Haveyoubeenhere 2019 Steemitworldmap travel contest - "Road to Recovery" Trip of a Lifetime!

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One of my favorite apps on our Steem blockchain - SteemItWorldMap - is hosting an awesome contest, to begin the New Year. Emphasis? Our four favorite travel posts which we pinned to their map in 2019!

😧 👌 Wow! Having wondered what the occasion would be to motivate me to write my next Steem post, this is it!! 😊 👍

Source: @roleerob's "Road to Recovery" Recap Post

Why? It was the prospect of reliving, for a few hours, one of the greatest trips of my lifetime - my "Road to Recovery" trip, with the story beginning here and ending here (in the post illustrated above).

In my recap of this lifetime memory, I wrote the following:

"In 31 days, I drove 4,984 miles through a part of 8 states - Colorado, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. I recreated some special memories, as well as experienced some new ones - starting in the American Southwest, then out to the Pacific Coast of California, up into the Pacific Northwest, and back home in the Rocky Mountain West."

Now, almost one year later, this contest has given me the opportunity to reflect back on all that I experienced and relive it in my memory, while putting together the following post.

Let the fun begin!


  • "R2R" Note: My "shorthand" way of referring to what I first wrote about in my Reflections: My "Road to Recovery" Trip post. "Road to Recovery" <=> "R2R" ... 😉

  • Picture Viewing Tip: SteemPeak and the @steempeak team provides the best UI on our Steem blockchain. I would suggest using it to read the posts linked to this one. You can then click on any of the pictures for a very nice enlarged view (use your mouse's thumb wheel, if you have one, to zoom in and out ...) of them!

Favorite Post #1: R2R Travelogue 11: Mendocino, California

Day 11 - Thursday, 1 February 2019

Have you ever visited a place where you find words are inadequate to express the impression made on you by the experience? My visit to Mendocino, on the northern Pacific Coast of California, was one such experience for me.

Photo: View from Main Street of Mendocino

Mendocino is an old (at least for the western U.S.) town, as we can see below. It is quite small and along Highway 1, right on the Pacific coast. You do not want to be in rush, if you ever chose to drive there.

Photo: Sign Entering Mendocino

Built in 1878, the Mendocino Hotel & Garden Suites provided a wonderful, as well as very affordable ($40 per night!), place in which to spend the night and from which to begin a remarkable day.

Photos: Breakfast and Morning Views from Mendocino Hotel


Once packed up and loaded (as I was only there for part of the day), I enjoyed the following extraordinary views on a remarkable day in the "dead of winter."

Photos: Big River flows into Mendocino Bay

Unforgettable views were readily available in every direction with many fine and easy places to walk.

Photos: The Pacific Coast of Mendocino

If these pictures whet your appetite to learn more about this beautiful part of California, click on any of them and they will take you to the post, for the full story!


On this month-long trip by myself, at the top of the list of places I would like to return to share with my beloved lifemate, Mendocino is it! And the #1 reason I selected this post as my Favorite #1.

Favorite Post #2: R2R Travelogue 4: Catalina State Park in Tucson, Arizona

Day 4 - Thursday, 24 January 2019

The post above represents a wonderful new memory, since I had never been there prior. In beginning the trip, however, part of the "master plan" was to relive some wonderful old memories.

This post covers the place and memory at the top of that list - Catalina State Park, which sits just north of Tucson, at the western end of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

The goal was a day-long hike back down along the year-round flowing stream found in the depths of Romero Canyon. To reach amazing places like this one:

Photo: Pool in Romero Canyon, Catalina State Park

Here is my "highlight reel" of reliving this remarkable experience in the Sonora Desert of southern Arizona.

Photos: Hike to the Ridge and Down into Romero Canyon

Finally safely down (with only minor "damage" ...), I got to relive a 25-year old memory. It was awesome!

Photos: Magnificent Romero Canyon in Catalina State Park

Below this final picture, in my original post, I wrote this:

"For most of my countrymen, this is about as close as they are going to get to experiencing what I have presented in this post. Sadly, they are just not going to put in the effort. And, therefore, will never see what you have been presented here."

If these pictures whet your appetite to learn more about this quintessential experience in the Sonora Desert of southern Arizona, click on any of them and they will take you to the post, for the full story!


Memories shared with others are the best. This post was based on my desire to relive a very special memory with my firstborn child created 25 years earlier! And the #1 reason I selected this post as my Favorite #2.

