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Time for some new steempearls! :) The steempearls are a report about the last 5 topics, that I liked the most and I want to sum up for you. Please have a visit on these accounts and enjoy the content like I did. All Thanks goes to these fabulous writers out there. ღ

The first steempearl / ART

goes to @maxwellmarcusart for A Simple Way Create A Portrait: Step By Step Guide
SP 21 1.PNG
Thank you for this tutorial. I think art or music is up to 90% skill and only about 10% about talent. So if you really want to learn something, you just learn the techniques and practice, practice, practice. I tried it myself with the piano. I was an adult beginner and managed to make it :) It's only about passion and practice, really.

The second steempearl / FOOD

goes to @heart-to-heart for That's Nuts! It Can't Be Plant Based! The "Meaty" Lasagna! (Vegan/Gluten Free/Low Carb)
SP 21 2.PNG
This lady has a lot of great recipes on her blog. I am not fulltime vegan, but vegetarian. We often eat vegan and I like the variety and the very basic nutrician of a human. Eat clean, eat vegetables and the seeds. That's what's supposed to be our food. And with food comes healthiness. You are, what you eat. That's why everyone should have an eye on proper nutricion.

The third steempearl / CRYPTOCURRENCY

gos to @elsiekjay for Steem is Moving Up the Cryptoverse! GO STEEM!! Do You Miss Earning SBD?
SP 21 3.PNG
After 2 years break I am back in cryptocurrency space. And Steem is one of the projects with a real usecase because of this bloggingplatform, dtube etc.
Remember most of the coins don't have a higher purpose and that's exactly why I am bullish on certain projects. Steem is one of the Top of them. I started to accumulate some coins and among them of course Steem. I am curious about the cryptofuture and as mentioned, pretty bullish for 2020/2021!! So, yes @elsiekjay , let's accumulate as much as we can :)

The fourth steempearl / LIFE

SP 21 4.PNG
I think Trust is a key to success. If one is not trusting its own skill, he will fail. Trust is essential and this can't be mentiones enough. Trust yourself and others will trust you! But also be careful who to trust, not everyone has good intentions. Unfortunately.

The fifth steempearl / TRAVEL

goes to @boddhisattva for Wednesdaywalk: Walking in St. Petersburg. Winter Canal, Palace Embankment and Peter and Paul Fortress
SP 21 5.PNG
Stunning picture! I love the one on the floor with the mirrored view. Boddhisattva has some really nice blogposts about St. Petersburg and some great photographic content too. Check it out!

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Great to see some fellow PHC members hightlighted here. Thanks for sharing this post. Nice work. First time I head about @steempearls.

Congratulations all our PHC members mentioned.

Ah its powerhousecreatives as mentioned by brittandjosie down below. I am doing some research about it :)

PHC? I am back after a 2 year break, so I am digging into the actual steemitprojects right now. What is it?

It's really nice to see my work featured on for the first time. Thank you. @steempearls.

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HI @tabea thank you so much for the feature <3

You're right about keeping an eye on nutrition, that's why I always try to post healthy but still delicious food and I use my background in nutrition to add a bit of information about the ingredients in the recipe :)

Thanks again, I hope more people are inspired to eat a bit healthier!

It's essential! Especially when we have kids to raise. They need healthy food (vitamins, minerals) for their brain. We also eat 90% organic. Our health is so much better since we eat organic most of the time. :)

I love hearing that! What great parents :) It's my hope that more and more parents start to realize and make changes to their food so that their whole family's health can improve!

Well tax thank you very much and what a nice gesture. I see you picked three #powerhousecreatives Take a look at steemterminal discord too we got great red fish that make really great blogs and could use prompt or make a @pifc blog to enter the contest every week
Again thanx

Blog to you soon

Ah really? Yeah I need to look about the powerhousecreatives then :) Nice :)