World Travel Pro Hits 2,000 Followers! My Steemit Experience After One Year and a Huge Shout to My Steemit Friends!

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My Steemit Experience After One Year!

Almost exactly after one year on Steemit I've crossed 2,000 followers and obtained a 66 rep. Steemit has been a wild ride. My first three months were by far the most difficult. Not truly understanding why I was making only 30 cents a post and others were making hundreds of dollars really discouraged me.

As time went on I learned the importance of networking myself and building relationships throughout the community. This is when my blog really took off. The combination of good unique content and steemit friends has been the key to my success.

Like most people, I came to Steemit to supplement my income. More specifically make an income from sharing my in-depth travel knowledge and experiences. Success was to be measured in earnings and still is, however the valuable connections and friendships I've made on the platform have turned out to be equally rewarding if not more so.

Never being into social media and just doing my own thing traveling the world for over eleven years the social aspect of Steemit was a real eye opener. Combined with my international lifestyle, I've met fellow steemit members on three continents over the past year.

Making friends online was nice but getting to meet these friends in person really put meaning into the expression I start every post with "Hey there my Steemit friends!". Even just last week I got to meet @chefsteve, @waybeyondpadthai, and Mike and Kirk who run the @sndbox organization in New York City.

I've met @theywillkillyou and @fitinfun in Bangkok Thailand; @luzcypher, @donnaincancun, @mithrilweed in Playa Del Carmen Mexico. I've met @intrepidsurfer and hung out with him in Lobitos Peru for a few days. Meeting all these wonderful people face to face really puts the meaning of friend on the level I prefer to have it.

One thing that can be a bit of a downside of living a nomadic travel lifestyle how I do is that at times it can get a bit lonely. Now because of Steemit I have people that are looking forward to meeting the "World Travel Pro" around the world!

In this regard Steemit has truly been an incredible addition to my life. Before steemit, travel was just how I enjoyed to live. Now I get paid for it, complimented for it, help others, and meet like minded people as I go from destination to destination.

What started as a new, confusing, and difficult venture has truly become rewarding on levels I did not anticipate. and I sincerely thank all those who follow this blog and support my efforts here on steemit. When I crossed 1,000 followers I did an in depth thank you post to all those who have supported my work.

That list has gotten so long I don't think I can do that again with my very busy lifestyle, but at the end of each post I make sure to leave that list of steemit members who make this blog possible. However I must mention the man who kept me on the platform, @lukestokes.

Before quitting Steemit out of pure frustration and my hard work getting paid peanuts time and time again, I reached out to Luke and he started supporting my blog with his powerful up-votes, inspiring me to stay and keep building on what I started. Now a year later, I can't thank him enough as Steemit has been life changing and has paid off in spades. Thank you Luke.

Steemit friends from around the world!

New York City: Left to right. Kirk @voronoi, me, Mike @hansikhouse...the @sndbox guys.

Playa del Carmen Mexico: Left to right. @lucyzpher, @mithrilweed, @donnaincancun, me.

Bangkok Thailand: Angelo @theywillkillyou.

Lobitos Peru with @Intrepidsurfer.

Bangkok Thailand. Sharon @fitinfun

New York City: Left to right. Me, Steve @Chefsteve, Mo @waybeyondpadthai

Thank you to these very special people who support my efforts and make this blog possible!

@lukestokes @sndbox @gringalicious @eturnerx @natureofbeing @slowwalker @newhope @ripperone @mangos @ausbitbank @alexis555 @redes @gavvet @flipstar @magicmonk @darthnava @doitvoluntarily @broncnutz @joythewanderer @onealfa @theywillkillyou @heyitshaas @czechglobalhosts @kommienezuspadt @margaretwise @gregbit @hansikhouse @voronoi @janusface @twinner @fitinfun @bxlphabet @suerisue @qurator @yankee-statman @luzcypher @phortun @monika-homa @karenmckersie @world5list @chefsteve @offoodandart @k4r1nn @liflorence @cecicastor @intrepidsurfer @oldtimer @makeithappen @schmidthappens @lavater @xsasj @extremeromance @jedau


Thanks for stopping by our humble cave @world-travel-pro! We're grateful to have your energy and 'global wisdom' as part of the first group. We hope you'll stop by NYC again soon and safe travels as always!

