Steemit Coffee / 14 SBD Give Away / Bitcoin Prediction / Contest#19

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Steemit Coffee as always bring to you every month 3 contests:

  • NFP prediction
  • Bitcoin prediction
  • Steemit prediction

404 SBD Was Given Out By Steemit Coffee Till Now :

  • 256 SBD Was Given Out To The Winners of Contests
  • 45 SBD Was Given Out As Sponsorship
  • 103 SBD Was Given Out As Donation

The second contest for this month is :
Contest#19 / Bitcoin Prediction / 14 SBD Give Away !

To take part in contest you have to:

  • Must be my follower.
  • Upvote this post.
  • Resteem this post.
  • Predict the price in USD of 1 Bitcoin for 19 of Jan 2018,
    8:00 AM GMT+2 in the comments below.

Limit One(1) Entry Per Person.
Predictions can be submitted until 17 of Jan 2018, 12:00 AM GMT+2.
The Winner will be the participant with the closest prediction number.
14 SBD will be sent to the winner on 20 of Jan 2018.

If you like Steemit Coffee Feel Free to Support it.
With Your Support, Every Month The Prizes Will Be Bigger.

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The price in USD of 1 Bitcoin for 19 of Jan 2018,
8:00 AM GMT+2 was : 11272.31

All your predictions will be checked and 14 SBD will be sent to the winner on 20 of Jan 2018.

Note ; sanpshot was taken for all of your comments on 17 of Jan 2018, as any modifcation of your predictions is not allowed.
Thank you

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BTC price would be : $14,850

1BTC = $20444


12503 is my prediction.

Please screenshot this prediction @lordoftruth


20th of December or January???


Upvote r esteem follow price 14625

lovely post...I am impress...


$12950 my guess sir

Here is my prediction.

1BTC = $14,342.25


BTC. $16235

my wild guess is $15,830.

1BTC = $18600

1 BTC = $ 12,549.24

1BTC = $15101
1 STEEM = 7$

Great post lots of good information on the giveaway



Price will be 11260$

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1 btc =USD11500..around..bro when will you announce the results



$16000 my guess .
Upvoted and resteemed done

1 BTC = $15900


good creative.thanks a lot..
go ahead..

13890 usd price will keep cancelling for sometime now


Btc: 15,971.70 USD


Great brother


Thanks for hosting the contest!

Amazing post..I really happy saw your post..Waiting your next post..

  1. 7

Great competition. Very exciting game. Thank you for creating this.


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$ 13200

For your post propagation.

1BTC = $17,250.

1 BTC= $17273

Nice post just mind blowing


This post is very useful for me....
Thanks for sharing @lordoftruth

Good work @lordoftruth
I always support what you do ..

Syrian Civil War.
More than 250,000 Syrians have lost their lives in four-and-a-half years of armed conflict, which began with anti-government protests before escalating into a full-scale civil war.....BBC

So war always bad thing .We have to protect war

My price is 9680$
Upvote Resteem

Resteemed and upvoted. I hope it will be $1489

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$15, 555

1 btc = 15320 usd

i think 1Btc=$9000

I love drink coffee! Haha but it post seems do not related to coffee

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Rewards Pool Farmer Alert

check out the comments section of @ryacha21 above. (

He is leasing 30k SP from @minnowbooster then using that to VOTE Up his own 7 Day old comments on random posts at the last minute. Scroll his comments to around the 6 day mark or just go to; he has a lot of self love on his own old comments.

HE IS DOING IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER.. He is farming the pool.. If you could help it would be appreciated..

Learn more about this sack of monkey spunk here:

Also kinda a dick move to use the actual good post of another person to post a comment for no other reason to come back and farm it later.

Post Author, @lordoftruth I do apologize.. This dude makes no actual articles of his own so the only way to draw attention to what he is doing is to comment his comments. My sincerest apologies for cluttering up your blog, outing the abusive self voting behavior of @ryacha21

13570 $ :)

Just a guess..

$ 13799



1btc = $15290


My prediction- $14212



1btc= $14349




thanks 4 the contest! resteemed ...

Here is my prediction.

1BTC = $14512.25

Let the contest continue. I appreciate you for the links in this post
I will resteem this.

1BTC = $14529

upvoted, followed and resteemed - you caught my eye with coffee and the resteem from @ironwood ...

My prediction for BTC is - 15944.44

1 BTC = 12950



I expect it to be $15485!

1BTC = $14,756.35

1BTC = $14275

bitcoin will be steady!

$ 14,212

My forecast for BTC is 16 500
Delicious coffee for you @lordoftruth!



1BTC = $14,450


Post has been upvoted and resteemed...and if i don't follow you, who will 😚?
14327.00 USD

13982 of course!



$ 13,805

13830$ Thanks @lordoftruth
Have a great day

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100% like and resteem


Upvote Resteem

1 BTC = $13,450

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