Child Grooming: Protection against child sexual abuse through the internet.

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Children are the hope of the World. José Martí

The Cuban poet spoke about the importance of the new generations.


Hello friends Steemians This time I bring an educational post and an alert for all parents, this is grooming, a fact that has been occurring very often that happens on the internet.

What is Grooming?

The Grooming is a term of the English language that means "grooming" in its literal translation, but actually refers to a behavior linked to child abuse.

Según los especialistas, “el grooming es una serie de conductas y acciones deliberadamente emprendidas por un adulto con el objetivo de ganarse la amistad de un menor de edad, creando una conexión emocional con el mismo, con el fin de disminuir las inhibiciones del infante y poder abusar sexualmente de él. En algunos casos, se puede buscar la introducción del menor al mundo de la prostitución infantil o la producción de material pornográfico”.

Phases in which they operate for this type of abuse:

  1. The adult proceeds to develop emotional ties (friendship) with the child. In some cases, through the internet they can pretend to be another boy or girl.

  2. The adult is getting personal and contact data from the child.

  3. Using tactics such as seduction, provocation, sending images of pornographic content, finally gets the child to undress or perform acts of sexual nature.

  4. Then the harassment begins, blackmailing the victim to obtain more and more pornographic material or having a physical encounter with the child to sexually abuse him.


It is important to be informed about this today's parents, whose children are so happy to use the Internet, either through cell phones, computers or other electronic elements. Paying attention to the steps described above, parents may have more knowledge when analyzing the activities of their children, for example, in social networks.

Tips to prevent Grooming in your children:

  • Establish a bond of trust between parents and children, engaging a communication channel so that habits and preferences can be known when using mobile devices.

  • In the smartphone all the information stored (PHOTOS, videos, messages) could become public on the Internet in case the device is intervened or attacked. It is very important to emphasize the importance of keeping data in private, so as not to lose control over them.

  • Create awareness of not responding to unknown source messages or calls. If you feel that it is important to be discussed with an older person.

  • Watch out for the webcam. Children should know that what is shown through a webcam can be false, for example a previously recorded video, and that everything they show can be recorded by the other person and then uploaded to the Internet.
    There is also malicious software capable of accessing the webcam and recording, so they must cover it whenever it is not being used.

  • Malicious applications are also present in mobile environments. In addition to the use of data protection systems, non-official site applications should not be downloaded and prior to installing any application it is necessary to consider which permissions are requested.

A good alternative is to help them set up their profiles on social networks (if they are old enough to have an account) and agree with them the security restrictions. We can also help you open an account and make sure it doesn't have administrator privileges. No privileges can not install programs, disable protections, activate devices such as the webcam, etc. If the child has a non-privileged account, he or she will not be able to perform potentially dangerous actions.

  • Taking caution when connecting to WiFi or Bluetooth networks is a very good practice to avoid attacks on the information contained in the device. Any connection to these media must also be password-protected.


Some countries have already included grooming as a crime in their legislation, while in others no reference has yet been included.

So let's take the matter into our own hands, protect our children and concienticemos other people to understand the extent and severity of the problem.

Protection has always proved to be the best remedy, once the damage has been done, this is irreparable!!! Then Instruyámonos and exercise our responsibility as mothers and fathers.

To finish I would like to emphasize that in the grooming there is no previous phase, sometimes there is no stalking, which could alert. It occurs, for example, that the predator accesses information or images of its victim not through it but using force (theft of passwords, for example) or through third parties or alternative means.

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excellent publication! very important to be aware of the use of networks by young people! be always on the lookout! thank you for publishing something so necessary for everyone!

So children are very delicate at the time of the Internet, are very easy to Ooh, it is for them that parents and teachers should take the lead in these cases, gain their confidence before strangers, to be able to teach the right, thanks for commenting friend