6 Fire Habits of successful Steemians !! Part3 ''WRITING ORGANIZED & CONCISE POSTS''

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No matter how your work is original and valuable, no matter how your idea is genuine and useful, there is a very important parameter but often overlooked by many people that will determine the success or the failure of your article.


Your work is like a product that you present to your audience, and packing counts, a well-presented article has a lot more chance to succeed, it's human nature, our eyes have always a weakness for the beautiful, taking the time to properly structure your articles and perfect the layout will often result in more added value to your posts and can only be beneficial.

To take the whole advantage of this habit, you have to make sure you implement some parameters into your steemit daily routine, bellow practical points to write organized & concise Posts:

  • Title:

A very important parameter, Headlines must be Catchy, meaningful and if you can add suspense it should result in more views for your post.

  • Markdown & HTML:

Guys If you are not using Markdown & HTML daily, to structure your posts you are missing something, your excuse, it's difficult you don't understand anything, it's fine everything has a start and it's not a hard task, you have just to take the time to read a little bit and may ask for help, if needed you can hang up in discord or steemit.chat and many wonderful steemians are ready to help, you can contact me as well like that you have no excuses ;)

The simplest way to get started is by visiting the Markdown Styling Guide.

  • Media:

Adding images & video to your posts is the best way to share more value with your audience, make sure you use your original media or indicate the sources if you are using third-party resources.

At least one image per post as minimum is recommended, the image must be related to the topic :)

  • Concise & Valuable:

Remember always that your reader may have 1 or 3 minutes to read your post, focus on the quality concise post over quantity and make sure your readers get a max over the time they spend on your blog.

The goal must be providing a max of information the fastest and simplest way ;)

  • Personalization:

In other words, your personal touch, and it included everything related to your personal brands like having banner & signature and stamp...

You can be very creative and have many aspects of personalization the rule is there is no rule you can be very creative ;)

I hope you enjoyed this article, see you in the next part where we are going to see another successful steemian's habit, keep tuned.

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took a screenshot of your post in order to be more creative next time while writing a post @tradewolf

thanks, hope it helps :)

Excellent advice, thank you! Personalization is an important one that shouldn't be overlooked since it gives the content a taste of you. Resteemed & Upvoted!

I'm happy you like it, thank you mate :)

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