Steemit Sandwich Contest Week 40 - CONTEST NOW OPEN! - (6 PRIZES!)

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Steemit Sandwich Contest Week 40

Royal Rumble. Anything Goes."


Updates from jaybird

The Prize Pool consists of the liquid rewards from the "SSC Official Contest Week Post" in tandem with any collected donations. I will also continue to sponsor the contest weekly with varying amounts. While initially this will probably appear to lower the next few weeks prize pools, my hope is that it will in turn produce a scaleable model for the future of SSC as it continues to grows. If you are interested in making donations or sponsoring SSC please get at me!

Goodbye E-mail list! As of today, I will no longer be sending out SSC reminder E-mails. It has come to my attention that most of you no longer require me to do so! Should this change, I'll start it up again.

Please remember to have a physical "Validation Sign" with your Sandwich in at least 1 photo to be considered valid

Get Hungry, Get Creative!

Submit any Kind of Sandwich Whether It's a Classic or Original Creation!



What is Steemit Sandwich Contest?

Steemit Sandwich Contest is a weekly community event & food battle. It aims to connect Steemians from all walks of life who share an insatiable love for sandwiches while encouraging them to mingle through friendly competition and reward.


Submit it before the Monday @ 11:59PM Deadline (Contest Runs: Tuesday 3PM -> Monday @ 11:59PM EST).

  1. Title Must First Say: "Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #" (whatever the week # is)
  2. First Tag Must Be: #steemitsandwichcontest
  3. Must Validate Your Entry: At least 1 photo depicting both your sandwich and, a sign that clearly shows the contest week # you are entering (in the same photo/sign must be physical). [WEEK 3 for example]
  4. Must List Ingredients: Somehow mention the ingredients used in your Steemit Sandwich Contest entry
  5. 1 Photo Minimum: 1 photo minimum (must have validating sign)
  6. Must Put A Link To Your Post In The Comments: Pasting a glamour shot of your entry in the comment may also help distinguish your post
  • Sandwich Name & Additional Info: are Optional
  • Entries which do not follow the rules outlined will be considered null. [THIS IS A TRAGEDY!]


A very special thanks to our week 39 Contestants! Many of you have been entering since Week 1 and I very much appreciate your participation and your level of enthusiasm, creativity and sense of humour for this contest!

Week 39 Winners will be Announced Wednesday

A very big shout out to all our supporters and especially our Sponsors and Donors who are crucial in upping the prize pool each week.

Past Sponsorships Include: @bleedpoet @artwatch @gringalicious @doitvoluntarily @papa-pepper @homecook. We'd be grateful to have any new or repeat Sponsons!

Week 40 Sponsor(s): @homecook @jaybird


  1. I will be selecting the winner based on a variety of parameters. Just do your thing and have fun with it. I'm considering many factors such as presentation, ingredients & originality, creativity, community opinion & artistic ability just to name a few. PLEASE make sure to follow the rules! They are easy to follow and help prevent the tragedy of Null entries!

  2. There are now 6 prizes. First Prize = Roughly 50% of the prize pool collected

  3. Second Prize dubbed the "Veto Vote" = Roughly 30% of the prize pool collected + the honour of selecting the following weeks second prize winner. This prize is ideally given to an entry that although it did not win the contest, showed distinction among all the other entries. This could be a feature such as it was the community favourite, it used the most bizarre ingredients, or, it was just the best looking sandwich etc. IMPORTANT! The "Veto Vote" holder may not vote on his or her own sandwich to be selected as the second prize. However, they are still eligible to win First Prize should they enter the contest that week.

  4. Third Prize Roughly 15% of the prize pool selected by either @jaybird or a guest judge.

  5. Fourth/Fifth/6th Prize total Roughly 5% of the prize pool selected by @ jaybird for SSC "outstanding achievement"

Week 39's Veto Voter is TBD. Thank you for your participation!

  • IMPORTANT! "Veto Vote" holders must always present their final selection to @jaybird in confidence and allow the news to be revealed in an officially "Who Won Steemit Sandwich Contest" blog post. Deviation from this method will result in a forfeit of the Veto Vote and thus, the selection will be consider null and a new winner will be chosen by @jaybird.

  • Veto Voters can contact @jaybird through steemchat or discord jaybird#4732 or, an e-mail address will be provided to communicate. If for whatever reasons, the Veto Vote winner does not select an entry in the following weeks contest, I will be the default second prize selector for that week.

@jaybird reserves the right to alter the contest rules and structure as necessary.


Let The Contest Begin!


jaybird Steemit.jpg

jaybird ~


Oh mate, are you getting logistical help to run this contest?
here is Dog salad:

This is my second entry: Buffalo Chicken Sausage Sandwich

Hello Hi y'all! Thanks for hosting this @jaybird, and thanks for pointing me here @lizelle! Here's my first entry!
Cheesy Bolognese Waffle Jaffle


Looks awesome, so nice to see you here @whattheduck :)
Welcome and good luck!

Thanks @lizelle! Look forward to checking out all the entries! So much creativity here!

Welcome to the contest @whattheduck.! .your entry looks so unusual! :)

Thank you @dianadee! Have a lovely Thursday!

What a terrific idea to use up extra bolognese sauce. Good luck and welcome to the contest!

Thanks @loveself! Have an awesome week! Look forward to seeing your entries!

What a terrific idea to use up extra bolognese sauce. Good luck and welcome to the contest!

What a great combination plus the seaweed for the added umami flavor. Good luck!

What a great combination plus the seaweed for the added umami flavor. Good luck!

Love the shredded look of this sandwich..most inviting and healthy looking!!@tesscooks4u:)

Yes yes I know it's messy, but you got to agree it looks pretty delicious

oh this looks so good!

Thank you @intrepidsurfer. I leave the bread baking to you!

Chicken overload!!

Whoa there Alan...We get it Chicken Overload no need to post it 3 times ;)

Haha sry, there was abit of connection problem at that moment

That is some serious cooking here, I already have one or two favorites :)
Here is my entry for week 40:


Hello friend, this is my Post for the contest, I hope you will see it. Sorry for the delay!

"French Toasts Burned by the GOT Dragons"

My entry for Week #40 Baked Egg & Ham Bun

Worked in the yard all day, so I was hungry quite early. Here's a link to my grilled eggplant and red pepper sandwich

yummy food. i like food and nice photo my friend @jaybird

Is the 3 photos max rule still valid? Im considering to enter if not, as I like to showcase the cooking steps...

There’s no such rule (not for a long long time lol) 1 photo minimum is still a thing ~

Very well, It's because it was mentioned in the example post, so I wasn't sure. I will post something this evening then. Thank you!

Oooooooh tru... haha that example (i figured no one even looks at it haha) is from week 1 :)

Thanks for letting me know!

Lookin' forward to your entry!

You are welcome, well I like to follow instructions :)

We hope to join this contest later this week...just in time for the deadline. Still in the middle of our juicing diet, so no solid foods thus impossible to make a juice sandwich 😉

Ya i hope you two make it as well.. Juice sandwich does sound odd.. but heyy, if you can make that happen somehow.... that would be something haha!

the food was delicious delicious, friends if there is the time you please help his