need to end the contest there have been numerous submission and it's causing a lot of confusion as to who the winner is.

Our director @dimimp will decide.. Thanks for your suggestions

@mbj you are genious man. i'm already attend your contest, i hope so you & @dimimp sir like my art design.

@mbj sir great job I always support steemjet ..steemjet is best

Yea steemjet is the best.. Me and you will make it possible.. Have you heard of our new Bounty STEEM HIGH!!!

  ·  last year (edited)

To the office of the lannisters

@dimimp, once again, it's a pleasure to pay my services to steemjet in order to aggravate the mass adoption of steem by not only broke youths, but we hope to spread to the influential masses too so as to broaden our capacity but we'll start with what we have as you pointed out.

I'm pleased for the position you gave me "curator extraordinare" as you pointed out and due to my work. Although it's not time to review our reports, i do have to submit mine now which is - And my reasons are to enlighten you also about not only my curation activities already commenced on steemjet but to enlighten you on the development of our discord server.

The server was initiated by @kiilatunzii and with permissions from @empato365, I've been able to develop on the server. It gladens me to say that I have fully equipped the server with a STEEM BOT AND A CRYPTO BOT .... With reasons that our aim is to cause mass adoption of steem so a steem bot and a crypto bot will come in handy and thanks to the web server I'm still developing, we have these bots functioning and already in use in our discord channel (link to discord channel on my report above) ...

I'm still in development of the server because of the cost required to run it and all the money required to run it has been from my pocket so far and I intend to attempt on completing the server project with whatever I can make do off so it should be functioning very efficiently in no time for us to include our very own steemjet bot. In developing all this, I aim in adding more to the community.

That said, aside from being a "curator extraordinare" as you have appointed me on SF-3, I aslo pledge my services as a CORE-DEVELOPER of steemjet and with my work so far, I believe I can go beyond that...... The sky isnt our limit. Steemjet will soar higher....

From @gutzygwin

on the wings of superstars, we are words and steem.
  ·  last year (edited)

You are right. SteemJet Gift for you

Thanks Sir @gutzygwin You submit The Report My Link Is On Top Of Your Report hope Sir @dimimp like it and give me a role also And Hope Give Me Good Reward So I Continue My Project About Steemjet To Analyse The Physical Mathematical Model Of Steemjet By Using Simulink

It takes someone with vision to do this.
Great achievement there!

Thanks. I pledge my services to the fullest so steemjet can be preached every inch and corner globally...

You are doing a good job. Ride on

I have seen you work and that is completely awesome i mean you were the only one who did that....
I see many people now are using the bot on discord amd it is working totally fine....
That is what we need perfect engineering ...

  ·  last year (edited)

How do I give a raise? I assume that I just enter the "new" amount to be delegated in the link below, but I wanted to double check with my tech team.

Okay Tech chief to the rescue!!. Your question also baffled me too.. I was quite confused. Torn between either adding more sp to the already delegated sp or putting a whole new value altogether on

So I had to experiment myself. I went to and tried delegating to an account I delegated steempower to.

Initially I had delegated about 100 steempower to the account.

Then I tried delegating 1 steempower this time around to see if it'll be added to the existing 100 delegated steempower and give a total delegated sp of 101.

It was surprising to learn that I had actually delegated only 1 steempower this time around, instead of the 101 steempower I had expected.

Therefore, this means that when you want to delegate to a space force member again. You won't add the intended Sp you wish to delegate. Rather you put in the total value of steempower intended to be delegated.

For example. @mbj has been delegated 6000sp by you and you feel he has been very efficient in his work and want to add 2k sp to the 6k making 8k sum total.

On getting to You will put in 8k steempower as your new delegated value of steempower.. Very easy.. Hope this helps..

STEEMJET to the mooooooonnnn

This is very helpful. Thanks for simplifying this for @dimimp. Was about to give a tutorial and scrolled down to see your brief explanation.... Very lovely.

This is nice am simple.

Winks 😉

Yeah man

Seems like quite the promising project - will follow the progress!!

Oh, so that's how it works, I see...

Clearly explained, weldone boss

This is good. I have learnt too

Great explanation man. You've been of a lot of help to the boss lately. Maybe that is why you're his Tech Chief.

very helpful to those who are willing to delegate so to any member.
my 100% voting is worth 0.2 approximate.
really need more so so that I can be able to help the community More often.
more steem too.


Good job man!!

  ·  last year (edited)

Well explained. This saved some time from us

"steem high" we are ready for a rally.

Your own idea of STEEM HIGH is a college? With cheerleaders?

How nice. Well done.

We will rally Steemjet . And cheer

Congratz. You made the top post:)

We've been keeping it Up and running in your absence.