Favorite Post #3: R2R Travelogue 7: Sabbath Rest and Morro Bay, California

Day 7 - Sunday, 27 January 2019

As you can see below, with this view just a block down the hill from where I had spent the night, Sunday, the 7th day of my trip began in the most wonderful of ways.

Photo: Famous Morro Rock of Morro Bay, California

I had just spent the first week of my trip in the Sonora Desert of southern Arizona. This first morning by the ocean could hardly have provided a greater contrast. What a great day it was. And what a difference one day makes. It was heaven sent!


Taking my time throughout that day, to make the most of it in this little seaside village, here is a brief "highlight reel" of what I experienced:

Photos: Morro Bay, California

If these pictures whet your appetite to learn more about this wonderful, quiet, little place by the sea, click on any of them and they will take you to the post, for the full story.

Which includes a little bit of philosophical content at the end of it, about what this particular day meant to me!


The whole point of this trip of a lifetime was to begin the process of recovery. Of my health and vitality. This 7th day, not coincidentally based on what I believe, was a turning point, where I began the process of "resetting" and "dialing back" in earnest. Something I will never forget. And the #1 reason I selected this post as my Favorite #3.

Favorite Post #4: R2R Travelogue 20: Northwest Passage Scenic Byway. In winter

Day 29 - Monday, 18 February 2019

Even in the "dead of winter," there was a lot to like about the thought of reliving previous trips down one of the most beautiful stretches of highway in America - the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway. Which is part of the trail followed by the famous Lewis & Clark Expedition!

Photo: Wintry Day on Clearwater River on U.S. Highway 12 East of Orofino, Idaho

Starting the day in Lewiston, Idaho, at an elevation of about 700 feet (213 m), ~ 240 miles (386 km) later I ended up in Hamilton, Montana, after crossing Lolo Pass at an elevation 5,233 feet (1,595 m).

Along the way, I would be driving my trusty little truck up through what was recorded as the hardest single part of the Lewis & Clark Expedition in 1805. They barely survived it!


Thankfully my little 4 X 4 Ford Ranger made it over the worst of it relatively trouble-free. Here is a brief "highlight reel" of what I experienced:

Photos: Northwest Passagge Scenic Byway through the Idaho Panhandle

Crossing over Lolo Pass into Montana, with the deteriorating road and weather conditions you see in this last picture (not enough light beyond that point to stop for any more pictures ...), an hour or so later, I did get a nice reprieve at this fine, remote location in Montana:

Photos: Dinner at Lolo Creek Steakhouse

The excellent meal at Lolo Creek Steakhouse temporarily provided a very satisfying end to what had been a long day, with steadily deteriorating conditions, as the day wore on. Driving on to my night's lodging in Hamilton, Montana, though, it was already below 0°F (-17.8°C) while I was unloading my truck for the night ...

  • Note: While not a particularly easy trip in the winter, nonetheless it was a "piece of cake" compared to the original Lewis & Clark expedition. One of the principals, Meriwether Lewis, died at the age of 35, 3 years after completing the expedition. Cause of death was ruled a suicide, with PTSD from the expedition considered a major contributing factor.


If these pictures whet your appetite to learn more about this remarkable stretch of highway through the Idaho Panhandle, click on any of them and they will take you to the post, for the full story!


For as far back as I can remember, I have been most at peace and lived some of my best experiences and created some of my fondest memories in the Great Outdoors. More than once, in the midst of these times, I have wondered if I was born in the wrong time and am more of a pioneer at heart.

If so, there is no better pioneering story I have ever read than that of the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804 to 1806. Which I wrote about in this dedicated post, on Day 23 of my R2R trip.

Celebrating my "pioneer's spirit," this portion of my trip was along one of the most spectacular sections of their famous trail. And the #1 reason I selected this post as my Favorite #4.

Postscript for SteemItWorldMap 2019 Contest

In wrapping up the writing of my "Road to Recovery" recap post, I wrote the following:

A lot of history has been covered in these posts. And in our history books and in the "good ole" days, we read a man was heavily dependent upon a good horse.

Well ... Here's my horse! 😉

Source: @roleerob's "Road to Recovery" Recap Post

My great little 2003 4 X 4 Ford Ranger just turned over 150,000 miles (241,400 km) as I was getting close to home. Once back home, I have taken it in for a "check-up" and it was pronounced "fit" and ready to go again! 👍

Sad to say, almost a year later, my little truck's odometer has just barely gone over 152,000 miles (244,600 km). It's been spending a lot of time sitting in our garage. Waiting ... Waiting ... 😞

Maybe writing this post will be the beginnings of dreaming about our next "road warrior" adventure! 😉


"Giving back" and "Pay It Forward" are more than words to me. An important part of this trip was the posting I did for those of my Steemian friends who had asked me to "take them along."

