🚀 What Cryptos do YOU Own? 🚀 April, 10th

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🚀 Every week, I decided to update the different cryptocurrencies I own and would like to ask you which one do you believe in the most in your respective wallet. 🚀

This is the 25th weekly: "What cryptos do You own?"

  • As I work in finance, Stock Markets polls are very useful for fund managers to understand what investors own because they currently like it and what they do not.
  • Usually, in the Stock Market, it is not very good to own a stock that everybody owns; it means that most investors bought it already and therefore, future demand will be low.
  • Whereas understanding which one are under owned is very useful in case a positive news is released on the stock. Since a few investors own it, they will rush to buy some and the price will increase significantly.

My current portfolio and reasons why I own these cryptos:

Cryptocurrencies that I own

  • Steem: If you read this, you know why. I am still mad that I did not buy more at <1$
  • Eosio (EOS): I believe in Dan Larimer; he already developped 2 great projects (Steem and Bitshares) and as the Co-founder of Steemit on @SGTReport said about Dan larimer and its EOS ICO: “The people who say that there is no product yet, Dan has built 2 of them if they think he’s not gonna build the 3rd one, they’re crazy. This is the one he always wanted. The other 2 were just helping him get there”. EOS is showing some nice upward trend recently. I can see some “Whales” are stacking them.
  • Ethereum (ETH): In my opinion, it has been the most exciting project in cryptos so far. This project has been copied or inspire many other hot cryptos (NEO, EOS...). Devon3 gathering brought a lot of visibility on Ethereum's next improvements especially on the scalability issue.
  • Siacoin (SC): Siacoin is a solution that allow companies to use storage in a decentralize on Siacoin network. “Miners” are renting their storage capacity. It is 5-10x less expensive than with traditional companies as Amazon Web Services, Google, etc…

Cryptocurrencies that I used to own

  • STORJ: Same business plan as Siacoin, smaller Market Capitalisation and recently the company announced that it “froze” some of its tokens as they will not need it in the next 6months+ to finance the development of the platform. This is a good sign as it tells us the team is feeling confident to have “all it needs” to deliver what the market expects.
  • Golem (GNT): It is a cryptocurrency allowing you to use the calculating power of the computers connected to its blockchain network. This is useful for companies looking to rent some calculating power for a project, etc…
  • Mysterium (MYST): * The company is developing a Blockchain VPN. As China is trying to implement its Great Internet Wall before 2018, this would block VPN based technology. This project could offer a solution to Chinese and even other people to have more privacy while browsing through the internet
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT): It radically improves the efficiency of digital advertising by creating a BAT coin that can be exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users.
  • Augur (REP): I just like the prediction market project. They have a good team of developers and seem to work very hard on this project. And last but not least but they keep you updated on a weekly basis and were at Devcon3 recently.
  • Ripple (XRP): Signed most of the TOP50 banks and is runned very professionally. It is working with Chinese partners on many projects.
  • Stratis (STRAT): Stratis offers full service capabilities for the development, deployment and management of blockchain applications and solutions utilizing C#.Stratis tries to make it easier for companies, organisations or other entities to develop a blockchain app.
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC): I think it is undervalued, dapps and other projects are using it as the Ethereum network is getting crowded.

My Portfolio on April, 4th

I am getting more positive on BTC as I see it more and more as a hedge to a Financial Market Crisis or a disbelief in our Politics

Both of these themes are getting closer and stronger

Bitcoin was the first Crypto, but… I always preferred Altcoins (EOS, SC, GLM, REP…).

Finally, What crypto should I look into at the moment?

Last updates

And you, What do YOU own?

Please remember this is my personal opinion and not a financial/investment advice. You need to do your own research to make your own decision. Investing in cryptocurrencies can lead to financial losses.
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Did not think there was potential in Siacoin. Guess I need to research a little more on the coin.

I still have yet to start a EOS position but need to soon as the days to registration is coming to an end soon. Thanks.

Hey @vlemon. Nice portfolio. Thanks for the info.

I currently hold BItcoin, Etherium, Ada (Cardano), OMG (OmiseGo) and of course, Steem.

My reasons for the choices are:

I believe Bitcoin is the value index for the space. Everything is tied to its value and within reason rises and falls with it.

Cardano is a project I'm very keen on. Charles Hoskinson is a fantastic figurehead, leader and educator. I believe their approach to development and research is superior to most.

OmiseGo is a Thai based project that I feel strongly about. My links with Thailand first highlighted this project to me. They have an existing business and philosophy and are successful at what they do. They also seem to have the ear of the Thai government which is pretty big.

I hold a little ETH but it's because I usual trade with it.

And finally I hold Steem because Steemit is awesome! :)

Cheers, Gaz.

I really have to look at Cardano considering the number of people talking and optimist about it!

Definitely worth it. Look up Charles as well. He was fundamental in the Etherium Classic Fork.

The Cardano Whiteboard With CH:



Great portfolio. I agree EOS has amazing potential. I also agree with you on Bitcoin. It may not be the most profitable crypto, but it is the safest in my opinion. I'm a little surprised you don't own any Stellar (XLM). I think it's going to overtake ETH in the next year or so as more companies build on their platform. Even more exciting is Stellar's vision to convert any asset to any other asset instantly. They're the only company I know that's scaling (even though they don't currently need to) in preparation for massive demand. What's that quote from the movie Field of Dreams? "If you build it, they will come".
Stellar's already 1 of the quickest cryptocurrencies in existence, yet they're building their own lightening network so scaling isn't an issue going forward. Check out this article:

Stellar and Cardano are my next cryptos to work on !

I own
Steem Dollar
and i also own
little bit of ZCoin

ven, ven, ven and a little bit of vechain

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I never knew about Augur, I will definitely include it in my radar.

For now, profolio looks like this: Bitcoin 21%, Litecoin 27%, Ethereum 17, Electroneum 6%, Steem 11%, EOS 12% and Verge 6%.

After the last time we spoke I added Ethereum to my portfolio.
I now own Litecoin, DogeCoin, Bitcoin and now Ethereum. I'm trying desperately hard to get EOS but all efforts have been futile.
Is there a way I could get from you? Possibly in exchange for steem.


My personal and top picks to surge this year in price,
EOS $70-$80, XVG $3-$7, NEO $900+, LTC $1k, BTC $45k+, STEEM $30/$40, ETH $2k+ These I believe have good technical and fundamentals, well known, plenty volume in trading markets.

I am also 50/50 on following but still have in my portfolio as well XRP $5, CVC $4-7, ADA $2, TRX $1-$3, DGB .60-$1, BTS $7, STR $1-$3..

Thank you for inform us

Very early market with still little adoption - good luck everyone and do your own research!

I trust a lot in waves
but I think ethereum and bitcoincash are very good too
and don't forget steem and sbd

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Just Steem

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

thanks for the info-always looking for different ways to see my portfolio!