Steemit Weekly - 09-09-2018

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Steemit's Weekly Scoop

As the HF20 looms (scheduled on the 25th this month), STEEM and SBD prices are still below 1 USD.

Where Did All the Steemians Go?

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For today's weekly, top news is from @paulag (resident blockchain analyst 📉 ) giving us the numbers for what's going on.

Posts without comments are up on the charts the same as posts without payouts or hovering below $1 payout.

Give her a follow and shower her with upvotes. We need reliable data analysis and she provides great reports to the community. Nothing like great report to help us work on our posts and engagement.

Click on the graph above to get more information. Don't spit that coffee out just because we have a numbers post first.


SteemFest3 Update - Do You Have What It Takes?

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This is how much it cost for a plankton to go to Krakow. This is just the cost of the ticket.

Throw in accommodations (hotel, AirBnb etc), meals, transpo, gifts/trinkets and you'll spend more than 600 STEEM.

Although Steemit is a social platform. If networking and social meetups are up your alley, get those tickets now before they increase the price in 12 days.

If you do go, let us know how much it cost for future reference.


Squashing Abusers image.png

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@themarkymark is at 'em again (always making it to the weekly) this time taking away Steemit Inc delegations from a ring of accounts abusing the platform.

If you haven't heard of the Steemit Defense League or ran into them flagging you for no reason, read TMM's post. The ring changed tactics and they must be stopped.

Don't send any STEEM/SBD to a non-reputable unconfirmed bot.


Steem-UA Is Not An Upvote Bot Or Is It?

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Many Steemians are at a loss what @steem-ua is all about. What's all the hype on delegating to it?

Read @scipio's open letter to the community and decide for yourself. Curious what your true reputation is? Visit

And please, if you do join their Discord server. Stop asking when you'll get a vote. Read scipio's post first.

Are you the small few who have questions? Check the thread and again...decide for yourself.

To delegate or not to delegate?


Are You A Night Owl?

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If you're a Steemit addict and spending too much time on Discord servers, you might be a night owl.

A unique voice for your ears and maybe a new genre for you. But give it an open ear and maybe the other ear will flap out too.

Visit @paintingangels.


CONTEST - 5 SBI Shares Up For Grabs

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Resteem and Upvote not required (but we're sure it's appreciated just like if someone resteems and upvotes your content), just interact and comment thoughtfully for a chance to win a share of Steem Basic Income.

EHU7q5Iz.gif EHU7q5Iz.gif
That's all for the first week of September!

Got scoop? Kindly drop them at our Discord Server.

We don't write the news. We just report the news.

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Thanks witness @pjau. Thanks for your support and for all the help you have given me . Not once have I regretted giving you my witness vote!


Thanks for the advertisement lol 😂


@steemitweekly endorses the Witness @pjau.

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With pleasure. Double checking, actually.


It is now triple checked.

thanks for the shout out, great curation/news post. Have resteemed :-)

This is the first time I have seen this account. Nice work @lovenfreedom @iamstan @enforcer48. great idea


Thank you for your kind words and the work you do for everyone on steemit.
Thanks for the upvote and the resteem too!
We hope to turn this into a full blown news source for all steemians to enjoy.


We are here for the long term. Thank you for appreciating our work!

Wow! HF20 is coming really soon. It feels like yesterday that we got the release date, and it felt like it was an eternity to go, but now it seems the HardFork is coming tomorrow. I'm excited ;)


Hello @flugschwein thanks for coming buy. Thanks for joining our server. Thanks for all you do for the abuse fighting teams on steemit!
Wow I am hopping HF 20 doesn't mess up all our bot codes?


I don't think it will. And I hope so as well. If not, I think the troubleshooting won't be too bad.


Get excited because it's the next big thing!

Keep it up. I really enjoy reading the steemitweekly now. I like it mildly spicy.


We will try to make it just right.

Thank you for the update on the Steemit news! I will be heading to these posts to check them out in more details. Thanks again! :D


Thank you for visiting Steemit Weekly. Be sure to check out news with an open mind!

Thats a great project and we will have nice funny news to spice things up :D


As long as they relate to the community, we will report it. Don't hesitate to dig up some scoops! Be aware of skeletons you may uncover.

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