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RE: World Travel Pro Hits 2,000 Followers! My Steemit Experience After One Year and a Huge Shout to My Steemit Friends!

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Hahaha nice nice. You've met quite a lot of people here. Love it too and yes! Nice meeting up with you in New York. Reading the post make me know @theywillkillyou is in BKK? I'm so down if you'd like to meet up sometimes.

You enjoy traveling Dan!

Mo ❤️


Thanks Mo! I think he is still in Bangkok but I'm not sure. Just leave a message on his latest post I'm sure he'll reply. Absolutely I love Thailand and try to visit once a year, or once every two years. No solid plans just yet on my next stop over in your awesome country but we'll certainly be in touch! -Dan

I'm here too and would love to meetup anytime. I'm not too mobile, and stay up by MRT Sutthisan.

Hey there, we have a discord server just for people who live or travelling through Thailand to chat / meetup / collab Wanderlusters-Thailand discord group

Thank you, but I am not on Discord. I have not been able to manage that trick. I get some kind of swirling thing that never ends. <<< Technical talk. It is on my list, and I will try again soon :)