Buying Steem/SP experiment using Ethereum wallet of attempt no. 1 (thru mobile)

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Hello fellow Steemians! In my observation that I noticed that most of my fellow Filipino Steemians posts about topics on how to withdraw your earnings from your Steemit account via which I was wondering is there any posts about how to buy Steem or Steem Power via your account.

But then I do acknowledge that buying Steem via an external account such as coins is a costly affair due to expensive fees which it can bite your head off. (Let's face it that since Bitcoin has become more popular which it led to the rise of its price which it also led the rise of it cost of mining and a number of factors that it makes it more expensive and the transactions are getting slower)

Luckily that I just found out that some of the Steemians such as @jemmanuel on his post right here that coins offering Ethereum wallets (I remember that it was on beta phase at that time) which it has lower fees when withdrawing which I made a request to make me Ethereum wallet as a tester and I got it.


I just made an experiment if it's possible to buy Steem at this time via Ethereum wallet at and here we go at the first part of my experiment that I go to my account and click at my wallet to buy some Steem.


It goes to blocktrades which I buy 1 Steem via Ethereum which it produces a sending address for me to copy with (I must admit that I was turning myself into a guinea pig for this experiment though...)


I have to go to the app and go to my Ethereum wallet and choose send.


When I click the send that I was offered choices which a person preferred (I picked the Enter wallet address which it was pretty tedious to put it into mobile although that it was easier to do it via scan QR code which I don't because I wasn't too techie or old-fashion per se)


Then I placed the amount of Ethereum along with the fee which the total amount was worth 149 pesos based in recent Ethereum price before I slide to send.


Before I send it that I have to confirm about this by ticking each of them then I click to send.


But then an error have occurred which I can sensed that it was most likely that I've made a mistake in manually placing the deposit address from blocktrades to coins which I could have (or probably) better off if I scan the QR scan code and yet I was not that ready on the bright side that I did not lost some of my money after I made that attempt.



Although that the said experiment did not bring fruitful results that it did however that it brings me a valuable lesson that it has a certain potential for other Steemians to buy more Steem with Ethereum at a lower price since it was still on beta phase once everything is alright which I believe that it will be available on desktop.

For now that all I have to do is to wait for future updates and I'm going to gather some funds for another attempt to experiment with.


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