How I made a Wooden Hashtag Board Part 1 | An Art Process | Art blog # 11

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Argentina + Erwin

As some of you know, I've been working on with a wedding project for a friend, Argentina, a fellow nurse who's getting married this 30th of June. She asked me to do calligraphy related stuff for her wedding. Some of which are of the following:

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Recently, I finished two hashtag boards for their wedding and for this post, I'll be showing you a step-by-step process of how I made it.


2 pcs plywood

White Quick Dry Enamel Paint

Paint Brush

Acrylic Painters
(I got mine from Miniso which were only 100pesos for three pens, and if you've read my other artworks, I loved using it because it can be erased by using a wet tissue.)

Initially, these were the pens I used for this project, green and gold, but later on, I realized I had to use other colors too. I also used blue, pink, and baby blue.

Gold Marker

Wet Tissue

Dry tissue

NOTE: You can use any medium if you like. It varies on which medium you're used to.

Once everything is complete, we may now start in making the boards.

I painted the boards first with white enamel quick dry paint. I let it air dry for one full day even though it's quick dry. I just had to make sure it's all dried up before using it. While I was letting it dry, I did some of the things for the wedding.



With my Acrylic painter, I directly wrote the phrases 'Help us capture the love' by using faux calligraphy.

Then I added one of the hashtags for Argen and Erwin's wedding which is #TINamaansiWIN by using the Gold Marker. Afterwhich, I've drawn the social media icons of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


I filled the icons with color so that it would be more pleasant to look at.

This was the partially complete piece.

For the topmost part of the board, I added some leaves that matched the wedding's motiff, emerald green. As you can see, there's a faded effect of the leaves. I dabbed the writings while it's wet with a dry tissue to achieve it.

Since the bottom part looked bare, I also added leaves on it and can be seen on the final output.


(2nd Board)

I actually did the same thing with the second board but I only used the phrase 'share the love' for this one.

I wrote the other two hashtags for the wedding which are #Tinforthewin and #EAeverafter which is really becoming a trend for weddings nowadays. I used a gold marker to differentiate it with the other words written. I also added little hearts on it.

I then added the social media icons and filled it with color.

Accentuated it with the green leaves like I did with the other one earlier.

and voila! Presenting you the final output. Hashtag boards for Argentina and Erwin's Wedding.



It's all done guys. I hope you learned something from this.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Ate! I love your work! I admire personalized stuffs to the max! There is so much more in something if we knew it was done with effort and love.

kung maka ate haaaa.. Same here. I love doing personalized stuff jud @indayclara. I guess swerte akong family and friends na mabuhatan nako ug something and I only do it on chosen people lang jud unless naa koy commission. Hahaha.

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Thank you @spellmaker! I will do my best.

I love your handwriting! Such beautiful lettering!!! You have some amazing skills. Great post!


Thank you @byn! 😆

These are gorgeous and the acrylic painters are amazing. Glad they are available at Miniso. We have a few Miniso outlets here too so I'll check them out.

Yesyes. I fell in love with those pens. You can use it on almost anything. @sharoonyasir

Hello! I am stopping by from #steemitbloggers to say that I LOVE your artwork here! It is fabulous! You did such a great job on the overall design, and the lettering is simply fantastic! Bravo for a wonderful gift for the happy couple! 😊

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You are very creative and good with your hands, I love this post.

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