Welcome back

If you see a Steemjet Space Force Superstar in your area, you can be assured that you are in the presence of greatness in one form of talent or another.

All steemjet force members are superstars.
Thanks to you.

Thanks @deandaniel

You're welcome boss

Yeah we're superstars and you're the BOSS.

Am so loving it here boss @dimimp.


This is my own time design, i hope you would like it sir

@cherysonty , your design is amazing and should definitely go on the payroll for the great job you did

You welcome aboard...

I will be visiting this to drop some STEEM. You are welcome. At STEEMJET, everyone is a winner and every artwork is appreciated

Thanks so much dear @Penking!

Am really grateful

I'd also visit it.

Steemjet is best

SteemJet always best for us. great platform ever.

How do I give a raise? I assume that I just enter the "new" amount to be delegated in the link below, but I wanted to double check with my tech team.

About this, you cannot add or subtract a delegation. You can only set new delegation. For example, you already delegated 6000sp to me.

  • to add another 1000, delegate 7000 as new Steempower and the system will add 1000 to the existing 6000.

  • to remove 1000 from the 6000, you send a new delegation of 5000sp

  • to withdraw your delegation, you set a new delegation of 0sp.
    The system automatically remove delegation from the delegatee but will take seven days to return the Steempower to you.

  ·  last year (edited)

I'm not really into graphics design, but the urge to contribute to this amiable project drove me into doing this.


I hope you like it Sir @dimimp. Here's the link to the Full post.

I'm a writer, and have been subtly publicizing and promoting the Steemjet initiative to the best of my ability. I would love to know Sir, if there's any vacancy for we writers on the cockpit?

I Believe there will be chance for everyone here. When the Steemjet official account is launched I'll make suggestions for guest writers. I love people who knows their niche and are prepared to work where they are best suited. I don't know graphics design that is why you haven't seen any entry from me. But I help out in secretarial and organizational role. So keep your fingers crossed and be prepared to deliver when called upon.

You can't be more accurate @lordjames.
Knowing where one belongs and can function efficiently is key to self discovery.

Thanks for stopping by.

  ·  last year (edited)

Nice one. Good luck becoming one of the writers on the cockpit)

Amazing. This is a very nice try. See? There is a genius in you and Steemjet just helped unleash it. You are a superstar

You are 101% right @penking.

At a point in our lives, all we need is a splint such as Steemjet to light up the genius in us.

@dimimp you can also delegate using . It shows you what you are currently delegating and if you would like to delegate a new sp. It takes less than 2minutes , it redirects you to your steemconnect page and voila! it is done

Let's hope that he'd see this reply.

Nice design

Thank you @steem-works

SteemJet captain sunglass

This is the best explanation of Steemjet you have published so far. Good job :)

My latest creation


Excelente animación

The lunch codes are superb.

Most of us will adhere
Some won't..

That's just it, the boss will evaluate everyone and those who didn't adhere to the launch code will also be evaluated.

Yeah.. Simple and straight.


  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks so much sir!!

Thought of helping you visit those who uses our tag. And help welcome new members.

Wanna get your response. You could add more I'll do them.

You're on track man ✌️


SteemJet is the best platform for everyone. Congratz to all guyz who in at @dimimp Sir's list. I'm very unlucky that's why I'm not here but I alawys working very hard, always want to do something for SteemJet. I promise you @dimimp sir I'm with you everytime every situation.
These time you are so sick sir. please take care of your self & your health. I respact you from my heart. You are the best.

@dimimp sir I want to tell something you.
So what two week ago I was doing something for SteemJet but you did not response my work, then you visit my blog & upvoted my post. its very honord for me sir.
Sir I just need your support & attention. please sir always keep in your touch.

I worked so many design for SteemJet but just waiting for you & your post. Now I can share my some little work for you sir. I hope you like my little work.


Same to you

Don't feel strange man!! our director @dimimp had been sick lately. Gladly he is back now and he will surly respond to you.
And believe me Art Department is keeping a catalog of your submissions, so you are left out okay!
welcome aboard.

Thanks @mbj. yes thanks god @dimimp sir is back now. I believe his every work. He is the best.


It is my steemjet for steemit sir @dimimp i hope you like it


that's better!


Thank you very much sir i will try to best in next time

  ·  last year (edited)

We are ready to steem high, by using our musical initiative to bring more people in steemjet.. Once again thanks for promoting @mrprecious and I to SF6..

