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Hey everyone, I just wanted to put out a reminder for the contest and also tell you all why I, @martibis think Steemitworldmap is awesome as well. Of course my entry won't count towards the contest, no worries, you don't have to share the prize pool with me, haha! For all the details on the contest check out the announcement post.

Long story short we're looking for some more entries! You can find the ones we've gotten so far underneath for some inspiration! Definitely also let us know which ones you like so far.


1. Entry: a post with a video about why you think Steemitworldmap is awesome
2. Comment: add the link to your entry post in the comments here or at the announcement post!
3. End date: 04/04/2019
4. What we judge on: fun-factor, location, quality, etc.
5. First prize: 20 SBD
Second prize: 10 SBD
3x runner up: 3 SBD
6. Rights: by entering you give us the right to feature your footage in our promotional video

Have fun, we are already looking forward to your entries!

Your Steemitworldmap team: @martibis @livinguktaiwan @choogirl @ItchyfeetDonica @oroger & @lizanomadsoul

world map.jpg

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Woo! I made a cameo appearance. Great example Martibis. You're spot on, we totally wouldn't have gone there if we didn't see it on SWM first.

Now I have to rewatch it to spot you! 😂

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Just is time delivery

As a user from the first hour I said I deliver a post and here we go

Why I love the SteemitWorldMap .png

Thank you so much for this contest...