Salutations Earthlings, how have you been dreaming?

in steemitdreamit •  2 months ago

Upon entry on this planet I realized something. Maybe I’m not an alien, maybe I come from all the different planets at the same time. As my ship was becoming a ball of fire upon re-entry, I thought to myself, this planet may just be where I come from.

Upon exploring the ways and custom of its many inhabitants, I found myself puzzled fascinated and aghast. Life made so much more sense in the comfort of my shuttle navigating through the interstellar expanses. Different species of Kijonderos were grazing on bright orange gas clouds at one point which made me laugh like this: hahahaha!

I am sad to see how humans are not getting along, how they throw away water they have heated and used for all of 5 minutes right back into the environment completely oblivious that this may have any kind of consequences. As you can see, I master the language to connect with all the unique human experiences but they make it hard for me.

This is why for now, I am focusing on cats, the are so funny and fun, I love it when they go prrrrrrrr... I put my whole face in their fur so much so that their hair gets everywhere and my eyes start to tear. But I don’t care, they are more interesting than humans for me, at least for now.

I like dogs too, and rabbits of course but the animals I identify with most is dolphins. I think it’s weird that Orcas are called Killer Whales because they are actually dolphins.

I am having so much fun with Spots right now, we are doing astral projection in an old virtual kingdom which I created as a teenager. What do you think, should I give her back to @chelsea88?



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I don’t understand, is Spots Wanted as a criminal or did she get kidnapped?


Omg..... shes been behaving strangely all day and at one point ran into the portal in my coat closet. She didn't emerge for quite some time. She seems even more intelligent than before!! I feel a strange ttiangular metallic type implant in between her shoulder blades though. She's purrrrrs immensely when i rub it so i shan't take her to the vet yet


I think you are dealing with a cyborg Changeling with an implant of Spot’s personality but that it is not the real Spots!!!!!


Hm hm hm. Where IS the real Spots??

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