@berniesanders and his many alternate identities -=REVEALED=-

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So last year I got into it with a few people on Steemit.com and one of them happened to be @berniesanders. Today I read that @dan had nuked the @berniesanders account and did some digging. It turns out that @berniesanders has been having issues with numerous other people on Steemit.com since our altercation. Well this got me curious so I did some digging and the results are shocking:

A quick look at @berniesanders/transfers reveals this:

and lots more transfers to @nextgencrypto (which I already knew was him from our chats on Steemit.chat last year!

So then I decided to look at @nextgencrypto/transfers and wow:

It is quite obvious that @berniesanders, @nextgencrypto, @randowhale, @randowhalefund, @thecylcist, @danknugs, @nxtgencrpto10, @engagement are all the same person.

Further digging into @thecyclist reveals he is also (@randowhale1 and @yougotflagged):

Further investigation shows large amounts of transfers from his accounts to @tuck_fheman and @theprophet0 as well. Not sure if he is them too, but it sure looks like he might be!

The biggest surprise, for me anyway, was finding out that @berniesanders is also @randowhale. I had no freaking idea that someone so outspoken and hated in the Steemit Community was also behind the Most Respected and Loved bot on Steemit.

Even more interesting is that between the accounts of his I could find he has over 500 million Steem Power. He also routinely moves money out of Steemit.com to Poloniex and Bittrex so it is entirely possible he then turns around and moves it back into other accounts that I am not aware of, yet!

Let this go to show everyone on Steemit that just because you do not agree with someone, or their actions, it doesn't mean they aren't a Value to the Community. There are literally over 10,000 Steemians who benefit from the actions of @engagement and @randowhale on a daily basis......even if @berniesanders and @yougotflagged are not liked!




resteemed. @berniesanders can be a total asshole and I get why people are mad at him. He's also the single most generous whale on the platform helping minnows by miles. Untouchable miles. So, it's important to realize even though he can be a dick sometimes what he's done for this place is massive. Also, he's not prophet. That's a 15 year old kid.

Also, there only 250M steempower in total. So, he can't have 500 million. But he does have several million to my knowledge. I think you mean vests for the 500 million vests. And I'm pretty sure he has more.

Totally agree. Bernie dropped a vote on me when I was an atom here. It was honestly like my third or fourth post, probably the reason I kept going with Steemit in the first place. At a time when it was damn near impossible to see even .01 or .02 payout on a post his vote showed I could get upwards of 100.00. As brutal as he can be sometimes, he has helped a ton of people grow here.

he dropped the vote on one of my early posts, and then i happened to, in the payout period, see him being 'pleasant' to some people and i said so. BAM! pulled the vote, made it into a flag, whacked my rep from 35 to 10.

So, don't forget to be 'pleasant' to him.

Some of my best friends are assholes so I would never hold that against him.

He needs a thick skin. I flagged one account to the ground and nearly instantly regretted it. I get why he can be like that now. Just glad to see other people calling him out for the awesome shit he does too.

it's not even slightly ironic how thin the skin on the biggest troll actually is... at all. The way I see it, he's sowing the seeds for something down the track that is gonna be a long time coming.

Does everyone start to become ironic and sarcastic in response to this?

I can understand why you'd think that. I would have too, but I've come to the conclusion that's it's not thin skinned so much as it is zero tolerance. It's built out of a great love and respect for this place, and comes with an edge that happens when you get into this shit on the heavy side.

I'll change my opinion about it when he funds someone who is actually doing what the community needs. Until then, I'm self funded and thus my own whale, and my own banker.

the lines about 'get a job' make me the most furious. I'd like to take his money away from him, and with his limited experience in anything but being rich, try and get a job in Australia. Until I hear about him experiencing that, he can go fuck himself and his pussy ass rich bullshit.

I thought it was common knowledge that @berniesanders was @randowhale. I'd have to dig around, but I recall him even making mention of this himself.

I hadn't made this connection, but I believe it was a relatively open secret. Steem is not a community in which secrets are easy to keep. In any case, I think a person familiar with this connection (one of the witnesses) had told me on chat like it was no big deal.

As for @yougotflagged, this seemed like an obvious one. Surely @berniesanders would have been in the top 5 of possible owners of that one, merely upon seeing the name.

I don't believe it was ever meant to be a secret. He openly spoke about it.

Well it was a shock to me and everyone else I have talked to!

I literally just got off the proverbial boat here and I knew that @berniesanders was rando. He has helped me greatly here, along with @aggroed and @canadian-coconut. Steemit and the blockchain have alot of transparency and its not against the "rules" to have multiple accounts. Im sure theres an upside to it in fact. Thats the REAL story here ;0)

It is kind of crazy how rich some of these whales could be and how many accounts they may have.