It was important to me to acknowledge their role in what this trip became in my "thank you" post:

Source: @roleerob's Gratitude and Paying It Forward Post

In it, all of the rewards I made on the most successful series of posts I have created on the Steem blockchain were shared with them, who were such an important part of my motivation:

Communities: @steemitworldmap, @travelfeed, @c-squared, and @c-cubed.

Individuals: @insightout, @delishtreats, @newageinv, @blessed-girl, @rawutah, @trincowski, @janton, @dfinney, and @veryspider.

Without the input of all of these Steem accounts, each in their own way, this great trip's posts more than likely would never have been written. And, therefore, neither would this one ...

Thank you all again! 😊 👋


For me, it was very difficult to limit my choices to these 4 above, as I have really enjoyed reading through these posts again and reliving these wonderful memories. I cannot improve on what I was inspired to write in closing my original recap post, when I wrote the following:

"I have a renewed appreciation for the natural wonder of this world and all that has been created in it. As well, I have renewed my respect for the rich diversity of this great country which has reminded me of what I wrote in one of my original Steem posts - Observations: Gratitude and the Simple Things:"

"The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places;
Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me."

Psalm 16:6

"For whatever remains of my 'number of days,' I have been blessed with this wonderful opportunity to relive and create lifetime memories. And the posts about this trip "immutably enshrined" on our Steem blockchain will always be part of them."

Thank you to the SteemItWorldMap team for their inspiration to come up with this contest to begin the New Year. Win or lose, this contest has been a real blessing to me. Hopefully, it will be a source of a little dreaming for some of my fellow Steemians for what "might be" in 2020.

I’d love to hear any feedback you may be inspired to provide.

Until "next time," all the best to you for a better tomorrow, as we all work together to build up our Steem Communities and increase the value of the Steem blockchain! 👍 😊

Steemian @roleerob

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Really like your post, those places are really amazing. The beach in the first post was indeed worthy of being the favorite place. The sand is white and very clean. Of course, The big rock in the sea is also unique and becomes an interesting background. Great. You have a lot of travel experience for this contest. I hope you win @roleerob. Blessing

Very nice of you to stop by @khaimi. Thank you for adding value to this post with your impressions.

I certainly appreciate the well wishes and, of course, winning would be nice, but I truly feel like I have already won simply by the blessing of reflecting once again on that I was given the remarkable opportunity to experience almost a year ago now.

All the best to you and yours sir, for a great start to 2020!

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Thank you for letting me know @steemitworldmap. I especially want to thank you for this great contest. Which has Inspired / motivated me to write my first post in almost 3 months! 😊

I'm very happy to see you come back to publishing and in such an excellent way, most of all it was a post you've enjoyed so much in the making due to all those great memories. It's wonderful to see a little of the nature in your country, for sure the journey gave you all the necessary energy and vitality you were searching for. Of course it's contagious through this and all the posts you've shared about your R2R.
I send you lots of hugs dear friend and my best wishes for you and your loved ones. Much Love and Light!!

Thank you for stopping by my dear friend. Yes @leveuf, if one glances through my recap post, they will see a great deal of natural beauty and diversity in the 4 different sections of the American West I covered over those 31 days. It was one of the great blessings of my long life, to have experienced it.

If you are not familiar with them, I would encourage you to consider the community around the @steemitworldmap account. Their app (link to it provided in my first sentence ...) is a remarkable demonstration of what is possible on our Steem blockchain, with its awesome supplementary features. It is to me a very successful example of what "can be" with some creativity and hard work. Others understandably point to games linked "in here" to the potential of Steem. As I am not a gamer nor much interested in anything related to it, their app is a much more "real world" application, in my mind.

I am sure you have many beautiful places there on the Yucatán Peninsula peninsula you could "pin" to their map, while allowing the rest of us to experience what you see "through your eyes." 😊

Thanks again for investing a little of your time to write your encouraging comment. It is a blessing to me. I wish you well and hoping 2020 is off to a flying start for you and yours! 👍

It was a great surprise and joy when I find your post, and it's worth to make more than one review. It's amazing your country specially the mountains and forest. What a wonderful road story!!
Thanks for your recommendation about @steemitworldmap, I'll be checking all about and sharing some views!! :)
Have an excellent weekend, @Roleerob, many blessing for family and friends!
See you soon "here" or "there"!! 🤗

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Okay @travelfeed / @wanderin. Glad to learn I provided you a little boost in your day. I sincerely think your community is great. Just wish I traveled a bit more, so I could justifiably post more travel-related content! 😊

It has been awhile since I have posted and not on Steem as much as I once was. I don't recall any previous reference to having your own editor, so I'll promise to look into it. Have to be honest and say, though, SteemPeak is going to be hard to beat! 😉

Challenge accepted, hehe ! Check out our editors!!! You might never go back :)

Okay @travelfeed / @wanderin. Having a bit of time this morning, I tried out TravelFeed.io. Here is some constructive feedback and a quick review (vs. your "competition" ...), for your future reference:

  • I immediately noted that your interface does not have a "Template" feature.


