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RE: World Travel Pro Hits 2,000 Followers! My Steemit Experience After One Year and a Huge Shout to My Steemit Friends!

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Oh wow you get my 100% upvote (though not worth much lol) @world-travel-pro and a resteem! Great post Dan! You have met so many steemians around the globe that I had forgotten about from your previous posts, its fantastic! I am so glad you decided to stay on Steemit and tough it out, I went through the same thing my friend . Just think in one more year you will probably pass me, Hahaha! You are doing so good! On July 13 it will be 2 years on Steemit for me , I am at 70.5 rep. with 5000 followers . Its too bad though that I ad to power down most of my money to survive , but things should be better after summer. I am looking forward to seeing you surpass me when you hit the 2 year mark my friend , I know you can do it! Keep up the great work and sharing your travels , never stop Steeming on we are heading to the moon! Good Night Dan! 👍👍👍😀


Karen, you always leave the sweetest and most encouraging messages. Thank you so much. I certainly am going full steem ahead with the series and endless material I have to share. I'm happy that steemit has allowed you to make it through the tough times and totally get what you mean about not having much stem power. You having something much more valuable though and that is a heart of gold!

I'll never forget how you helped me in various ways literally my very first day on steemit. You've been along side me from the very start. Congratulations to you as well with all your achievements. Have a great day! -Dan

Awe thank you so much! Best of luck to you in all that you do!👍😀✌