You guys are the best! What a great time we had. Looking forward to the next time I'm in town. It was a complete honor to be part of the first Sndbox group. Thank you so much for everything you guys do!

Congrats Dan! Great job! Im verry happy to be one of your followers!
Keep sharing your smile :)T.

Thank you so much Tammy. I will and you keep sharing yours. Wishing the very best to you and Petr!

Congratulations on achieving this milestone! We wish you more and more success, you truly deserve it! Lots of love, Yan and Juta!

Thank you so much guys. My fellow travelers! Thank you!

Oh wow you get my 100% upvote (though not worth much lol) @world-travel-pro and a resteem! Great post Dan! You have met so many steemians around the globe that I had forgotten about from your previous posts, its fantastic! I am so glad you decided to stay on Steemit and tough it out, I went through the same thing my friend . Just think in one more year you will probably pass me, Hahaha! You are doing so good! On July 13 it will be 2 years on Steemit for me , I am at 70.5 rep. with 5000 followers . Its too bad though that I ad to power down most of my money to survive , but things should be better after summer. I am looking forward to seeing you surpass me when you hit the 2 year mark my friend , I know you can do it! Keep up the great work and sharing your travels , never stop Steeming on we are heading to the moon! Good Night Dan! 👍👍👍😀

Karen, you always leave the sweetest and most encouraging messages. Thank you so much. I certainly am going full steem ahead with the series and endless material I have to share. I'm happy that steemit has allowed you to make it through the tough times and totally get what you mean about not having much stem power. You having something much more valuable though and that is a heart of gold!

I'll never forget how you helped me in various ways literally my very first day on steemit. You've been along side me from the very start. Congratulations to you as well with all your achievements. Have a great day! -Dan

Awe thank you so much! Best of luck to you in all that you do!👍😀✌

Hahaha nice nice. You've met quite a lot of people here. Love it too and yes! Nice meeting up with you in New York. Reading the post make me know @theywillkillyou is in BKK? I'm so down if you'd like to meet up sometimes.

You enjoy traveling Dan!

Mo ❤️

Thanks Mo! I think he is still in Bangkok but I'm not sure. Just leave a message on his latest post I'm sure he'll reply. Absolutely I love Thailand and try to visit once a year, or once every two years. No solid plans just yet on my next stop over in your awesome country but we'll certainly be in touch! -Dan

I'm here too and would love to meetup anytime. I'm not too mobile, and stay up by MRT Sutthisan.

Hey there, we have a discord server just for people who live or travelling through Thailand to chat / meetup / collab Wanderlusters-Thailand discord group

Thank you, but I am not on Discord. I have not been able to manage that trick. I get some kind of swirling thing that never ends. <<< Technical talk. It is on my list, and I will try again soon :)

Congrats, it looks like you all had a lot of fun! :)

Really happy to have my name mentioned here! great stuff buddy! my goal will be to meet this year in person aswell. Great picture with @theywillkillyou.
you are living a great live and i am not surprised that people love to follow and learn more, keep it up! very impressed by the time you put in, dont be to hard on yourself and go back into "travelmode" sometimes.
Myself will keep sharing aswell and looking forward to see what will happen the 2nd year on Steemit, I am here a year in two weeks. We both started out as struggeling fish.
Again! 2000 !!!! have a great day

Thank you so much my friend. Yes, that is what you are, I remember a year ago you and I comparing notes on what the heck this steemit is all about, both a rep in the 40s and a bit confused to say the least. How things have changed. You've been such a great help in so many ways, so fortunate to know you and totally looking forward to meeting you in person. I hope that can still happen this year. Have a great day! -Dan

Congrats brother! Happy steemit anniversary!
Your story has pumped up my motivation too.
It was nice you could share with us! Bravo!

On my side it was nice to meet you! I keep on learning a lot from your posts. And thank you for the surpport you are giving me!

Lets keep on ! Together we steemit!

