Before moving on, build your foundations. Avoid the CntrA + Backspace scenario.

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Ever since writing my #introduceyourself post here, I have been struggling to find a constructive and time-line orientated way of starting my blog. With too much archived material and a desire to share it all, I found myself stuck in a loop of confusion.

Me this morning

My intention:

Is to blog about my exciting journey with this cryptocurrency documentary and to curate the podcast content. I want to share my thoughts on various topics (consciousness, crypto, news, healing, tech), update my photo-blog and be involved in the steem community projects like Steemit School and Steem Basic Income.

Great examples of Steemit School initiatives from @steem4depoor here, @segunreus here, and @stephenkendal here.

Result: I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and press ctrlA + Backspace, again. What should take 30 minutes to do end up taking a lifetime.

What I would like to share with you
dear reader
is my experience and technique in solving this.

Chunking Up and Chunking Down NLP

1 Ask yourself a few but very important questions:

  • Why should people care about what you write?
  • What is the purpose of you doing this?
  • Who is your audience?

2 Establish a clear outline of how to construct your blog:

  • Write a list of topics that you want to cover.
  • Find your niche or niches.
  • Be proactive and engage.

3 Establish a clear outline for your post.

  • What is the message you want to transmit?
  • KISS (Keep It Simple Sweety, like my nan likes to say it).
  • In your head plot how you want to guide your readers through your post.
  • Structure your post with an introduction/beginning, a body, and a conclusion/ending.

4 Minimize your distractions when writing:

  • Jot-down your goals, ideas and key points in a way that works for you: bullet points, short sentences, and spider web diagrams.
  • Use them as guides and as a reminder of to why you started writing this post.
  • Keep yourself in the flow and going forwards. You can trim and correct later.
  • Do all the fancy-spancy stuff at the end: text layout, tags, media, and links.
  • Use spell checker at the very end.

5 Use key points to expand the topic into a healthy paragraph.

6 **Be patient, curate the time that you have already invested.

7 Be enthusiastic about the long road ahead.

8 Make yourself a cup of tea, and start typing away.

When having at hand a mammoth project, it can be hard not to be distracted by the many wonderful things that crop up along the way, especially for a creative person 😅

To close the loop

I decided to jump back in time, not for nostalgia-keeping but to catalog in a systematic way what I want to share and to use it as reference points in future posts.

After all, all bloggers write to have their work read, commented and shared.

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Nice intro mate. My wife's into NLP - it's powerful stuff. Hope you have a great time in this community.

Here are some Steem summary links that might be useful for you:

Your stats on Steem MD
Your stats on Steemnow
Your stats on Steemworld

I will follow you and look forward to reading more ^^.


NLP is fun stuff for sure, tend to combine it with other holist approaches and shamanic healing techniques :)

Thanks for the links, and for the support!

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ah thank you @Shareables!

So sorry forgot to mention you in the projects that I support...there are so many, hard to keep up haha

welcome to steemit my friend, my advice to you is don't don't input / edit your content using text editors apart from that provided by the platform, When I first joined, I would write my post in a wordpress blog and transfer it over. This worked at first, but eventually started causing the post to freeze.