Steemit Defense League have changed their MO

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What is the Steemit Defense League?

Steemit Defense League is the creation of @camillesteemer after being flagged for spam and plagiarism. He decided to create accounts abusing Steemit Inc sign up delegation to flag anyone who flagged him. Over time the flags started to target anyone who supported those who flagged him and eventually just randomly targeting anyone and everyone.

While the flags are meaningless at only 1/10th of a cent, they have confused, frustrated, and disheartened a lot of Steemians.

Recently @camillesteemer started to target specific accounts with their username and branding to make users feel they were being flagged by them adding to the confusion. Latest attempts have used sexually suggestive user profiles to flag people.

The Steemit Defense League consists of 161 known accounts used to maliciously flag individuals causing as much chaos as possible with zero invested stake. They do this by abusing the Steemit Inc faucet (sign up process) which gives 15 Steem Power delegation to new accounts.

The new Steemit Defense League

So far the Steemit Defense League has had two phases.

The first phase they have flagged anyone who has flagged them in the past or supported anti-abuse projects and then ultimately random users.

The second phase they started to create targeted accounts pretending to be well-known users to cause even more confusion and frustration. The goal with this is to shift the blame for the flags to another individual. This has been done for many users, including my own account.

Four accounts targeting the user @johngreenfield


Phase three

The Steemit Defense League has now shifted into what I call phase three. This phase they have shifted from flagging users to upvoting them and masquerading as a vote bot in an attempt to steal Steem.

Fake bid bots

This is even more dangerous and difficult to deal with. They are still flagging with over 100 accounts, all of which have around 0.100 Steem Power. They have added 28 new accounts in the last few days in an attempt to fool users to send 1-2.5 Steem.

They also have moved from manually voting to using @steemauto to automate a lot of their activity across 161+ accounts.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done in this situation but to inform users. They do not post, they do not comment, nothing can be done to change their reputation. You cannot disable an account, and you cannot hide an account. While they continue to create new accounts abusing the Steemit Inc faucet, this will continue to be a problem.

Steemit Defense League Status

28 accounts lost their delegation today in the latest update to shut down @camillesteemer troll train. This attempt has the potential to do a lot more harm than their 1/10th cent dust flags. Legitimate losers can lose real money in this latest shift in direction. All 161 one accounts have had their delegation removed.

Git Hub Repo

Github Merged Pull Request

Current Identified Steemit Defense League Accounts

  • johngreenfie1d
  • johngreentopbot
  • johngreenfield66
  • botsteemer
  • darkveedort
  • derdederlo
  • fistbio
  • gerasshears
  • gerute
  • guepaty
  • huecocotte
  • inthecamel
  • johnkraven
  • lucfropond
  • marlode
  • moietmoi
  • philsmanila
  • politepust
  • primersteemtop
  • scharzterminator
  • stoparnaque
  • thormartel
  • titalipuq
  • treajob
  • tsezobi
  • unitedsteemians2
  • zarbitopo
  • zizisasa
  • hellotomyfans
  • callunabot
  • steemtopblogger
  • maciku
  • atartouine
  • beinprofre
  • bitosuni
  • casido
  • derty
  • fionmaxi
  • fionsamerica
  • hilteen
  • johnblackfield
  • blablacarcar
  • panppeter
  • moulisa
  • encoremoi
  • kipotusong
  • manlymail
  • mattdylan
  • sadez
  • scalphead
  • torontocul
  • hilonrima
  • trucmuche
  • a-alphasteem
  • a-cmsidl
  • alandirlo
  • aloader
  • altrei
  • astalavasti
  • a-steemdefleague
  • astipmonkey
  • azobifly
  • baissetonfroc
  • besttopsteemer
  • bestwebmaster
  • biendanstoncul
  • bitosanusos
  • botabuserreport
  • botabuserreports
  • botmaxu745
  • calipsuy
  • camillesteemer
  • carolusmagnus
  • charlesbiters
  • charlesdeherstal
  • christisthebest
  • churchillfan
  • cleversteem
  • coolanalp
  • cosmosteemer
  • crackboom
  • crigmarlo
  • cyberdroid
  • danstoncul
  • dernu
  • dertluc
  • dervuptli
  • donaldducky
  • estellereuh
  • fertipo
  • fertuis
  • fongopot
  • foodstreem
  • friendtoppriest
  • fushcarbon
  • geradunlo
  • gladiatorwork
  • goidt
  • hilonrima
  • houla
  • huehen
  • icebergbitos
  • ilikesteemit
  • jeanmaloro
  • jeanmarlo
  • jetenculeprofond
  • jilophu
  • johnrevelator
  • jupitersaturn
  • jupitor21
  • kissmylips
  • lopusazuli
  • magasintop1
  • marcfrelon2
  • marystone
  • maxitov
  • mybestnews
  • nice-steemer
  • niquetarace
  • numerusclosus
  • oiepassive
  • pequenacapa
  • petitzob
  • poritoza
  • poustackiev
  • pusatutchu
  • qsedtylo
  • retiredworld
  • sesamcrs
  • stb138
  • steembotalpha
  • steemcontractor
  • steemcorrect
  • steemitfamily
  • steemittopfan
  • steempioneer
  • steempohu
  • steempolki
  • steemprovider
  • steemtwitting
  • stormstblogger
  • strumo
  • sucemabite
  • superfipo
  • superlove
  • tinant
  • topfongo1
  • topfrsteemer
  • topmaxsteem
  • toronsteem
  • treedain
  • trollshunter
  • trucmipo
  • usertelor
  • velomasty
  • vladimirtopiev
  • worldsteemian
  • ytcomcenter2
  • zartyo
  • zorralarousse
  • zorrolopiu


