How to see your future curation rewards - and how see how profitable your vote was. - Was it worth voting?

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about some of my favorite applications on Steemit. I invited people to tell me what application they would most like to see developed. The NUMBER ONE REQUEST was for an application to see pending future rewards - not on posts, (that's easy to find), but on curation, i.e. on votes.

Firstly, there are a few things to know:

You don't have to comment to earn curation. A vote is sufficient.

Every time you vote, the person you vote for, and the person who voted will earn something. A comment is not necessary to earn curation. Of course, if you make a truly excellent comment, you might receive a few votes or a few followers, and that is a bonus.

If you vote, not only will you earn curation on your own vote, but you will also earn curation on the votes of those who vote after you.

It's a complex formula, which I won't go into on this blog. Suffice it to say, there are many factors. If hundreds of people vote for a blog, they will all share in the curartion of future voters, so you you will get a smaller share of the total.

Tactics to get the highest curation reward.

After 30 minutes have passed, the value of your vote (curation) is split 25% to your and 75% to the author. Before 30 minutes, it is a sliding scale so that a larger proportion of the curation goes to the blog author. If you vote after zero minutes, the author keeps 100% of the curation.

The best scenario for you is that you will do very well if you vote before a whale. You will collect some of the value from his vote.

Apart from the whale, you want to be the only voter. If hundreds of people vote, they will all get a share and you will get less.

In practice you won't get much extra profit on a popular author as hundreds of people will vote for him.

The more you vote, the bigger your share of the curation from later votes.


If you think an author will earn tons of money on his blog from very few curators (e.g because he often boosts it with his own purchased vote, then you can use a tool like one of the steem auto-voters to always vote for that person. You will have to choose the right number of minutes. There's the dilemma. Make it too quick and most of your 25% curation goes to the author. Make it too late, and you may miss that big up-vote.

Some people think that 20 to 30 minutes after a blog is a good guess to balance the risk of sharing too much of your curation,or missing the big up-votes which might follow. There's no perfect answer.

Pre-vote clubs

Some bots offer a "Pre-Vote" club, which will automatically drop your vote on an author just before a mammoth purchased vote.

How to see the future curation reward you will earn after you have voted?

I use two tools together to see this.

  • Steemworld
  • Steembottracker

The best way I can demonstrate this is to look at the last blog I wrote.

Firstly let's see who actually voted. You can see all the incoming votes using Steemworld as per the photo below:

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 06.33.14.png

As you can see in the above photo, I created my blog at exactly 06:45. the first vote came in from @saahir a few seconds later. Unfortunately for @saahir, 100% of the curation from his vote goes to me. By waiting a few minutes he would have started to keep part of the curation. I voted for my own blog after 20 minutes at 07:05.

Let's look at the vote by @miti after exactly 16 minutes. How is that working out?

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 06.41.15.png

To find out, I am going to use a tool available from steembottracker. Firstly I grab the permalink form the above:

Then I go to

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 06.45.15.png

I click on "Tools" in the top middle of the picture above, and choose "Curation Estimator"

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 06.47.11.png

Next I paste the permalink and the user name as per the picture below and hit "Estimate Curation Rewards".

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 06.51.43.png

Now if I scroll to the bottom of the page, I can see how successful miti was with his vote. In other words I can see what his future curation reward will be for this vote:

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 06.53.35.png

Let's look at the information we can see in the above photo:

  • @miti gave me a 75% vote which is worth $0.24

  • @miti will earn a curation reward of $0.80 for his vote. That WAS a VERY profitable vote!!!!!

  • At the time he voted, the previous votes were worth only $0.09

  • The expected total votes is now worth $475. I get 75% of that, and the rest (about $120), is shared by the people who voted for my blog. There were literally 100s of voters, so that $120 has to be shared, based on a complex formula of timing of votes, subsequent votes and amount voted.

  • @miti voted after only 15 minutes. This means that 46% of the curation reward goes to him. If he had voted after 30 minutes, then @miti would receive 75% of the curation rewards.

Should @miti have done something different? Yes! Certainly his profit would be bigger if he had voted 100%. However if he would have waited until 30 minutes he would have collected 75% of the curation instead of 46%. BUT that would be 75% of a smaller amount, because at the 30 minute mark, some whales had already voted, and he would have missed in sharing their rewards. You only get a share of the rewards of people who vote AFTER you.

However he could have voted later, as some whales didn't vote until hours later, or even the next day. It is hard to tell what was the best moment to vote. He chose 16 minutes.

In order not to miss out on big rewards which sometimes come to my posts, @miti used one of the many auto-voting tools to automatically vote all of my blogs at exactly 16 minutes. Clearly, this time he made a nice profit.

If you want to guarantee profits on your voting, use an auto-voter to pick authors who you think will earn rewards and set your timing to automatically vote. Don't be too early. Don't be too late. Study previous voting patterns to see how long it takes before a whale votes. In my case it is usally several hours and sometimes days.


This is a great article to debate on for all levels of steemit user. Everyone knows the curation mechanism is somewhat complex because at one hand the curation percentage is dependent upon the age of post, but at the same time there is a second formula which is known as "reverse auction" mechanism which works just opposite.

Curation Based on reverse auction mechanism


So as per the major voting at a particular age of the post, the total curation reward is determined, then during distribution of curation it will be determined on the basis of "reverse auction mechanism" like the person who has voted first will receive more curation than the person who has voted later.

Curation Based on the age of a post

image (1).png

Now the big question is "are you lucky to vote before a whale's vote to a post regardless of the age" if yes then you are winner in curation reward. But one must look at the whale's vote as well. if he has voted before 30 mins or after 30 mins.

We must not forget that every generic whale vote comes after 30 mins where as all bid bot votes comes within 15-25 mins and I may be wrong but I have seen this in most of the cases from steembottracker.