Mind = Blown. I've been using randowhale since i learned about it. And im new here so i don't really know half the controversy.

Your not the only one.

That is pretty interessting, really. OK, I didn't get the point of the controversial with this @berniesanders anyway. But yes - it is really impressing that on one site is @berniesanders and on the other the minnowproject @randowhale .
Maybe there are other intentions behind, that the majority don't get at the moment - I don't know. ♠

I think the motivation is crystal clear transparent. It's for the lulz

Thanks for sharing the results of your investigation! Personally, I've only read a couple of posts from @berniesanders and I have to say I liked his writing-style and the topics he was writing about. Damn, he seems to be very rich! I'm wondering or he made this much Steem and steempower on Steemit or he bought a lot to get started in the beginning while steem was a lot cheaper then it is nowadays. Followed you for more of your investigations 😊 thanks for sharing!

He was mining steem before Steemit.com existed. He was one of the very first steemians along with guys like @pfunk

Thanks for your reply! Oh I didn't know about that mining! 😃

venuspcs, I'm impressed with your knowledge and interest in steemit. Thanks for keeping us informed

Yeah I thought most people knew that bernie was behind the randowhale project. Anyhow it's more common knowledge now!

What most people don't know is that @randowhale and Steem Power delegation was my idea. I posed the idea many times a year ago. Here is one such post about it: https://steemit.com/steemit/@venuspcs/distribution-of-steem-power-via-gifting-to-create-a-more-level-playing-field-my-2-cents

shortly thereafter the steem guild was formed so that there was more than one player in the game. But post HF19, i think the bigger problem now is UX for new users. There is something pathological about giving out big rewards to newbies and then abandoning them. It's like a drug dealer giving out free heroin, and then what happens after that?

That's some deep level investigation @venuspcs I am a newbie in steemit so I don't really know why there is so hate for @berniesanders . So if you could tell us what the controversy was we would be informed about it too.

Search for "@berniesanders" and all will be revealed!

Ok I will check it out

You forgot his dogs account

He has over 100 accounts, I couldn't prove them all his so I left many of them out.

Berniesanders and randowhale doesn't come as a surprise to me. It was very obvious if you read the comments section of the randowhale posts!! But, the interesting thing to see is that those people who hated Bernie would keep using randowhale or not!!

If they are no harm to us and only help us , I feel like no one should really say anything , he's doing his thing just like we all are . I really enjoyed your news

So long as you have that attitude, you'll be blind to the dark side of it. I don't see why it isn't obvious to anyone it's megalomania. He's playing with you people like you are little dolls in a dollhouse.

The only reason why he is taking a new strategy now is his power is not so overwhelming as it was once. One flag from him 9 months ago smashed my rep from 35 to 10. I pulled myself out of the funk pretty fast, and recognised that this goes with the territory, created by the parameters of this game called Steem. Which is why I intend to change those parameters so people like him don't have the ability to isolate us and toy with us.

Just started following you. Keep steemin. Resteemed.

great one bro

So has the Berniesanders account actually been shut down, or just flagged into oblivion (making it of no practical use now)?

I know it says Dan has killed off the account - but literally or figuratively.


This guy is like a russian doll

Ha, thanks for the post, even though I haven't been following up :)

Way to go, butty! I mean, buddy!

LOL "butty" not sure if intentional or not :D

Oh if you only knew what I've seen :'(

Jesus H Christ dude. What a revelation.
Bernie is randowhale holy shit.
Great post buddy.

Kudos for having so much energy to dedicate to so many accounts.... my life has been over run with just the one account. Xxx

Great research! Thank you for your post.

Great investigation! I was surprised...

Just wanted to note, to all the BS ball lickers, that this delightful ocean going cetacean has a real chip on their shoulder whenever anyone tries to criticise him, like a spoilt child. In fact I bet he's only 23 years old.

Interesting my reply disappeared.. Resteemit to share for others to be able to understand the history and background of this new virtual world.

As the saying goes, follow the money 😁

Interesting who´s who. And you do all this digging while moving goods around in your truck? You are good at it, pal. Keep it up. Thank you!

Yo, this has to be the best use of spare time on Steemit! Great investigation Dupin :-)

I'm new here and had no idea of this or that someone was capable of doing this. Its sad that so many people were affected by B.S. but from what I see the Randowhale has helped so many. How confusing. Maybe the guy has split personalities in real life but I must say at least one of them is super smart. I've not had any issues with him and from the looks of it I'm glad I didn't. Again its just sad.