I am a superstar @dimimp

  ·  last year (edited)

Congratulations dear @etemi for your promotion. You have always wanted to do more for STEEMJET and I know that this is your opportunity

Hey @penking, thanks sweets... Yes o... We are waiting for the microphone @dimimp as promised we would get it soon... I cant wait to sing on it... Plus you also deserve a promotion so i wouldnt be surprised if you get one..😋😋😋

Yeah, I need to get a nice mic in your hands so you can track that song you just wrote, and hopefully MORE! I have access to a final mixing/production facility, but need tracks. The trick is going to be getting a mic into your hands. I need to figure out how.

@dimimp ,Very soon, we can do that via amazon or better still send liquid steem over to purchase it over here its even preferable.

@dimimp, there are three ways that can be possible, you could buy it via amazon and ship the equipments to us. Or we could get it over here by ourselves if you send us in liquid steem that could save you the stress, or another option is putting any of us in auto upvote until we get the amount enough to buy the equipments.. Whatever your choice is though. I'd love you to know that if this could be done, we would be the very first superstars(musicians) that steemjet would have raised both in the steem blockchain and even in the real world and thats what you have always wanted, creating superstar!!!

Moreover you should understand that the quicker we get these, the better and more efficient we would work.. I really want to show you that we can create magic together via music.. @dimimp

I know I will get a promotion when the boss @dimimp finds me deserving of it. For now, I will continue to work tooth and nail to ensure that the mission statement of steemjet remains alive. What else would bring better joy to my existence? 😃

u are on course @penking. @dimimp is certainly seeing your good works

Its @etemi


@Kristenantai01 and the entire voice team are putting work towards the steem jet community

Thanks for the opportunity to work with you @dimimp

Nice, do we have a whatsapp group? So we everyone on the audio team can be carried along.... I and @etemi were recently promoted to SF6 and added to the audio team.

Chat me up +234(0) 816 527 5687 ....This my what's contact no.

No shaking

Yes we do @Kristenantai01 would add you guys, you can leave her a message on discord

Okay that would be good. @vheobong

There is a whatsapp group. Talk to @mbj

Congratulations dear

My steem high art work


Yeah straight to the moon.

Great design my friend!

Great art

well boss @dimimp you have said it all.

I never thought I could actually have such an opportunity here on steemit.
steemjet have brought hope to me.
There were times I felt like leaving steemit but when ever I got rewards from you @dimimp I had second thoughts.
Now am in your Workforce mehn you really a helper your good deeds would always be remembered by me.
Thanks boss have already started doing alot and made a report too

Steemjet Rocks

I share your sentiments. @dimimp has a heart of gold and I know we will live to appreciate the fact that we were employed in his workforce

mean.this is really true oh.@dimimp has been the reason many still stay on steemit.thats what I call leadership.@dimimp please I wanna be part of the work force oh..happy to contribute

  ·  last year (edited)

Good day great steemians, steemjetters and SF members. It is with great honour and excitement to finally come across a post like this from our BOSS outlining do'S and dont'S of this community andmost importantly, duties of each and every SF member because this has always been an issue of debate across every SF team but thankfully now everyone can head back to their units knowing what to do.

Now during the course of my research I noticed that some delegates especially from SF6 down haven't been really upvoting, maybe due to the fact that their SP are low and might not really make an effect on a post but the truth is that the SPs were delegated for a reason and for that reason please honour your contract.

Secondly on the issue of whistle blowers, please be very careful. I know some would be looking for promotions through this medium but I have to warn that this is double edged. once you report someone with no concrete evidence then you are left with the wrath.

EDIT.... Next thing is that apart from the curating and bringing up post, I was initially appointed to work with @empato365 on research and development but I saw the area of health and safety lagging on steemjet so I asked myself the use of crypto currency and wealth without a healthy lifestyle and that's where SteemJetMed initiative came on.... to teach the people how to live a healthy and safe lifestyle. Currently we have @enolife, @fidelmboro, @ucathy, @aideedavies, @mrprecious, @udembahenry and @sirdeza in this department but I'm still working to add atleast 2 female to the list. Although at the moment I'm still handling curation and sourcing for talents and idea under the department while also working on a team which would help project the health department.

Lastly before I sign off...

.....But some people will never be happy, and it is a waste of time to try to make everyone happy (that kind of stress will LITERALLY kill you!).

this is one of the wise sayings I've come across in a while. No body can truly make everyone happy and that's why we still have spammers here till today. but be rest assured, now that we have started our work the plane will take off and always remain at top speed. And I'll try to make brief summary of this edit on my blog so people with low memory gadgets could easily get updated on new developments.

Long live SteemJet.

Your fonts are very large man😂😂😂

seen 😁😁

Real large, had no choice but to read it.

I was thinking earlier today, "What if coins flew from a bag (filled with coins) as jets?"

That's the basis of my design. Here's my entry for the GOLD contest.