Tarot Tuesday: June 3, 2018 Edition

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Weekly Tarot Tuesday Letter

Happy Tarot Tuesday!
Stay tuned for future Tarot Tuesday announcements here where things can be unpredictable.

by @kalemandra

Rune Reading


What can Americans expect in terms of geopolitics this Summer?
From left to right: Fehu, Laugh and Gebo.

I will let the audience analyze what was cast.
Feel free to post your analysis in the comment section.

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That looks like trade stuff, and it looks like it would be beneficial to America.
Purification followed by the gift?
The runes would suggest that Trump knows what he's doing?!?!(that's my interpretation...)

Fergus! So lovely to hear from you. I have missed you.

I always appreciate your interpretations of symbols.

Really interesting post... I like the vibe. Thank you for featuring one of my images! :-) I think it's cool and quite creative how you blended your work with curation of other people's stuff.

Thank you for stopping by. I like your edge and love your choice of topics to be creative with. Keep it up. :)

Thank you for your support! :)

Your art is amazing. High probability I will post more of it in the f future.

I just started following you, keep up the good work.

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Fehu, Lagaz, and Gebo - I think this is about wealth, power, and possessions - emotions running high about these things because of trade agreement policies being discussed. Great post - I want to hear what your interpretation is though, please share with us your thoughts of what this could mean :)

I think I'll post my interpretation in next week's letter.

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