Thanks Mr. Prince. So glad I can be a positive influence for you and others. It's been a very rewarding experience here on Steemit. Thank you for your support as well! -Dan

Wow! Congratulations :D

very compact friendship .. always succes

Congrats Dan, it's been an honor & privilege not to have just met you, but to also stay in touch with you after all these months. I'm so proud of what you've accomplished, and to say that you've come a long way or worked your @$$ off would be quite an understatement! 2,000 followers is just the beginning, so here's to many more to come :) Until we meet again, stay well my friend :)

Thank you so much for the kind words Angelo. Means so very much to me. Looking forward to our paths crossing once again. I'll certainly be in touch!

Congratulations on your milestones! I am just short of one year. It has been a wild ride. You are right about the friends that we make here are invaluable and provide us with a solid connection. There are some amazing folks here on Steemit.

Hi Cici! Thank you so much. You're endless support and interest in my blog has been so meaningful to me and is appreciated so very much. What you say is very true, many amazing folks here on steemit!

What a wonderful job you are doing with this blog, Dan. No more advice needed from me! Not just World Travel Pro, you are also now World Blogging Pro! I hope we meet again soon.

Thank you so much Sharon. Your words mean so much. Looking forward to the next time I'm in Bangkok! Hope you are still there.

I am not sure if I will be. I need to go somewhere else for a few months maybe. They do not like my many tr visa's at immigration. I keep getting pulled out of line.

This last time the first lady was all ready to cancel my visa and send me back to Yangon. Luckily a supervisor overruled that and let me in. He even said to her, "This woman has nothing to go to in Yangon." I thought I was going to pass out, and of course it was 2 am at the end of a very long day.

There is no law against what I am doing, and I have everything they need for entry, but the stress is about to make me insane.

If I decide to come back again in July, I'm going to have a letter prepared so at least I'm not stumbling around with my words while they question me.

So maybe I will go to one of the other countries near for a few months - I'm just not sure and don't feel like moving.

Go to seinookville cambodia, for 3-6 six months. Luang Prabang Laos, Kuala Lumpor, Bali Indonesia, Phnom Phen, Goa India, Nha Trang Vietnam, Ho Chi Mihn. All great places in South East Asia outside of Thailand..... Seriously I wouldn't screw around like that. I can only imagine the anxiety you have when that date approaches then your whole life is in limbo based on the decision of an immigration officer, lucky for you that guy had a heart and gave a sh*t about you. Next time you may not be so lucky, and when that happens it's does't matter if you feel like moving or not. You'll be SOL and sorry you did not. Hate to see that happen to you. Wishing you the best as always. I'm sure you'll figure it out. Heck you could always marry a Thai guy :) Have a great day Sharon.

You do not know how many people have told me to marry a Thai guy! So many times in two years. Do you think I have even met one????? Where are they? I would do it lol.

You are right - I should just get out. I actually was fine getting off the plane - just not even thinking about it and then there I still was - an hour later - sitting there with a backpacker guy. Luckily they talked to me first.

I had brought every single thing they could have needed to see. It was my bank book with regular steemit deposits that did the trick. Thank God I take money out several times a week no matter what. He paged through it all and said ok.

I think the best Visa is Malaysia. I know people that walk out every 90 days and turn around and walk back in. They do not care how long you stay there.

You're life is fascinating. I'm sure you'll figure it out. I'll be in touch!

congrats on reaching that milestone !

Thank you so much!

Dan, Congratulations on reaching 2000 followers! It is so well deserved as you create such interesting and valuable content. I remember reading one of your posts for the first time and thinking this guy is awesome! I knew then that I wanted connect with you and get to know you better. I really appreciate the friendship that we have developed since that first post comment! It was so great to finally meet in person in NYC recently. I look forward to meeting up again when our travels cross paths!

Likewise Steve. Some people you just connect with on here and I'm very thankful you are one of them. It's been such a pleasure getting to know you and better yet hanging out in NYC. Looking forward to the next time we get together. Have a great day!

Steemit is indeed life changing . I also just started this year after knowing about this wonderful community from a kind-hearted friend.

