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This report features popular/trending news articles about Steemit and a listing of the Steemit content that has been shared most on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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Steemit in the news this week:


Why Facebook Inc (FB) Should Fear This Social Media Kingslayer

What Network Engineers Should Know About Blockchain

Microsoft Boosts Ransomware Defenses for Windows 10

Blockchain needs more failures to grow and mature

Today's Most Popular Steemit Posts (most shared on other social networks):

240 Shares - Bilderberg Group Members ACTUALLY SPEAK On The Record !!! 🎙️ @ Bilderberg 2017


75 Shares - 2187 - ETH Revisited - EOS - BANCOR - CIVIC - PeerPlays

70 Shares - 'Wellington Coast', Seascape - Painting Process Photos and Final Art Work

51 Shares - The Bizarre & Amazing Skateboard Find That I Can Flip For 10x My Money - Daily Hustle #162

23 Shares - New Group Exclusively for Steemit Musicians on "The Devil's Network" for networking, questions, tips, and post promoting

16 Shares - Steemit Logo Designs / Mis Mejores Videos en Steemit (Featured Post by @Carlos-Cabeza)

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Thank you for your informative post. You have developed a nice format. Hope it works out and gets you some good rewards in the future. Have fun out there and good luck with your future posts.

Thanks @rymlen! There is still much more to come. :)

Thank you for the mention and for the pretty awesome welcome. I have heard so many things about how rad the community is and in just the few weeks I have been around here, I have found a better group of people than any other form of social media / blogging that I have encountered in the past. Keep in mind, I do this full time and have been for a little over 10 years. Granted, usually I am promoting OTHER people's social media. LOL In any case, you all rock and thank you @trevorlyman :) Super helpful!

Hi @rumdancer - You're welcome and I really like the community here too. People are incentivized to help one another be successful and that attitude spills over into everything else they do. And as you say, it shows! The website will have much more information soon, probably even tonight. So please check back. One of the current issues with Steemit is that the information is scattered all over the place. Hopefully can solve that problem in the best way.