That is an almost immediate "showstopper" for me, as I have a number of them I have stored and consistently use in SteemPeak.

  • While I had it opened, I found and commented on a post from my friend, @delishtreats. What I noticed immediately was I had no view below, of what my "finished product" comment would look like. Initially, I assumed the best, but fortunately went back to be sure and found this:


Your interface doesn't interpret markdown apparently, as it introduced the \s you see in the image above, rendering the markdown symbols useless ...

  • I was initially stymied when trying to create a bookmark, as I am used to it be easily located right by the title, in the beginning. You don't even see the bookmark symbol, when opening a post. Only when scrolling down to the bottom ... At least I did figure out how to get it to work.

I did like the way your interface handles photos. I think you've got a nice start on your interface. Too bad there is not some way you could have a "joint venture" with the @steempeak team and @asgarth and avoid "reinventing the wheel."

I will freely acknowledge, however, that may well be an oversimplification, as there may be a lot "under the hood" that would make that prospect very difficult, if not impossible.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your feedback.Just my own opinion and not representative of the team - I don't see any competition with Steampeak and TF is niched within travel blog topics so the platform is more designed for majority of travel bloggers. We are onboarding people outside Steem who are mostly unfamiliar with Markdown but have a travel story to share, so TF made it easy using the EasyEditor.

Hi @wanderin. Thank you for writing back. At almost the same time, I got a message from @travelfeed, explaining that the intended audience for TF is greater than our Steem blockchain. That is exciting!

When I next have a travel post to write, I will try to remember to checkout TF and the EasyEditor again.

I wish you well, in your future endeavors, for a great 2020!

No worries and thanks again for your feedback

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Okay, thank you for investing your time into this reply @travelfeed. Learning that you are building something to reach an audience beyond our Steem blockchain tells me all I need to know.

I will take another look, when I have the opportunity to create a travel post. I love to write them, but don't travel all that often anymore ... 😞

I wish you all the best, in your future endeavors, for a great 2020!

With a little bit more time @wanderin, coming back to let you know I appreciate "the following feedback" feature of your comment. Really adds value to our work, to have someone "looking over our shoulder" and offering some constructive ideas for improvement.

When I first wrote all of these posts almost a year ago now, I don't recall any similar feature from @travelfeed, so must be a "value added" enhancement. I like it. Keep 'em coming! 😊 👍

It looks like you had an amazing trip. I would love to drive out west and follow a similar path that you have. I've been to quite a few states. Mostly out in the eastern portion of the country. I've never even been to the west coast. I'd definitely like to get out there. It's my goal to visit every single state eventually.
I really enjoyed reading your post and I look forward to upcoming posts.

Thanks for stopping by @vissaius and letting me know you enjoyed this post. I appreciate that.

We all have our preferences, but for me, what you see on this trip surpasses anything I have ever seen in the East - coast or otherwise (I have been in every state in the country, except 4 - 3 of them being Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine). Not to say there are not some great places to visit on that side of our country, but my preference is the West.

Hopefully someday you'll have the opportunity to make your way out here and judge for yourself!

Hello my dear friend.

I remember that trip you made, it was very exciting to see your posts with beautiful photographs of each of the places you visited. A wonderful sample of everything beautiful that God has created for us to enjoy his children. Definitely traveling is one of the best things we can do, since that experience will last in our memories and bring us those emotions every time we remember them no matter how much time passes.

Yes indeed @blessed-girl! I prefer the "Great Outdoors" and enjoying the handiwork of our Creator, rather than huge cities where we get to see the handiwork of man. Helps at least this Steemian to keep things in perspective. Humbly aware of my insignificance in the "big picture" in the midst of the marvel and wonder of it all.

Thank you, my dear friend, for stopping by and adding value to my post with your comment!

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Curated by @blessed-girl


Very nice. I appreciate the encouragement @dsc-r2cornell / @blessed-girl. Thank you very much!

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