The #SteemitBloggers Discord Community Doors are Opening!

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Many of you will have either crossed paths with some of our members or heard the @steemitbloggers name floating around the Steemit platform. The #steemitbloggers is a discord community which I started in 2017. We are a collective of individuals who are dedicated to producing quality original content that actually enriches and adds value to the Steemit platform as well as actively and substantially supporting other members within the community.

At the beginning of this year, I made the decision to close our doors to the public because there were insane amounts of people joining daily and managing the levels of member dedication, spam and plagiarism became nearly impossible.

I have taken the past few months to weed out all of that nonsense as well as removing members who were simply not pulling their weight within the community, or weren't following our very simple guidelines. I am very pleased to say that we have successfully reached a point where every single member of our server is as dedicated as the next and we have absolutely NO need for "patrol style control" anymore.

I have had to disappoint countless people wanting to join our community over the last few months while I focused on the "spring cleaning".

So I am very excited to make this announcement...


#SteemitBloggers Discord Community Doors are Opening!


I am opening our doors to new members for the curation length of this post (ie. 7 days). This does not mean that I will be handing out a public invitation, because every single person wanting to join will still be assessed and approved by me first.

So, if you are interested in joining our community, carry on reading...



First things first, let me make one thing ABUNDANTELY clear.
We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for spammers, scammers, plagiarists and the like.
So to all the "chancers" out there... don't waste your time reading any further -
because you will not even make it over the threshold.

When I say we are a community of QUALITY BLOGGERS,
I mean that in every sense!

The only people who will stand even a remote chance
of walking through our doors, are honest, authentic, original,
enthusiastic and dedicated bloggers,
who are willing to become an ACTIVE and DEDICATED part of our family.

This is however not limited to any specific category,
so whether you are into photography,
creative writing, tech, vlogging, whatever...

If your content is original and is of a good standard,
you will most certainly be considered.

NOT everyone who applies will be accepted,
so no whining in the comments please.

Oh, and as mentioned above...
this is a Discord Server Community,
so if you are not willing or able to be active on discord,
then please don't waste your time or mine.



Contact me via DM on discord - jaynie#9450
(If you don't have discord, you can get it HERE

Send me a DM with a brief bio on yourself,
who you are, what your Steemit blog is focused on etc.
and why you would like to join our community.

It need not be more than two paragraphs.

Please also include a photo of yourself
and a link to your latest post.


That's it!

If you are considered, I will respond to your DM.
If I don't reply to your DM within 7 days,
then you were not accepted this time around
and are welcome to apply again when I publish
another one of these posts.



Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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I'm gonna look into it right now... Thank you :o)

It sounds like a cool idea. I only create original content.
I can't find you on Discord though. Am I doing something wrong?


@shaidon, are you by any chance trying to contact @jaynie from "inside" another Discord community you belong to, but that she might not be a member of?


More than likely, yeah. I am new to Discord so I don't know how to do a generic search outside of the communities.


What is your discord handle?




there should be a number at the end of that.... cannot find you


Sorry about that:
xrotarebil #4871


hmmmm.... you must be? Because other people are contacting me no problem.... :/

That's really great opportunity and i am looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂


I have received your DM @chireerocks. Thank you


Welcome. 🙂

Yay! New People! Can't wait to welcome new awesome peeps.


Hiii @zord189, fancy seeing you here! Hi @jaynie, I have sent you a DM :) have a great weekend guys! Xx

Very cool! I'll write an introduction plus pic later! :D


okie dokes :)

Brave and good move, @jaynie. Upvoted and resteemed.


Thanks :)

Looking forward to meet new people! Upvoted and Resteemed :)

OK @jaynie, new blood into the family!!


Bring out the food and wine! Will give them a warm welcome!

I'm excited to be a part of this. I know some very interesting people here and would love to know more of them. :)


i'm hesitant to resteem this bc there are Some people I know that I would not want to see in here. But bc you asked, here ya go!!! IF you see riff raff and they say they know me ... dont believe it! :p


hahahaha ;)

That's a great initiative! I can definitely see a substantial growth on steemitbloggers! Can't wait to welcome more users to the family :)

Awesome sauce. Very excited to meet all the new peeps.


Meeee tooooo :)

Excited to meet our new members!!


Ek ook hon :)

Guess this means I need to make a fresh batch of cyber chocolate chip cookies to welcome new members! Oh wait - wasn't it pancakes and wine the last time? 😉 😂



hahahaha!!! I don't care, as long as there is wine @traciyork lol ;)

Wooohooo :) - new peoples :)


yip :D

Dusting off our welcome mats! :)


haha good thinking @inalittlewhile ;)

Discordapp is really rally helpful app for every steem users.....many community available in discord.

Hooray! I have a few people in mind who would make awesome additions to our little nut house :) I'm happy to resteem this to get the word out too!

I am going to look into this. I am just new to Steemit and I am trying to learn the language. What does DM mean? When I tried to get discord, it asked me to either start a new group or join an existing group with an invitation. I don't see the invitation that I should be using.

I enjoy writing but I am trying to learn the technology which is not my strong suit. Any answers would help me.

Hi @jaynie thank you so much for opening the doors to SteemitBloggers! I am excited and hope to be able to join this awesome community. I have just send you a DM. Thanks again!


Received, thank you

Done. Hoping can get in soon. Hehe.


Received, thank you


There are some GREAT members in the group... and it's wonderful of you to open up membership for more additions!

blog posts thanks....

I prefer to stay anonymous here as my profession is just now starting to accept regular blogs, and would almost certainly frown upon crypto-rewarded ones. Is the the photo a hard requirement? If so, I completely understand.


not an essential no. I respect your position :)