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Hello good people of steemjet, we bring greetings from the steemjet newbie department. The most important department in the community.


Here is our purpose for this post.

After series of meeting with my crew, discussing on promoting the community in our way, we came up with ideas.
Well, thinking out of the box means is supposed to mean thinking creativity, freely, of beneath the part.
If you aim at the same target everyone is aiming at, your shots will end up where everyone else’s do.
Why am I saying this?

My department (STEEMJET NEWBEIS TAKERS) is doing good so far, but not effectively as dreamnt of, and it’s obvious. Apart from this, I made a suggestion weeks ago concerning physical awareness in schools and other places to spread the goodnews of crypto and steem itself in the name of steemjet which I am going to talk about briefly below. So, what would make our department this inactive? Lack of funds and poor start. We started quiet good though, but seems our efforts are futile because we are unable to attain our goals, we still need to organize outreaches and exhibitions in different cities and tertiary institutions, and for better out reaches experience, it will require mounting out in a huge number to make formidable force, our outreaches will require uniformity in thoughts and appearance, hence the department needs funds to create awareness material souvenirs and equipments. We will also need funds to organize contests for newbies, evaluating them and ensuring that they go through the learning and of steemjt goal and steem. As the department is the forefront of the entire team, we will need funds to ensure that our members are always available 0nboard to bring in newbies from everywhere around the world.

Welcoming newbies and inviting more to join us is our aim, we haven’t achieved even 40% this, WHY? Due to our financial status. Speaking of which, my crew members have problems managing their delegated steem due to how low it is. Looking at this, it complies our work daily due to inefficiency to upvote the newbies, so the work keeps compiling, which makes our work harder daily. This is our major problem, so we request an increase in our delegated steem for every member of my department which include, @mistakii, @sheriffakin @muhasib @izuchukwu1506 @josemiguel @jlordc @obaidb2 @tudors @dimix @gacorniel @samal9135 @mydivatgthings @lucentbrix @bomaprecious @matytan @mrhimo @chuckwunalu @rjunaid12 @dannytroniz @mumin007 @wa2qr

Steemjet has one vision, ATTAINING GLOBAL ADOPTION.

OK, to attain global adoption, you cant keep spreading the same news to the same people everyday, HOPE YOU GET MY POINT, we are going to spread the goodnews both online and offline.
There are thousands of broke youths out there who doesn’t know they is such thing as crypto, in fact 80% of young people stay in my city have no idea about crypto and it hurts me a lot, I have talked to many, some were interested, so many showed less concern because I had nothing really to prove to them. Doing this as a team will look so matured and official. I have few friends around who are willing to help, not just in Nigeria, some of my crew member are Indians and there are willing to do same.
So the items listed below is for ASIA AND AFRICA( 2 LOCATIONS ).

Actually, we thought of printing palmphlet with brief discussion about crypto, steemit and steemjet on it. My crew member are working on it as we speak.
How could we leave 'Olivia and the superstar' out of this? We will do well to print it asa well also as a palmphlet for distribution especially to children, REPORTS SHALL BE POSTED IN DUE COURSE.

We want everyone to know about steemjet atleast. So, we came up with an idea of making stickers and billboards advertising steemjet and steemit as a whole.

Here are some finished billboards and sticker.
Will be printed in different sizes to fit different materials.

This one is designed by me.

And this one is designed by one of our members in the department @dannytroniz


We want to start a new contest in which we will be in charge of, STEEMJET NEWBIE OF THE WEEK and FACE OF STEEMJET(which will last for 3months). I bet you, this contests especially the first one will draw massive attention to the community.

Creating the #steemjet-newbie, which will make our work easier.

Welcoming new members week in a grand style is also our thing, we need to do anything possible to keep them, so we will celebrate their 1st month in the community with a steembath. Adding to this, newbies need to read this,

We will need steem to open immediate account for newbies during the sermina/awareness.

We also thought of going live on radio stations, but we will have to rest for now because we don't know how much it will cost. once its confirmed, we will let you know.

joshuaetim did well to create the registration platform for registration of steemjetters. Please we should all do well register so we can do a row call.


This program will be organized in such a way that the masses will feel blessed.
We will organize talk shows on campuses pertaining to crypto, steemit and steemjet. Like I said before, its high time we went public, lets boost the jet into deep space and keep it that way. For this awareness program to take place, we will surely need funds. We’re going to need projectors, chairs and tables for the program. Its that simple.
Everything listed matters a lot.









GRAND TOTAL ------------ 2310 STEEM


N/B:- This post is tentative and subject to change as deemed fit by me and my team.


This is a great project you are taking up here @deandaniel. It is pretty cool and I wish you request will be granted.

Well, let's say he has taste for good things.
So I'm sure he will love this idea and stick to it.


I love what you did with the place!

Thanks so much @dimimp.

I see you've played your role. It's my time now.
Funds received..

yeah, and I finished the promotions, great job explaining this (whatever it is) to the world!

and who better to explain it, than the creator himself!


