Steemit Sandwich Contest Week 65 - Japanese Curry Roll

Japanese Curry Roll

SSC 65 - Cross Section.jpg

I love Japanese curry. I made some recently and had plenty of leftovers, so I thought 'this would be good in a roll'. Today I made that happen.

Fairly simple ingredients today, because of the leftovers component. I'll be making a post about how I made the curry in the future some time (maybe even in Wednesday's cooking post...), but for now it's just a simple curry made from a packet of Golden Curry, some potato, sweet potato, onion and butter.

So, you will need:

  • 1 Chicken Schnitzel - mine was large enough to make 2 rolls
  • 1 scoop Leftover Curry
  • 1 fresh French Roll (or similar long roll or short baguette)
  • Butter
  • Oil

I started out by heating the Oil in my small frypan, as I knew the schnitzel would fit nicely and it uses less oil that way.

SSC 65 - Cooking Schnitzel.jpg
Not too much oil, but enough that there is a good covering to the pan even after cooking both sides

While the Schnitzel was cooking, I sliced my roll in half vertically like a hot dog bun, but went right through. Butter both halves and placed them butter side down on my sandwich press. I didn't push down on it, but over time it flattened the halves out a little.

SSC 65 - Toasted Roll.jpg
If I'd done this in the pan they'd not have sat flat like this, but the butter would possibly have browned more

I also made sure I had enough leftovers (and especially sauce) in a take away container and zapped it in the microwave for 2 mins.

When the schnitzel was cooked enough on the first side (around 3-4 minutes), carefully turn it over and cook for about the same on the other side. A bit shorter as it's already warm. We're looking for a crunchy crumb, with some colour, but not blackened.

Once the schnitzel is done, take it out and pat some of the oil out with paper towel. I tend to place it on 1 piece and then another piece on top to soak out as much as possible.

SSC 65 - Cooked Schnitzel.jpg
I was really terrible with getting photos done for this sandwich. after I sliced in half, but before slicing the half I was using

Now we're ready to assemble the sandwich.

Take the bread roll and place it with both buttered sides up.
Slice up the schnitzel. As you can see I cut mine in half lengthwise, then used just one half of it sliced on an angle.
Place the chicken onto the bottom half of the roll.
Top the chicken with chunky pieces from the curry.
Spread some curry sauce and little bits or onion onto the other half of the roll.

SSC - Ready to close.jpg
I think I'll need a new sign for next week. Good view of the sauce spread on the lid too

Put the lid on to finish the sandwich

SSC 65 - Side View pre squish.jpg
I like the height that this has, but I do tend to squish things down for the cut and eat time

Slice in half for a nice cross section photo before enjoying the best sandwich you've had this week.

SSC 65 - Cross Section.jpg

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Wholly moley this curry schnitzel is crazy!

I’m lovin the diversity in this contest week!

Excellent work on this! Love creativity :)

That sounds like a very tasty treat. Very well done.


Thanks. It was. And so much so that I had it again the next day and I've still got some leftover curry so I might get some more rolls and chicken...

love that curry and schnitzel! Very creative, love it!

Thanks. I'm having leftovers today too, because I bought 2 rolls.

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