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Well, back then you could definitely tell who the whales were voting for.

And, as a minnow, you never knew who to vote for, because your puny vote wouldn't get a post to the 2¢ minimum payout... and thus would be wasted. Or, the game of front running whale votes.


True, but with the current situation I just feel we don't even need a voting system anymore, we may as well have an bots only site 🤔


Ive heard that things were actually worse back then


Nah, that’s a myth. They were bad, but certainly better. It was still possible for a good enough post to make it.


While i do agree with that sentiment ( i wasnt here back then so i cant be certain), But i really don't think that bid-bots are the reason why its now impossible for a good post to make it to trending without using the bid bots though. Back then there was less crap posts for good posts to to compete with. Also the demographic was much more capable of quality posts.

I mentioned on another post that one of the problems with the current state of steemit is that the core team has actively marketed to impoverished countries with low skill/iq people and other that don't share the same common language. I'm not in any way saying that these people should not be able to use the platform, but it is directly responsible for the increasing amount of noise that good posts have to compete against for a shot to be seen

the low skill/IQ thing is a globally documented issue that is effectnig more than steemit. The problem is that the people with higher IQ/eduction ten d to leave for the first world on their own accord, This is a problem that Europe has been for quite some time now

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:


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was it like hundred years ago?


Feels that way🙂

We need to band together.

Since my Contest for REAL people and my post that briefly addresses bots, I have been learning that real people will come out of the woodwork in support of each other if you call them.

Granted, we won't beat haejin. I don't know of any way to beat that kind of force with a $100+ post every two hours.

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