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Now I touched on commenting here in my advice for minnows post, but this time I would like to discuss commenting on posts in more depth.

Commenting is a great tool which can show the author of a blog post that you have actually taken the time to read their post, and you not just someone who up votes their post without reading it.
But you should be careful about how you go about commenting.

☠️ Commenting on Posts ☠️

I see a lot of spammy looking comments on my posts, and I know I don't just speak for myself here.
It's amazing how many of them are so similar, with very little in terms of wording to differentiate from one another. So why is this a bad thing?
Well all of these posts fall into the spam category.
They offer nothing or very little to do with the post and what is being discussed throughout that post.

💀 Generic comments

Here are a few posts I have had recently which fall into this spam category:

"I am very inspired with your [email protected]"

"So good news Mr villan.."

"Thank you so much for great music shareing,.."


"ha ha ha...nice post sir. too good.."

As you can see by these replies, they are very generic. So what do I mean by generic? Well I mean you could copy and paste these comments across just about any post.
This is something a spam bot would do.
So if you are a genuine commenter and your replying to posts in such a way, bear in mind that these generic responses may very well get you flagged as a spammer.

Commenting can be one of the most important tools to pick up followers, and you much more likely to pick up followers and up votes if you actually write a great comment(which I will discuss further down the post). If your copy pasting the same comment or set of comments, or even if your typing out the same generic responses your not likely going to pick up good followers.
Your much better focusing on writing great comments, as you will get far better results.


💀 Low quality comments

Now there is also low quality comments which differ from the generic comments.
These comments usually vaguely resemble the post which the reply was written, but at the same time they offer very little thought and effort is the reply.
Let's take a look at one I got:

"bike is my favourite. i love travel very much.
thank for bike and travel related post."

Now this comment was written in response to my series "Motorcycle Riding Tips for Keeping Safe".
You can see the comment has something to do with the post at least, because they got the bike bit right. But if we analyze this further they you can clearly see that all they would have to do to write this kind of comment is read the title of the post which contains "Motorcycle Riding" and then formulate a reply based on those words.

Now if you really did read my post, then surely you would be able to come up with a better reply than this.
Also from a programming point of view a well written spam bot could come up with something like this based on the title, so this reply also looks to be spammy.

If you are a real person commenting on this post, your going to get much better results by responding in a more thought out manner.


💀 Good commenting

So why focus on good commenting?
Well it's good commenting that can really grab the attention of the blog writer, if you can leave an impression or provide feedback to their blog post which makes them sit back and think wow! Then your most likely going to earn yourself a generous up vote and a follower.
If you can leave that lasting impression then your doing the right thing.

When you think about it, writing comments is much like going for a job. The blog writer is the owner of the company(their blogging reputation) and your submitting a CV(comment) in order to try and leave a good impression which will get you noticed.

So how do you leave a lasting impression?

Well for one when you comment on a blog post that someone has written, then it's a good thing to actually know what they are talking about and having knowledge on the subject matter of the blog post is also helpful.
If your reading a blog post and have no idea what they are talking about, then it's probably not best to comment on it.
It's impossible to know everything so pretending you do is not a good idea.

So how do I find subject matter that I know about?

Well that's what tags are for, you should use them to your advantage and if your really knowledgeable on certain topics then maybe you can give good advice for others.

Other tips

☣️ You can also respond even on subject matter you know very little about, but maybe you can ask the blog writer to expand on a point or two from the blog post which you don't quite understand.

☣️ Don't drone on and on about the point. Unless the comment has good reason for being really long there is no point exaggerating things. Just get to the point.

☣️ Take the time to set up your profile properly. Many people like myself will check out the blog of a commenter to decide if we would like to follow that person or not.
So take the time to add a profile pic, cover photo and a description about your self.
Now days I won't even consider following someone who can't be bothered spending a bit of time to do this(unless you really impress me with your comment).

☣️ Don't repeat things I have just written about in your comment, if I have made my point then there is no point telling me what I already know.

☣️ Be friendly, but not to the point where your worshiping me like some kind of god. While it is a bit flattering believe me it will earn you no extra brownie points with me.

☣️ Also be mindful that posting links to blog posts your creating is a no no also.
Imagine turning up for that job interview, handing in your CV and then at the end saying "Hey would you like to sponsor me for this really cool thing I'm doing". It wouldn't go down well, and this is essentially what your doing by leaving links in you comments. Unless it adds value to the blog post, don't do it.

Here is a few great points courtesy of @beggars which I did not think of at the time of writing:

☣️ Saying in a comment you have up voted the post, when you clearly haven't really gets on peoples nerves. People are not stupid, and you may get away with it now and then but this is something which may very well get you flagged also.
If you have up voted someone, then there is no need to announce it to the world. If you want to be noticed by someone your better of up voting all their content you like.
So for instance with me I notice names which regularly up vote my content, which grabs my attention and after a few weeks of your name constantly popping up as an up voter will earn you a follow if you post reasonable content.

☣️ Begging for up votes is also not going to get you anywhere, there is nothing worse than someone who is begging for an up vote. It just makes you sound like all you care about is money and there is so much more Steemit can offer other than money.

☣️ Leaving a well written comment but not up voting the post also is not a good idea. Many Steemians are not silly and I know that I regularly check to see if someone has commented but not up voted. Unless you disagree with the post then it's best to up vote it when you comment. To see why up voting can be valuable to minnows check out some of the advice I gave about up voting here.
It is even worse if you up vote your comment and don't up vote the post, so avoid doing this at all costs.



Well there you have it.
This post should give you an in depth base to start writing better comments and help you to earn more followers and up votes.
I swear if I see one of these bad comments on this post I will lose my shit :P
Happy blogging minnows and plankton.



