The Old Dog Presents: A Series of Steemit Trading Cards Featuring Your Favorite Steemers! Contest!

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I'm thrilled to announce the first in a series of 2017 Steemit Trading Cards featuring some of Steemit's greatest contributors.

Contest to Submit a Graphic Format For The Steemit Trading Cards!

Here below I've offered up a quick sample of what I have in mind but I'd like one of you to turn my idea into a snazzy  looking collectible of 2017 Steemit all-stars!

Contest Rules And Prizes

  • Contest closes on Tuesday  Sept 26 at midnight EST
  • Please use the text that I've provided then use the image or another similar one that you think fits the members personality. Combine these with your imagination to create an eye popping card!
  • You must use the tag steemitcard in order to be eligable.
  • Please leave a copy of your creation in the comments but feel free to create your own post with your creation!
  • First place prize: 20 Steem
  • Second Place Prize 10 Steem
  • Third Place Prize 5 Steem

A Prize That Keeps on Giving as it Turns Into a Steemgig!

The member selected as having the winning format may then have the opportunity of being paid 20 Steem for each future card that we produce. I will supply the text and the photo and then the format can be used again!

How many cards will we produce? Who knows? Let's see how it goes but at least 5-10 of the top Steemers will be featured with their own trading card!

Here's The Full text so You Can Copy And Paste!

@papa-pepper, Steemit’s Home Grown Super Star!   
@papa-pepper leap frogged onto the scene 15 months ago and has become one of Steemit's top authors by worming his way into everyone's hearts!   
His followers have multiplied like the rabbits that he breeds while this wild-man homesteader has gardened and encouraged others on his way to Steemit Stardom! This father, husband, humourist and deep thinker has outworked just about every other blogger and is famous for coining the expression "Don’t waste your time online, invest it with"       
Reputation: Ranked No.5 on Steemit with a mind boggling 76.3!   
Followers: Sits solidly in the top 20 with over 8,770!   
Posts: With over 27,000 posts @papa-pepper has interacted with others at the rate of about 60 times a day! No wonder he's a superstar!   
Check out Steemit's Home Grown Superstar for Yourself at      

Here's a Format That I Like!

Image source:

Here is The Raw Image Taken by @papa-pepper Himself

Points to Ponder!

  • Have you ever collected trading cards?
  • Who else would you like to see featured?
  • Do you enjoy entering Steemit contests?

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


I love it! Very nice!

I'll give you three Old Dog, mint condition, for one Papa Pepper (any condition). And I'll throw in a Onceuponatime for free.

Great contest! Upvoted, Promoted, and resteemed!

Nobody wants a Onceuponatime @onceuponatime...;)

" three Old Dog, mint condition, for one Papa Pepper (any condition)."

That sounds about right!

ahahahahaha everyone loves @papa-pepper and rightfully so!


Lots of love to our Dawg too!

Hi bro, I left you an urgent message on

I give you 1 @rival and 1 @mirandavp both in mint condition for 1 @onceuponatime.. And if you think the deal is not ok I will send the STEEM power ranger to negotiate ;-)

I have a set I've designed for this purpose, but the project got shelved when I got busy.

Here is the original image I designed and the post that shows my process.

Here is the template using the image and text you've provided.

My format has limitations, but you get the idea.

I have designed and printed physical cards before. I have a set of cards that were made by mashing up food and drink emoji with lowpoly style art. Here are samples:

There is also a shelved printed card game I made called Eshelon. Here are samples:

Great ideas going on here, you should get with some of these other card makers in the comments here if you fully give up on the project you had going on.

Very good efforts. nice to see you working on those projects!

Already been working on them and I am up to card 11, you should check them out! @ned is even using my art on his twitter account for now, which I thought was pretty cool.

These are awesome. You really have some talent mate.

whoa!! badass man!!

Really nice, I like the idea to make it more like a drawing, some stats on the backside?

I put an example above of what I had in mind.

Yow.. Great work

Hey wow they look great. I had no idea! Congrats on your success!

I'm looking for something a little different. More like a sports card with a little bio and some stats front and back.

I'll keep on checking your work and way o go!

I was about to drop a comment showing that you have made cards and there is also @fishmon who has a great set that has already started shipping physical cards

I love seeing now there is a third set of Steemit based cards, can't wait to see more, so many users on Steemit each set I have seen so far only is capturing certain users or things that others aren't, the variety is awesome.

With 100's of thousand of members it's great to see variety in style and members that are featured. Thanks for letting me know! My idea was more along the lines of a sports card like hockey or baseball.

Image form

wouldn't they get in trouble using the blizzards heartstone card design? I'm sure it's copyrighted.

