Handmade Charity Inc joins @steemitcharity!!

Hi Everyone!

Following today's post from @katyakov we are bringing good news here - the Official Charity posts from the New York based non-profit project Handmade Charity will now be featured on this account!!

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Let us start with telling you some details about the project.

Handmade Charity Inc is a non-profit company, that aims to develop creativity in kids with special needs and help their social integration through cooking classes in local cafes, restaurants and culinary schools.

Our vision is the world where children with disabilities and their families are not stigmatized and excluded but, instead, fully engaged and integrated into the society, sharing their talents and passions with people around them and leading meaningful and happy lives!

We are hosting master classes on a monthly basis and aiming to switch to weekly events starting next year!

So how can YOU help and why is it important?

  1. We are a startup, and every dollar matters for us!!
    With the money we raise on Steemit we purchase the materials for our master classes!

  2. We are 100% transparent. And not only because @steemitcharity is sending all the money to the charitable causes and will be open in all transactions.
    We also started using a tool Frank built on blockchain and showing our donors where the money goes in 100% verifiable way!

  3. We are truly "Handmade" - everything we do is coming to life with the help of our volunteers, so our social impact is broader than only helping kids with disabilities and their families.
    We are also aiming at involving local community and break the barriers that still exist in inclusion and integrating people with disabilities into our society!

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Every vote matters!

Thank you for your support!



Doing GREAT WORK !!!
Thank YOU for being a "Humane" Being !!

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