You're an awesome person Dan and your amazing travel posts has really made a difference to many Steemians. Thank you also for all the upvotes and support for minnows like me hehe.. Yes true! The struggle is real! I've been on Steemit for about 4 months now and the journey isn't easy but glad to meet some true friends here who we can count on and share this amazing journey with. Keep on steeming @world-travel-pro !!! 😁

What incredibly kind words Island girl. I know my support is not much compared to what others can do but I'm happy to do what I can especially for a fellow hard working travel blogger. What we do here takes a lot of effort, it's not like posting selfies on facebook; so the struggle is well understood. It's been so good getting to know you through this amazing platform! Have a great day! -Dan

three of my favorite Steemian friends all in the same room!! So great you're able to meet steemians all around the world. I'm sure glad that you stuck out those tough first 3 months here and that you've found your place on the platform, your posts are continually entertaining and informative. I agree that the rewards are a key element, but that the relationships are even more rewarding.

Thanks so much for your friendship, I really enjoy connecting with you both in comments and the chat and know that we will be friends for years to come.

Big congratulations for an amazing first year!!!

Thank you so much Ruth! People like you and so many others really make this a special place. Mike and Kirk could not have been more welcoming, and I was happy to see first hand why you, we hold them in such high regard. A pleasure as always conversing with you. Have a fun and safe trip as you make your way east! Best to you and yours! -Dan

Nice to read more of your story @world-travel-pro.

Happy anniversary! 😁

Thank you so very much Gillian!

Amazing to think it's already been a year! I'm so glad I was able to play a roll in ensuring the whole community continues to enjoy your great content. Thanks for sharing your life with us and building relationships around the world. Keep it up, Dan. :)

Thank you Luke! You are a true role model for all those other Steemit Whales out there. The ones like you will make steemit the huge success that we are all hoping for!

congrats again!! (awesome.)

Thank you Statman!

Well, I guess Congratulations are in order Danny-boy! Thank You for getting me involved in the Steemit community. I couldn't believe it was you who was prodding me to join a social network but as I've found out steemit is much more than that. Next time you're in Florida you better come by, we can do a post together! Have a great day- Bob

Thanks Bobby-boy! lol I too can't believe I'm the one who encouraged you to join a social network! I often can't believe my life is now very much based around one. Just crazy how things work out. I'll certainly make sure to pay you a visit next time in Florida and we'll surely do some slow cookin' when I'm there! Have a great day brother!

Congratulations on both milestones!

I'm coming up on my one year in July and I can't believe how much I have learned from other steemians (about gardening and homesteading) as well as cryptocurrency. Steem was the first crypto I have ever owned.

Good luck for the next steemit year!

Same with me. It's an amazing place. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a nice comment :)

Congrats on your accomplishment! Yes, the best qualities of Steemit is the engagement and community building that goes on. The payouts, at least for us (as we know you stated it's a supplement income), is a bonus - a savings account/retirement fund that fluctuates like crazy! LOL

We hope and wish that we'll meet you in person. It might look likely with another Thailand trip for you later this year, but if not then we'll sure bump into each other somewhere in this world. Take it easy and thank you for your support! :D

Thank you for the very kind words and support along the way. We'll certainly stay in touch and when our paths cross it will be a day I'm very much looking forward to!

Now these are some impressive achievements! Congrats Dan! Keep up the awesome work and have fun on your travels! :) Saludos amigo!

Thanks buddy. Much appreciated!

Excellent work my friend. Your hard work is your success plus you are a very good friend Dan. 😎🎉🎊

Thank you Margaret. Your words are always so warm and comforting. Looking forward to day when I get to meet you and Greg in person.

I'm so happy you found your footing on the Steemit platform. That's SO cool.

Looking at your photos I've realized I've met most of the people in your pics. How cool is that? The world is a lot smaller than we realize.

So, are you going to Steemfest 3 this year? It's one hell of a party and the connection you make are superb.

Glad you got to know @lukestokes. He's awesome and does a lot of good things for the platform. We got to hang out at SteemFest and again in Acapulco for Anarcapulco. Good guy to know.

@lukestokes and @luzcypher at Anarcapulco

May Steem be with you, my friend!

Hey buddy! So good to hear from you. Small world indeed. Luke Stokes is such a class act, looking forward to meeting him in person as well.

Would love to go to Steemfest 3. Has a date and location been set yet?

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice message. Wishing you continued success with the steemit open mic contest. have a great day!