I have no idea about Hearstone so can't comment, but if it's the same thing, I am not sure how the copyright law works if this is just fan stuff we are passing around Steemit users for fun versus printing them up and trying to sell them. I have not followed up on @fishmon's cards that heavily to know if that is what is going on, but I would definitely be weary of compensation for the work.


Thanks for sharing this new initiative with us and I sure hope the ball will roll like crazy on this one as there is so much potential for it to be a huge success.

Upvoted, resteemed and shared!

Namaste :)

Thanks so much!

Fantastic idea. A little Old School from the Old Dog, I like it

My Grandfather (my Mom's Dad) owned a baseball trading card & collectibles shop for many years. My aunt, @lifes-a-donut, worked there for many years as well. I remember going in there from time to time when I was little.

And by the way, you picked a great Steemian for your example. @papa-pepper is indeed a phenom. I really don't know how he does it all.

I would like one made of you sister, and it should be scratch and sniff, so it smells like chocolate.


Agreed @gringalicious!!! @papa-pepper is an example for us all--truly inspiring!!

Who knows maybe you'll be next! Another great Steemian!

You are a sweet heart.

Cool idea... Kind of like what @steemitadventure has been doing for a few months.

That was my thinking but these seem like photo's with writing, so NOT what @steemitadventure is doing.

I added a baseball card to the post as an example.

Yes they are nice but my vision is a bit different. Moe like a sports trading card!

Cool Idea, I hope I can join!!

Well since you're a graphic artist I suppose you should and I hope that you will!

@kus-knee, a brilliant idea, I will come along. thank you everyone. Thanks you @papa-pepper

I like your slogan "Dream it Steem it!!

OK @paolobeneforti, I agree that it's not exactly what I'm looking for but I love the sketch! It looks COOL!

thx Old Dog. :)

Hi @kus-knee looking forward on joining the contest. May the best man or wanna win!😎

Hey mon, you tryin mon!

I can't tell if I'm a man or a "wanna" @caribbeanmon;)


So cool!

This is a great ida indeed and based upon the vote reward it seems like Steemit Agrees!

Maybe I will get on that design......We shall see in less than a week!


Someone down at the Garden should be able to do this! From clothes and knives to trading cards!


Steemit Trading Cards!

Used to collect Magic: The Gathering cards ages ago. Haha. Brings me back!

You should add a Random Fact section too.

Good idea. Give me an example of a random fact.

Like literally, "Random fact: Ate 3 pizzas in one sitting once."

I like the idea! Cool!

Good luck to all participants... :) may the best wins..

Thank you for posting @kus-knee.

Always appreciate how you can get Steemians engaged.

Lovely idea.....these trading cards....brilliant!

All the best to you. Cheers.

Thanks so much!

Cool idea @kus-knee. I used to collect spider-man trading cards...of course...
Thanks for the post!

I imagine that you did!

Why do your contests always require things I have no idea how to do???

Well maybe you'll be ON a future card! What you do know how to do is be a great Steemer and one of our elder statesman!

Me??? You at least got the Elder part right!


Maybe someday! Like Charlie Chan so eloquently said: "My presence no more significant than drop of rain in cloudburst."

On a brighter note, hopefully the book will be out sometime in Nov. I'm trying to consolidate chapters to make it easier on Marty, the artist. I can write faster than he can paint lol! By the way, if you haven't seen his picture for the Night Gods III- check it out. This is one of those incredibly inexplicable things... his art matches perfectly my story!

How exciting that you've completed a great project all the while collaborating with other Steemers.

Thank you... Coming from someone of your stature, it means a lot. marty's art suits these stories perfectly, but I'd like to do some other collaborations... Perhaps with Paolo Beneforti- I can think of several stories that suit his style of art.

that sounds fair. a Steemit RichQ11 card is required! :) (and a OldDog one too, of course)

Yes we would do well to have one for @richq11 ol' " hockey trading cards" thing would inspire you one day...

I studied well as a boy!

I'll try it! :)

That would be a great honor for me!

Interesting your proposal, very funny too

Thanks a lot for the entry! very unique and very cool!

Well, this is very new for me. I might look stupid, but I've never heard about this kind of cards :)))
Anyway, I'll try to create one. Who else I'd like to be featured? We have many great artists, for example @paolobeneforti, @opheliafu or @inber. I love steemit contests, not for the prize but for the participation.

I guess it's an American and Japanese thing.

A very interesting opportunity indeed @kus-knee! Will have to consider this one!!! And BTW, @papa-pepper is the perfect choice for starters!

If the lovely artist with the lovely name @everlove enters this contest it I would consider it an honor!

Hmmmmm....we shall see!!!!

Ah man - what a trip down memory lane! I used to love the old trading cards.

