@rival Introducing STEEM Power Ranger Costume!!

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Last night in my dreams, a Steem Power Ranger saved me when I was trying to sell some Steem ;-)

So I decided today that it was a signal, so I created the one and only STEEM Power Ranger Costume.. ( only digital unfortunately)

What do you think about it?

Should be make some of these suits and let the STEEM Power ranger saves some real live people??

Maybe we can have some STEEM Power Rangers #STEEMFEST ( idea @roelandp ?)

Or @markwhittam can wear it for his roadshow.

I hope you like it and will resteem this, off course I hope that I have the opportunity to have them created when enough people like it and we have a real use case.



Nice one, My friend!


Nice one, My friend!

Thank you

lol i love it .... im sure alot more people will love it .....
i think you should make a ranger for every crypto currency and see where it goes from there

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Thanks for sharing , your post is amazing

Upvoted !

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One blue power ranger only? There's a whole steem team:

Maybe.. but i started with the blue one.. thats the best one.. steem blue

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Hahaha Steem Power Ranger.. Very creative :D Go check out @enazwahsdarb for some really creative content as well!

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