Quick Update - We Can Add More Things to Our profiles!

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The Steemit Team are Listening to the Community!

Just a quick update for those who have not noticed this. People have been asking for more profile info for a while:

Well I was thinking of changing my profile photo and went to the settings page where I discovered that we can now enter more info there:


The "Settings" button is right next to the "Wallet" button on your home pages.

These are the different things you can now set on your profile:

  • profile picture URL
  • display name
  • about
  • location
  • website

Here is a close up to show how it displays

Try it out for yourself!

If you like my work and aren't already, please follow me and check out my blog (I mainly discuss photography but I do other topics too) - @thecryptofiend

Some of my other recent posts

Are you new to Steemit and Looking for Answers? - Try https://www.steemithelp.net.


Cool thanks for the link:)

Oh nice! Thanks for the heads up!
I jumped right on it and changed stuff! :D

Me too. I'm still thinking about changing my profile photo too. I get bored quickly but then I don't want to confuse people either. BTW is there a podcast today?

Yes there is. We plan to go live at 3PM CST. :)

Cool. I will try to listen in:)

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I don't understand why we would change our display name. The name we created when we opened our account will always be our identity, correct?

Yes but I think you can put your real life name there if you want. I don't think it changes the username.

Those are very cool features I was super happy to discover, together with the view counter :)

Thanks glad you like it:)

Sweet. Just updated mine. Thanks Crypto!

Oh and of course, UV and RS - this is a gem, like everything you post LOL

Great stuff as always man, I noticed roughly 24 hrs ago several little changes pop up all of a sudden after lunch sometime y-day. Good find by you.

You are the man. TY to @rebeccaryan for LMK about this one. I would have missed it, I had a rough nite health wise.

Thanks. Hope all is well now:)

This is wonderful @thecryptofiend!
You've walked us easily through the "how to" part of what to do to use these new features.
Thank you. I am now putting this into action. :)

tagged you in a TY post for thinking of me.

I think it's a great new feature that will help Steemians quickly decide what your interest are and/or what expertise you can bring to the community table.

Upvoted, Resteemed and shared on FB....(my last action taken makes me sarcastically lol.)

Thanks. Glad you like it:)

This was a nice surprise. Cheers! :)

Thank you for the brief explanation of the new features. It is really appreciated.

Upvoted and re-steemed!

Steem on,

Thank you for your support:)

Thanks for the heads-up. Resteemed.

Thank you. I have changed my avatar too. What do you think?

Who's it supposed to be, Sisyphus? :)

I think it is based on that idea, but it was a stock photo that I found on Thinkstock and just liked the idea of it. I see it as a metaphor for us all in life:)

Hi..which link to use when putting a profile pic pls?

Hi. You will need to upload the image you use to an image host. You can use any image but it will need to be square (or crop it to be square). Once you have a suitable image upload it to an image host. Here is a section from my Quickstart Guide that explains how to use Imgsafe:

Uploading your first image using Imgsafe.org

Go to: https://imgsafe.org

This is what the Imgsafe page looks like. You can register and login but you don't have to.
Imgsafe Main
You can either browse images on your computer to upload or simply drag and drop them as below.

This will bring up a thumbnail of your image and an upload button. Click the upload button.
Image Thumbnail

Once it has uploaded right click on the thumbnail and select "Copy Link" - or "Copy Image Address" - it may vary if you are using a different browser.

Copy Link

You can now paste that link into your document by clicking the image button and inserting the link text as shown below:
Image Link

Just use the link you get and paste it into the URL section of the settings page instead of putting it in a post.

Thank you, very helpful cheers!

Thanks glad it helped:)

1/ Why do you recommend this site above others?? Curious.

You post a ton on here and know all this online stuff and video etc really well. I have heard people say that your imgur images can be flagged with ppl. making comments on them, and imgur will freeze or delete your images --- rendering them useless, have you heard of this??

2/ re Imgur.com -- I have been using it exclusively for my stuff. I have weird political stalkers who follow my every move online so if they find that, they will badger me there too.

You don't need a login to use it and I have never had problems with it. I used to use imgur but there were issues early on with links not working so I switched to Imgsafe. I also recommend Steemimg but that requires a login and there are limits to how much you can upload at a time. It does format the links for you though.

Had to reply here, it was 6 deep + sorry --- OK I created my account based on your advice. TY very much.

I created an acct at steemimg a week ago, no email came to me for it and I cannot login at all.

No problem. Yes I heard people were having login issues with SteemImg.

Hmmmm which key is applicable as its refusing my active and owner keys sorry..

Unless I'm mistaken they should both work. Make sure you are entering them correctly and that you are using the private rather than the public version.

I think there lies the problem.

All the keys are in my permission setting.those are the keys its asking ,active or owner keys?

Oh I see thank you so much. Will sit on it.

Did you lose the private keys?

The owner key is your main password and should work for everything (it is what you use to login to Steemit unless you have been using the posting key instead).

The keys that you see in the settings page are the public keys - to see the private keys you need to click on the authentication button on the right of them and enter your password to see them. The public versions will not let you change settings. Further I think to change your profile it may only accept your owner key/password.

Here is a section from my FAQ on which says a bit more about the keys:

Permissions Page (For security reasons I have not shown this)

This is accessed from the wallet page and is next to your wallet in the tabs . For Steemit you have 4 different keys with both public and private versions. If you click on the Permissions tab there is an explanation of the role each key serves which I have copied here for your convenience:

Posting: The posting key is used for posting and voting. It should be different from the active and owner keys.

Active: The active key is used to make transfers and place orders in the internal market.

Owner: The owner key is the master key for the account and is required to change the other keys. The private key or password for the owner key should be kept offline as much as possible.

Memo: The memo key is used to create and read memos.

As stated next to the Owner key for maximum security you should only use it when you have to. Therefore if you are logging in just to post then you should use your posting key only to do that. This ensures that if it is stolen or hacked the person who takes it can only post on your account and not actually make any transfers or steal from you.

Did you get it to work then?

No am at work now have to find that key somewhere.

Phew!! I think i'll stick to my day job.thanks again.

Any link to an image you want to use. I like to upload my pictures to imgur.com.

You post a ton on here and know all this online stuff and video etc really well. I have heard people say that your imgur images can be flagged with ppl. making comments on them, and imgur will freeze or delete your images --- rendering them useless, have you heard of this?? I have been using it exclusively for my stuff. I have weird political stalkers who follow my every move online so if they find that, they will badger me there too.

I don't think I'm really posting anything publicly, just uploading to my personal gallery, which supplies you with a link to post elsewhere.

Ok, so do you set your privacy setting to you only, or to public then, as an example. Or pick and choose per image you want uploaded? TYIA

I used my twitter pic, for example.

Thanks guys,the man above is trying to find the problem ;) i hope.

Thanks. Tried it out and reported on the second it went live -> Update Your Profile and Share Your Posts With Social Icons :)

Cool. Did this happen last night with the other changes - I only noticed it this morning?

Yes, four things are new with this UI update:

  • 100% paid in steem power icon behind the title of the post
  • views counter
  • additional profile fields and display on your profile page
  • links for direct reposting to social media

That's it :)

Thanks - I noticed the other changes but not the profile ones:)

I really like the views feature. This will let people guage which posts grab viewers attention and get translated into votes. Before now you had no way of knowing if our post was being seen or not. (Unless u got lots of votes, which doesn't always happen)

Yes it will be interesting to see.

A very welcome improvement to help us to learn more and care more about each other :)

Yes absolutely:)