My Steemit Speech: 5 Minutes to Convince Local Toastmasters to Join Steemit (Video of my Presentation)

in steemit •  11 months ago

You have 5 minutes to convince a group of people who have never heard of Steemit to sign up and start posting content. Most of these people have absolutely no cryptocurrency background.

What would you say?

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 12.43.11 AM.png

I recently had this opportunity to speak to my Kelowna Toastmasters group. The speech assignment was "Persuade With Power," so I chose to explain why every single club member should consider signing up to Steemit.

Enjoy :)

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Your post couldn't have come at a better time!!

I am just about to organize a workshop/seminar in my hometown (with announcement both Here and on Facebook).

And your toast is AMAZING.. I could not have done it better. I hope you don't mind that i use your video as a preparation tool for me.

My regret is that i didn't stumble upon you sooner. I could've learnt so much more from you!

Cheers and Stay awesome.


That's so cool to hear! Thanks for the kind words, and good luck with your workshop this Saturday.

(And I'd be honoured if you used this to help you prep for the event.)

Nice job !!
Always struggle at the beginning but your tenacity and willingness to succeed pays off.
I liked your closing statement our voice is worth to be heard. This is the power of steemit.


Thanks for taking the time to check this out.

This is an awesome idea. I have been interested in attending toastmasters to get better at public speaking. I'm glad you are sharing Steemit with your groups!


I have nothing but positive things to say about Toastmasters. It's been a truly great experience for me.

Thanks a lot for checking this out!!


No problem! I am going to visit soon, thanks for the input

I enjoyed this a lot! You did a great job in your presentation! I hope some of them joined!! "Your voice is worth something" - well said!


Thanks, Sevin!

"Your Voice is Worth Something" is a line another Steemian came up with last year (can't remember who specifically at the moment). I love the concept, and knew it would be a great sentence to end on. I appreciate you taking the time to watch this!


You're welcome! I need to do a better job of promoting Steemit to others in the community!

Fantastic! I love how you started with all the zero Dollar posts :) and I'm sure you convinced them when you told them you bought the screen from Steem!
Once people understand that Bitcoin or Steem is real money that they can use in the real world, they usually get interested.

Super! Great use of a toastmaster's club, LOL! I never really could get into them, but really really should...


Thanks for checking this out.

Ultimately, some may argue that it's a bad idea telling people to switch from Steem to Canadian dollars; however, when someone has no previous knowledge of cryptocurrency, I think they need to understand that is possible. Once they become more immersed, they'll see the value of holding Steem.

I appreciate you taking the time to watch this!

Joinsteemit should be a tag. We planned a Steemit awareness event in Pakistan. You can check it out here


Very cool! And yes, I've added the tag joinsteemit to my post :)

fantastic job .. :) keep it going .. you make Steemit more successful doing this. :)


Thanks so much for checking this out :)

good to job...thank you for sharing...upvote me.

Keep on promoting steemit ! great job :D !


Thanks, Chris. I really enjoyed giving this speech.

How long have you been a Toastmasters member? I've thought of joining, but have yet to take the plunge.

I'm curious to hear how many of your fellow members sign up to a Steemit. You'll have to keep us posted. 🙂


Also, who is that guy in the pink shirt who has never posted anything to social media? Lol!


I know! Barry is a solid guy, but social media is a wee bit before his time I think, lol.


Hey @redhens - I've been a member for about 2 years. I can honestly say that it's helped me quite a bit with my public speaking.

I've already had a handful of members come to me who are seriously interested in joining. I'll try to Re-Steem their content when they start posting :)

Most excellent speech and you packed a lot into 5 minutes. Your group seemed to be receptive to joining steemit. I hope some of them do!


Thanks, Kenny!

The person who evaluated my speech asked the room how many people were now curious about joining Steemit, and I think pretty much everyone raised their hand. We'll see who actually follows through, but I think many are considering it.

Very nice talk!
The round of applause when you mentioned you made the money on Steemit to buy, and donate the projector screen just brings the point home that steemit works and can generate income .
It was a nice bridge from this online currency to the real world where you were giving your talk.

I liked the summary comment too.


Thanks so much, Chris.

A lot of speakers I've listened to often ask for something at the end of their speech. "Buy my book... sign up to my course... etc." This was a fun twist. Rather than asking the audience for something that will cost them money, it's pretty powerful to be able to give them something that has real value.

I really appreciate you taking the time to watch this.

Great job man!


Thanks, Adil!

Very convincing. Upvoted and followed.


Thanks so much! I appreciate that.

Great presentation, @wadepaterson. Now you've got my wheels turning.

I thought it was awesome that you posted your video at a ToastMasters, and that you are spreading the word about Steemit, but then I also learned something from the video. Your idea to interview and question @HeidiTravels was brilliant. I think I'll try to do the same thing in my sphere of influence. Also, I love that you try to engage everyone who comments. Great way to build a following. All in all, you're doing Steemit correct. Authentic and valuable. Well done!


Thanks a lot, Rich.

Everyone has an opportunity to bring their own form of value to Steemit. I'm happy I found my own niche, but I truly think anyone can build an audience if they work at it enough!

Really good presentation.

Way to go!

I will shamelessly copy your lead next time I'm trying to present to someone, or to a group of people, the opportunity that is steemit!


Feel free to borrow it ;)

Thanks a lot for watching!

You did an excellent presentation! Well done!


Thanks so much! I really enjoyed putting this short presentation together :)

Very well done presentation. I really enjoyed it and by the smiles on the peoples faces they did too. Good work...following


Thanks so much, Linda :)

Ilove you post...
Very nice @wadepaterson