Thank you to @iamstan & @bullionstackers for help identifying new accounts.


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Arggh matey! You're all making them walk the plank. This is beautiful clean up work. Hard and dirty work but needed.

We need more witnesses like you.

Thanks for all you do for everyone. Thanks for the mention.
As you well know fighting abuse on steemit doesn't pay the bills. But the problems just seem to grow daily.
Hopefully come September 26 some of these problems will go away.

I am glad we have a few witness on steemit that care about content quality and walk the high road.

I can not begin to express my gratitude for our friendship. All those that take the time, realize that your a great person.


Thanks mate. Same to you.

Kinda figured it would go in that direction eventually so I'm honestly not surprised considering the kind of person actually behind it.


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@themarkymark spam


That's how @themarkymark deceives us

The only reason for this spam is to promote his bid-bot @buildawhale. He just could refund the payment from users on his blacklist and give the reason. – This is already standard on other bid-bots.


Haha, he has started to spam me twice on every post, no matter what content (mostly bitcoin analysis and geopolitics) wonder when I will start see him posting 10 of these spam posts like with you

and here I was thinking they'd forgotten about me.

Thank you so much for your hard work @themarkymark, it's reassuring knowing yourself and everyone else who's been tackling this issue is on the case.

At this point, so many months in, with their own money used to pay people to set these accounts up, the countless hours spent flagging... I'm left thinking that this is clearly a very lonely, miserable person. I can't even imagine what it must be like inside their head.


Or just someone who feels like trolling. Either is getting a bit ridiculous. lol

The sheer amount of time spent is baffling.


Anyone who wants to try and troll that hard clearly has some damage already. A happy person wouldn't feel the need.

They all just followed me. Thank you for this post. Now I know what's happening. Thank God none of those accounts have any steem power.

Did you saw my comment on your other post about some other guys flagging around.


I shared it with the German abuse fighting community. They have been aware of these accounts for a few months. I am sure the good German folks on steemit will sweep up this mess.


Yes, looking into it. But people are free to flag as they choose, same with upvoting. While I am not happy to see Nazi things here, that starts getting into censorship and not antispam. But I will look further into when I have a moment, I looked real quickly earlier.

i cant wait till the faucet closes... we are so close..

Thanks for the heads up!

This person either has too much time on their hands or they have a mental disorder. Probably both. Talk about pissing in the wind....


The funny thing is it's all useless. The flags are meaningless, they are usually even on posts that aren't even flaggable. It just creates a lot of confusion and causes people to waste time.


To them it's not useless. It the best trying to outdo the best, it's a game, cat and mouse. Everyone upping their game to catch the other. Some of the names on the list should tell you that. Probably sitting back as we speak trying to figure out the next step up in the game of computer-marksmanship, I don't think it's about the money for them.


It’s not. He is having a temper tantrum because his spam got flagged.

Very impressive!

Do some app owners sometimes blacklist users from using their services, to help prevent abuse?


I think some do, but not on a large scale. Mostly just one off users they happen to run across.


Thank you so much for your hard work @themarkymark


As much as it might be sarcasm, i do believe that kindness is a good change of pace.

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