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I'm very afraid to comment generically. Because I can be flagged.I try to make the post related comment even if I make a short comment.

Check my comments and advice me, sir.

You should be fine if you follow these guidelines. I can see you must have read the post ;)

@villan - It is great that you took the time to explain in detail the good and bad in commenting. This should be required reading for all noobies so they understand how to comment. Maybe they see the spam comments and think that is acceptable??

Now what we need is a respond bot to send your post back to all of the spammers. Any coders here?

Hey thanks m8. Just old villan trying to do his bit for the community.
I really like the idea of having a bot that responds to spammy looking messages. I will look at setting something up. Great idea. If I start getting a bit of money from it I will put that money into funding other initiatives here on steemit and I will chuck you some donations here and there ;)

Great. That would make everyone on Steemit's life easier. And donations are always welcomed.
Thanks for your support for me and everyone on FitnessChallenge and the other posts.

Yeah this community has so much potential, and I would hate to see some people get discouraged by being flagged as spam when they are not a bot.
No worries m8, thanks for the idea and your continued support. I'm always happy to support our little fitness community :)

If you can't add value, don't comment.

Hey m8 I followed amanda, but what was the username of the other girl at the meetup. Completely forgot by hey username :/

@wildflowerjessi :)
Not even a fortnight in and 60+ followers.
Smashing it.

Thanks bud, damn yeah sounds like she is doing good.
Will help her along the way :)

Ballers fo life.

I am very inspired with your post @thevillan

Haha, in all seriousness these half assed comments which are clearly an attempt to get my upvote really get in my grill. You know what comments are the worse? the ones where they say they upvoted your content (and didn't) or beg you to upvote their content (and they never upvoted yours).

I also don't get people who comment but don't upvote. Why take the effort to comment but not upvote? Unless you're posting a comment in disagreement, that really bothers me as well.

Or the comments that people self-upvote. I see these as spam comments as well. I am all for upvoting you're own posts, but comments is just frowned upon.

This platform is a weird place sometimes.

Hey m8 I added these points into my post at the bottom and gave you credit for the ideas. Hope you don't mind, it might help send a bit more love your way :)

Haha lmao, your opening sentence was gold.

Yeah I'm definitely with you on these, I think there is nothing worse than begging for an up vote. Makes me feel like I'm hoarding food and watching others starve.

Yeah this is the trouble when money is involved, people will come up with all sorts of methods just to try and get a few cents out of you.
I'm not one to flag people, still haven't flagged someone I'm a virgin in that regard. But might need to identify the bots and start flagging. Though I know that others on the platform do the same, so sooner of later they drop off.

I can only hope to help the legitimate users who are in a hurry to make a buck, that need to step back and think about what they are doing

So good news Mr villan..

(I couldn't resist, haha)

No worries about the added points to your post, it's a great article and something that everyone needs to read. We often talk about improving post quality around here (there are tonnes of articles on that subject), but many people don't realise that a comment is technically a post. And if you leave a good comment, for a Minnow it's one of the best ways to raise your reputation and start earning money on Steemit.

You're more likely in the early days on this site to earn from comments than writing posts and they're a good way to get noticed by other Steemians as well. I always take note when someone leaves a great comment, I usually end up following them because a good comment is a reflection of who someone is.

Some of these things I hadn't considered much. I hadn't committed the sins yet, but I might have eventually commented without upvoting if I hadn't read this(or maybe I have and can't remember--but I always try to ask a question I really want to know the answer to, and never just say "nice job," etc.)

Do you try to leave a certain number of comments per day? I wonder if a given amount is a good target for those wanting to grow without being phony. I'm realizing I was a lot better at commenting early on, while now I probably focus too much on my blog in some ways.

I hope this will help you :)

I don't try to leave a specific number of comments, but I do try to comment regularly on posts and especially lower rank newbies. It shows that people are taking an interest in what they are writing :)

As a minnows we love to get upvote from big name but mostly people don't know how to get the attention of author. I think it is the best move to educate followers how to get good rewards from the comments. In my 2 cent opinion no post is completed with out good comments. It is the right of author to give respect by reading his post carefully before doing a meaningful comments. Meaningful comments is only possible if you understand the contents of the author, use decent anguage. I am amazed to know that author also followed the curator who comments wisely on the post. Thanks for sharing the valuable commenting tricks. Keep sharing @thevillan

I remember one post a few months ago, someone wanted everyone just to upvote eachother in hopes to strike it rich and manipulate Steemit.

Little did they know that this is exactly the kind of stuff Steemit is trying to be rid of. Junk.

Not surprisingly the post went up only about $2 and I think eventually got flagged and went down.

Comments are the same thing. If you comment and provide something valuable for the reader and the author, the morel likely your comment will be upvoted and also replied to.

These points possibly caused by new thing for baby fish, and lack of vocabulary, less to the point sharpener, etc.

Good point, lack of vocabulary was one thing that I thought of which led me to writing this post.

@thevillan, Very enlightening this post. continued success😚

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

You got a 4.79% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @thevillan!

The last two sentences and that "bodybuilding" in your bio was stoping me from leaving a comment. [But any way lets give it a try: thanks for your bike safety, commenting related, plankton something .... Post, check out this link...]
Any other advice for a newbie?

thanks for share this post with us

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Decent commenting has been the major reason |I have had success on the platform. A lot of people are too concerned with their own blog and don't do enough curating/commenting on others. I have made 3245 posts in my tenure here on steemit and only 72 of them are actual blog posts. Genuine comments seem to be a lost art haha. Great explanation here

Yeah I hear ya on that, good commenting is the other half to being a good blogger :)

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