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My 1st advancement on Steemit
hierarchy ladder after 20 months :)

Well, there it is! Today I have reached my first sub-milestone "mVest-stone": first 10 STEEM coins worth of Steem Power. Although according to I'm still a "Plankton" - I suppose I already qualify for being something of more like a Krill than merely an Algae and other smaller and more primitive plankton species which only drift with the current, hardly able to do any movements of their own. :D
BTW have found very good useful tool for Curation: VP Calculator (thanks to this post)

krill plankton

According to the various sources (1, 2, 3) It is still quite a long for me to reach the basic "Red Fish" level, I suppose, what to speak of a "Minnow". Although perhaps things might have changed since those times (or has their own levels gradation). For example, Vest defined in FAQ as "unit of measurement for Steem Power" and link is given to to look up steem_per_mvests - which are presently not displayed there (can't be found by Ctrl+F search on page).

Well, come to think of it - Planktons can also be quite different even in real life. For example, recently I've learned that there is actually some giant type of a Plankton called Mola-Mola!

What is plankton?

Plankton is an organism that can’t swim against the current, they can move up and down the water column, but not sideways. All the small algae and animals that drift in the currents are plankton...
the largest bone fish in the world the Sun fish or Mola mola is a plankton. Most scientists don’t want to call it a fish but plankton... The statement that plankton can’t swim against the current applies to the Mola. They move vertically in the water column in hunt of jelly fish. The Molas can grow up to 3000kg ...

So, perhaps thanks to SP Delegation on Steemit - even average "Plankton" can become a size of Mola-Mola! :D
In the sense that a person (as me) whose actual "Wallet size" is not so big, with help and support of other fellow Steemians in form of "Delegated Steem Power" - gets a powerful boost in SP / VP / RC which enables him to "swim" unlike the most of the "Plankton" (or "Red Fishes"), i.e. in a very limited manner in terms of Posting, Curating, etc. Therefore may be it is a time to sort of "Revise" the whole Steemit Hierarchy? Because some accounts with less SP of their own, technically being merely a "Plankton" / "Red Fish" - have more de facto weight and influence than some others who has technical level of "Minnows" / "Dolphins" etc. Especially certain Bots and / or accounts created for Apps or as team accounts, "curation trails" etc. (similar to "Mutual Funds").

Mola-mola fish - world's largest plankton

Mola plankton

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