#SteemitBloggersSupport #3 - Minnow Blog Support Initiative

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❤ Ola Steemit ❤

About a week ago, I decided to launch the #steemitbloggerssupport series, which you can read about here This will be an ONGOING series, - featuring 3 QUALITY posts from the Steemit feed published by authors with a ranking of 50 and below which I think deserve some attention. I will upvote these posts
(vote value at my discretion) and then I will share them with my @steemitbloggers community for additional support.

I am not going to insist on their support, but my family knows good quality content when they see it, and are such a fantabulous group of people I have no doubt that 90% of them would jump on board - BUT - I would like the selections to appeal to them… if they do, then I will leave the rest up to them as individuals as to whether they show some upvote and comment support on any or all of the posts showcased.

Steemit needs a lot more of this kind of positive action, to afford newcomers a little “light” at the end of the minnow tunnel so to speak… (and to potentially diminish those horridly negative rants we so often see). As a community the #steemitbloggers are fantastically supportive of one another, and I think this is a fantastic way for us to not only HIGHLIGHT specific individuals that are drowning in the ocean, but also to give back to the Steemit community as a whole.

Before I get to today’s three selections, I would like to make mention of two important things… If you would like to me to take a look at your content, then please do so by one of the two following methods:

A - Use the tag #steemitbloggerssupport
B - Pop your post link into the comments of one of these regular posts

Alright - lets get to it :)


#SteemitBloggersSupport #3

The three featured posts this time around are...



What's the Link Between Alan Turing, Fluoride and a Pine Cone?

By: @cheese4ead

Activating the third eye. It is said if you activate the third eye then you open a gate way to vision and foresight. We are made up of two entities, our physical being and our spiritual being. The third eye gives us access to the spiritual being while helping to control the physical. With the third eye you transcend normal abilities and can see life situations, yourself and others with more clarity. Part of this state of conscious third eye awakening is discerning what is beneficial and helpful to humanity and other beings and what is harmful.



How I made a Wooden Hashtag Board Part 1 | An Art Process | Art blog # 11

By: @kyanzieuno

As some of you know, I've been working on with a wedding project for a friend, Argentina, a fellow nurse who's getting married this 30th of June. She asked me to do calligraphy related stuff for her wedding. Some of which are of the following:




By: @aninamaev

Although the weather did not serve us that weekend, but it did not prevent us from seeing everything we were interested in. Too much crowd, traffic, bad weather, but good mood, because we have achieved another destination on our list.For two days there was very little time to enjoy the Parisian Emirates, but it was wonderful to see at least one part of the city of dreams. :)


I am a firm believer that every little bit helps which is one of the primary things that has driven me forward on Steemit and in life as a whole... so I genuinely hope that this minor offering, makes a difference to the whole...

Onward and upward to each and every one of us here
who retains a positive attitude no matter what...


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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howdy @jaynie! thank you for all that you are doing to help others, especially us minnows, God bless you!

Pleasure :) and thank you for the support too.

Please adopt me.

Hey @jaynie

Thank you very much for featuring my post. I'm really chuffed. You are doing a great thing for us minnows and the community as a whole and you should be applauded for it.

Keep up the good work.


Only a pleasure :)

Such a cool initiative @jaynie! Going to check out all these posts and resteem this article for more exposure too. You are certainly an amazing leader!

Thank you love xxx I appreciate that!

will do :)

That’s a great support system for the plankton and minnow! Something like how team Malaysia is doing by featuring 3 posts daily.

thanks for the positive feedback @kimzwarch :)

will check it out. thanks. :)

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