Glad to know it!

@papa-pepper is a real life legend 😊😊
want to b like him but i am just new on steem
anyine who want to help me feel free to upvote me

Good stuff!

yooo, old dawg, your snake is lit! I'm so excited, I have been here on steemit for one month already! I will follow ya I think you make a cool content, maybe I could track it if I would have time ( hard times for me :( )Have a good day, everyone

Thanks for the visit!

@kus-knee trading cards have two sides, will those be two sides trading cards as well? Asking for my implementation 😁

It would be good to have the back too. Perhaps photo and name on the front and text on the back.

that's what I was thinking😉

Thanks for reminding me!

Can we get the picture without the black borders? I have some ideas on the way😀

Edit: problem solved

Sorry, but what are Steemit Trading Cards? What is their standard size. Do they have some content on the reverse too? #JustAsking

It's something that we are making up like baseball cards or perhaps cricket cards. I have no plans for the back at this time but it could be info about Steem if we did it. Standard size is:

I like to participate in contests, where need to write texts. With pictures, I do not really have a relationship :)

In the near future text will be needed for this contest!

Then with pleasure I will take part :)

This is a pretty fun idea :) Would have been cool to see how other people would write the cards, but I can see how this is more organized into an eventual card deck of steemit bloggers ^.^

I'm open for that as well. let's see how things develop.

What a great idea. must find some extra time today or tomorrow

The papa-pepper card looks really cool! I'm looking forward to seeing the other participant's cards.

Thanks so much. Let's hope that it will look way better in the near future!

this is a very cool idea my friend. I have never collected collecting cards until the day when I became a complete collection of cigarette pictures of the 1936 Olympics.....

That sounds like a great collection!

oh yes it is, with very rare pictures.

Really, that's nice to have such an old collection

I think this is a great idea.

I think by now you also know I have no artsy talent to carry this out so it is best I leave it to people with skills in this area LOL

Well done man!!!!

You need a card for you too, you have done so much for people here and the community, I hope someone reading this makes us one for you man!

Will there be an @barrydutton edition? I think that it might be in the cards!

I saw what you did there!!!






I think he get training by beargills. That catching snake

He's an amazing wild man!

Yea he looks like

That sounds like a really fun idea, looking forward to the entries.

It should be lots of fun yes!

Shared with my followers :-)

Thanks so much!

Great idea @kus-knee. papa-pepper is one of the steemit stars according to my observations @papa-pepper and as much I know .

He sure is!

Points to Ponder!
Have you ever collected trading cards? - No this is the 1st time i heard about it
Who else would you like to see featured? - Actually no idea
Do you enjoy entering Steemit contests? - Yes of course. I hope to try this contest also.

Thanks for sharing such wonderful news with us! Really appreciate your effort!


Nice to know that you'll be entering!

I need to more read about this trading card, thanks for informatio, very usefull... great snake dont hurt he :)

Yes that snake looks vicious but @papa-pepper is in control!

Fantastic contest!! I will participate for sure!!!
I hope the fortune will smile to me🤗🤗🤗.
Thanks for this awesome possibility!!!😘😘😘

Thanks for coming by!

@kus-knee - Oh my goodness, it looks like a fantastic contest Sir. I hope to try and win it. Specially the winning price is also 20 SBD. Hope to give a try Sir.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

All the best on your entry!

So the contest is to create a layout design which you can use for all the all start.. so not actually making one from myself..

Yes create a lay-out that we can use to produce future cards! A template in other words!

Thx, that is something what some designers can do.. I think you need a different skill set. for sure there will be some great designs.. Now I am just hoping that one day a card will be printed from me...

Thx, I was too busy filming... see my daughter play tennis ..

lol This is a cool and unique contest! Lots of people are going to have fun with this one

Love the idea!

What a good idea, thinking about and creating a new template are two things, we have more then enough input what you like so usefull for a template.

Wow! What a great idea and interesting choice to use as an example!

Hey @papa-pepper! let's see how it comes out! I'll be sure to send you some in a wrapper with some chewing gum!

@papa-pepper I would love to have your feedback on my design, good or bad, it's important to me😁

Great job! You'll be in the running!

thanks, any changes you think let me know.

I detected my first mistake, sorry

This is pretty cool @kus-knee... this could end up much like trading sports cards, with different makers and so on.

I don't know if you're familiar with the site Neon Mob? It's an online virtual trading card site, mostly focused on digital art... I've been part of it for a little over a year; might find some additional inspiration there:

Why not have a go! I figured that there were software apps to use and I'm excited to see what Steemers can come up with!

Oh wow, what a great idea old dog! I hope we see some good designs!

Yu're an artist! Have a go! An @meestrboom branded card would be gold!