Thanks for you sir

Thanks for you sir...

Thanks so much too.

You're our backbone.

Sir @dimimp This may seem totally unprofessional but I really want you to watch this,
please do well to check it out.
Kindly click on the link below

Thanks Boss
I hope you enjoy it...

Yeah @dimimp is always a man of his words.....

#steemjet-newbies good idea, @dimimp
Hope I can join the Steemjet community! Thanks to @josemiguel, @gacorniel and @jogreh for introducing me to this proyect

Vienen grandes cosas para la comunidad!

Welcome aboard..

Welcome to steemjet.

Feel free to introduce yourself using the #steemjet-newbies hash tag. Follow @dimimp

Hi sir @deandaniel .... I like to thank you for appreciate me on my initial work for Steemjet ... since I knew about the extension of steemjet time contest held by @dimimp sir ...I tried my best to make an amazing ark work for it .... I mentioned you in that post but I think you missed it Because of your work load so here is my entry for Steemjet time contest I hope you will like it and give your valuable comments on it .... thanks

I heard of #steemjet from a dear friend, and lately have been trying to read up on the executed & proposed projects of the community. I eventually discovered that you are next to the #steemjet CEO @dimimp, then I stumbled upon this very post of yours, now you talking about #steemjet-newbie.
Am I not a newbie?😡☺️ Please count me in too right away sir...☺️😉

Welcome aboard.
Will get back to you.

I'm anticipating bro..😉

Hello... steemjet its your new home.

I'm dying to join STEEMJET. 😢 😢 😢

You came to the right place my friend.

Welcome aboard.
Will get back to you.

Hello sir @deandaniel I designed this and thought you might want to see it

This is also a link to my blog where you would find more interesting designs thanks

This is the right place to knock mate. Welcome to the steemjet community.

We can start from here boss, this will be a very strong step up.. You have my support. We will achieve this global adoption together.

That's good to know.
Let's get the funds, and we are good to go.

Steemjet is soaring high each day

It's so loud and clear.

Welcoming new members week in a grand style is also our thing, we need to do anything possible to keep them, so we will celebrate this 1st month in the community with a steembath.

Good idea boss, we need to work hand in hand with other department too so we know who they newly recruited.

Making sure we get all the new members and existing members feel welcome.

This is a good idea boss.. With this initiative we can achieve our goals easier..

They are interesting and valuable proposals for all the new members ... I am sure that with the passage of time we will achieve that more people join ... the perseverance will give us the victory!


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I'm gonna take part . Can't wait to contribute

hi @deandaniel .
I am from Indonesia.
Can I take part in this activity?
and what are the conditions?
I hope, your guidance.

Thanks for the post, Glad to be a part of the SteemJet family.

You're welcome on board sir

This is a major step towards publicity

Yes mate, and it's in our hands.


I'm practically impressed about the fact you've been able to carry all your team members along. With this in mind, you'll do well.

Thank you for sharing my post with the newbies.
To all newbies and unregistered delegates, please do well to click HERE to register. Well done Deandaniel.

Well done too @joshuaetim, you're doing great.

I am also the member of Steemjet newbie , mention me too, I think you forgot to mention my name.

Hope he @dimimp will answer us very well

I agree with spreading the word offline... There are so many people out there that know nothing about cryptocurrency. These are the set of people we want to recruit the most. I hope SteemJet newbie department gets the necessary funds.
Good luck

Yes my friend ....I already made a cryptocurrency class on WhatsApp I told @dimimp about it also. Airdrop session's.

Thanks for the words mate.

**Weldone boss, we are solidly behind you, Upvoted and resteemed!

@deandaniel hope this helps us to achieve our target, let us start promoting steemjet from now, we have a lot of ideas going on.
I am going for Creative and promotion department

That's awesome

i also want to join this community
i have done some little work hope you will like it

steemjet is a place where all your imagination will be made possible

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I agree with there are still many who are not aware of crypto and i am sure about when they get fully acknowledged about crypto ,steem ,and this project will make it grow exponentially .....
We will make this whole crew better and once we get what essential things we need to get started ,we will surely make STEEMJET rock....
I believe this....

Advertising is probably one of the main tools for people to know more about STEEMIT, STEEM and STEEMJET.

And the fastest way.

Thank you for this awesome initiative boss, in addition to the implementation of this proposal, here is a link that describes the department and the work force involved so the entire department can know where they fit and can work effectively

Good one. What of those on steem but are not on steemjet. How do you intend to do that.

Well said @deandaniel
This is indeed the best time to join steemit.
The launch of SMTs and communities will increase the Steem price exponentially, so we need to spread awareness asap.
Its high time to help others as well.

Yeah mate.
We saw that coming!

Glad you brought up the delegations.
If we're gonna be in charge of onboarding as well as guiding newcomers we would need more SP than we've currently got

@kabolo is a member of the newbie department. You missed the name.

That's great idea there @Deandaniel, keep it up


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