Knew all of this.
A clarification: theprophet0 is not bernie

I try to not get angry with anyone on the web because it seems to be a waste of time and usually I am the one that is getting harmed by my anger. But who knows? Thank you and take care.

that's nice one
I liked it

those are insane numbers thanks for working hard to get those and for sharing it and keep on posting ;)

Well put. I imagine all the different profiles, alters different ego's of this person behind it.
A very good example of how vital the role of top predators is in ecosystems is shown in Yellowstone with the reintroduction of wolves. Not sure if this apply here but it reminds me of the same issue.

Great investigation! Sounds like a new MTV reality show soap opera mini series. I'll be following along for more. Greetings to all from Texas!!

Wow! I'm a newbie. I love Randowhale. I also know Bernie Sanders was not well liked. Couldn't have guessed that there were both one and the same! And more! Thank you for that knowledge.

Wow dude, mind blown. Just goes to show you never know who is who here. I have enough trouble keeping up with 1 account.

It gives me an idea for a tool which visualizes all the transactions to and from any account...

I think that might exist: steemnow.com steemviz.com or one of the others available over at steemtools.com

To the best of my knowledge it does not yet, I'm thinking of something more intuative like a Force-directed graph drawing, e.g.:

Well, all of us has the darkside). Hopefully blockchain allow to build the system, when you can deal with someone you wouldn't give a penny in the real life.

Thanks for enlightenment. I like to know who the players are. Nothing like transparency.

Definetly not @tuck-fheman or @theprophet0 . And isnt @randowhale just a bunch of investors who share their share of the profits? The rest are likely. Keep up the investigating and let me know when you find him. Tell him to upvote me with all of that power when you do. You are a fucking stud @venuspc . : )

Yeah he is definitely not @theprophet0 but still sure about @tuchfheman. Randowhale as far as I know was his creation and he gets the rewards. Oh and I think I have already found out his real name....waiting on confirmation now.

Hah, if he is Tuck, I want to know so I can mess with him at the next Steem Poker game.

True Investigator!

Flagged for too many false assumptions and baseless statements.

If he's been moving steem to poloniex my estimation of how much has accumulated there might be conservative. I figured they had over a million bux worth, but if the great BS has been doing this for sure he's got more than my 1233 steem caught in limbo too. Almost makes me feel better...

Ummm... wassup with the smackdown? That confuses me more than @berniesanders lol

Well, we are thinking to take her claws out completely and just create a bot that gathers detailed statistics relating to self voting and the reward pool allocation.

Everyone has been overreacting to our proposals. It's not possible to do some things, some things just don't need to be done. Sometimes you don't figure that out until you actually test out the hypothesis.

I am taking a different tack now also, still in the process of getting the RPC running correctly, but I'm forking Condenser, and it will be made minnow friendly and integrated chat with login tied to steem account authentication will be a high priority. It is my view the scattered way in which steemit does things relating to the social side is the biggest problem the community has, and it has uses for malicious people.

You can't manipulate people so easily when they can gossip more easily. Isolating people from each other is key to enabling attacks on them that they can't quickly learn about and adapt defences. The social fragmentation caused by such poorly thought out services needs to be fixed as a matter of priority.

It is long past due that someone actually took up the invitation contained within the documentation for Condenser, to fork it and develop an interface independently of Steemit that has the full capabilities. All the other interfaces have serious deficiencies, where Condenser is only a little buggy in places and doesn't expose enough of the capabilities of the blockchain to users.

Well, I commend you on your insistence on testing, and being willing to test on yourself. You are putting skin in the game, and I reckon that merits respect. I also have to acknowledge your clear commitment to Steemit and the people that use it. That you care, and care deeply enough to take decisive and substantive action to improve the community and platform, is inspiring.


PS. I'd upvote, but VP recharge seems to be broken. My VP is recharging at about 2% per day, rather than 20%, and unless I can get my VP recharged, I am unable to provide the full benefit to the creators I should be able to under the rules extant on Steemit.

No one is more frustrated than I at my inability to vote presently.

upvotes don't mean so much to me, but well thought out responses are golden.

yes, i always test on myself. I was selling Bromo Dragonfly at one time, got in some deep shit over that. I took it 3 times to make sure that i wasn't endangering my customers.

It was amazing and worth every bit of risk but there just wasn't enough brave souls like me out there.

LOL I have no knowledge of what you speak. I have an idea, but speculation is all it is. If my speculations are even close, then we are more alike than I thought.