Night Owls

in dsound •  5 months ago

One of my happier songs. They do exist!


Arms stretched out to the breeze,
the moon is shining down just for me

and I ...

I talk madly to the stars
and they swing down
and dance with me.

And it's the perfect night
for dreaming and make-believing

My neighbor, Jennifer, sits all alone
She dreams of flying up to the moon

(and soon)

And she thinks it's a perfect night
for dreaming and make-believing

Yeah, it's a perfect night for dreaming
and make-believing.

Sidenote: That's my daughter you can hear at the end asking if I'm finished recording.. "Is your song over?" ♥

song and photo ©2018 paintingangels (s. matthews)

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What a perfectly dreamy song :-) Thanks Serena, for making us dream with you :-) <3


Awww thanks .. I'm happy to dream with you anytime! :)


dreamy, yes, that's a good way to describe this song. :-)

So so dreamy 🖤🖤🖤

"I talk madly to the stars
and they swing down
and dance with me." <- I love this phrase.

Dreamy, indeed! Your voice is so beautiful and unique. ❤️ This is probably one of my favorite things I’ve heard from you.

I love your voice in this one, itvis in slightly higher tone right. Like the subtle delays in the pauses. Happy songs from Serena... But perfect one to listen before heading to sleep

This song is wonderful.
Enjoyed very much.😙

Might be one of my faves of yours yet. <3

I love how the word 'moon' appears so frequently in your beautiful songs, just as 'heart' and 'bird' or 'fly' sneak into so many of mine.

Your voice is just so spectacularly you. And, really, I'm beginning to suspect...if I look up the word for 'calming, like a deep, restorative breath' – I'm sure to find that word is Serena.

That haunting echo is absolutely brilliant in its subtlety. You are such an exceptional song-writer.

And that lil voice at the end....I die! So flippin' cute! <3

' your song over?'


Oh, yeah...I'm on repeat #4, and I'm singing harmonies with you. Feels lovely, that.

this is beautiful Serena... something different about the vocals, i just love it...