Let's say a post is receiving a generic and organic whale's vote which generally happens after 30 mins or even hours, then even if I vote after 20 or 30 mins to that post then I am winner. I do consider bid bot votes as synthetic votes and for promotional purpose only or to get the attention of mass only. I may be wrong also. This is my own opinion and may not be taken in a generalized sense.

Both steemworld and steembotracker are fantastic application and if you ask me, I would say this is really one of the much needed application for all steemit user and @swissclive you have demonstrated in a beautiful way in your article by giving example how to check all those things in both of the applications and I think your reader would be very very happy to read this article and I am sure they will use both the application in their day to day use of steemit. Thank you.

NB:- Both graphs uploaded here are not my original work and I have derived this from some post, I dont remeber exactly, just for making this discussion illustrative, I have uploaded these two graphs.

@littymumma. Thanks for helping discuss the compexities of trying to calculate curation.

The sooner you vote, the bigger is the curation.

The sooner you vote, the bigger the percentage of that curation which goes to the author, not you.

The more people who vote, the smaller your share, as you split the curation with them.

The more high value votes which follow yours, the more you will earn

Your voting position is important. To maximise rewards, you want to be the first person to vote.

A perfect vote would be one where there are only 2 voters. You vote at 30 minutes. A whale votes after you. Nobody else votes.

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Thank you for the tips.

I never understand how this thing works, but with your explanation, I think it's better now.

What I was told was that if I vote for an author in less than 30 minutes, I will get good curation reward, but now I can see how it operates.
I'm still very new on steemit, 50sp was delegated to me around March, I could remember collecting 0.011 sp on one of my upvote which remains my highest until now, but I don't understand how it works because with the same sp, I have been receiving 0.001 or 0.002 sp even when I vote under 30 minutes... Hahhaahha

But, I can understand better now, I will definitely implement this methode.

To earn a lot you need only two voters on a blog and no more. You and a whale the latter to vote after you. Makes sense to vote blogs of people with few followers hoping a whale spots it.

...Now if you could just write a post on the guaranteed strategy of securing a whale, that would be immensely helpful...😂

Ask Haejin about that. He hooked ranchorelaxo. No idea how it was done though.

Or even better look for who the whales vote for regularly, and set up an auto vote one minute earlier.

You could use the bid bots for securing big upvotes after you voted.

Thank very much, you have already helped me with a clue already...

And you have a big boat from me for your excellent comment.

I mean a big vote. Damn this voice recognition.

Hahahha, thank you very much, probably I should use the vote reward to get a boat.... Smile
God bless you for your good heart.

Lol I was wondering where you buy a big boat for $4?!...

Lol, steemit is not crashing any time soon..

My record is 0.059 SP curation reward. This is basically only possible if you are the first or second upvoter and you should preferably upvote after 25+ minutes. I can assure you that is quite difficult to find such posts!

Hello, friend @swissclive!

You did a perfect analysis and you gave a concrete explanation about how curation works.
My reasoning was just like you guess.. I have chosen to vote after exactly 16 minutes to be an early voter to anticipate whales vote.

I'm using STEEMAUTO to follow good authors to auto upvote their posts and maximise curation rewards.
Just two days ago i wrote a POST about my fanbase.
I would like to support at least 60 users.

I am glad you can make money on my posts by auto-voting before any whale steps in. Some people watch the bid bots and leap in before they vote. Everyone has their way.

I am giving a big vote, because I used your name as my example.

And I'm glad to support you with my vote, because I really like the tooltips you give to newcomers and minnows. Thanks for the big vote ;-)

@miti, Looks like you also had a profitable vote on this blog by voting after 21 minutes.

You voted $0.30, and might earn $0.57.


Yes, since when you authored this post I was online, I preferred to vote manually to maximise curation rewards.
Not sure if you know, but Asher (@abh12345) weekly hosts a tournament called "The Curation and Engagement Leagues" based on curation rewards.

Mine should look ok here too 😁

Guao...!friend sorry to have seen this publication a little late auque my vote for all its publications is scheduled after 30 minutes, this is worth sharing, I see that you have studied a lot about the benefits of this platform and has dedicated to teach others. That is excellent. Thanks for your valuable information there were details that I did not know.

Very very informative. Although I have a few steem power of about 50 steem power but I have been getting some curation rewards and growing my steem power gradually.

But the irony of it is, the bigger your upvote, the greater your curation reward

I am just striving to get to the point that my 10% upvote on a post will give me good curation reward and I know it's so possible.

Advise To Minnows

I get to see alot of minnows with 15 steem power joining voting trails. On one it is useful and on the other hand it is not.
By the time you set your upvote at 1% or even 10%, you may get no curation reward because your 100% up vote is worth merely $0.002 if not so less. So it's better to avoid voting trail but if the trail votes people on that trail then you can follow them.

Also from my calculation, if your steem power is just 15 to 20 steem power then I will advise to always ensure that your voting power is always within 90% to 100%
To get that info, visit or to know your percentage knowing that it reduces by 2% when ever you vote and it refreshes after 2 hours to get the 2% back.

Thank you @swissclive for sharing.

That is excellent Advice to new posters

Thank you very much. That is the secret I discovered and it has being helping me.

This is very educating. As i grow on the steemit platform, i get to realize that earning more on this platform is knowledge base. If you know what to do, you'll earn.

Now I've learned on a different dimension

I spent time in reading this part:

"Some people think that 20 to 30 minutes after a blog is a good guess to balance the risk of sharing too much of your curation,or missing the big up-votes which might follow. There's no perfect answer."

And still was left with my dilemma.

When exactly is the "rightest time" (pardon my literary license) to vote in other to earn considerable curation reward? Well. If from your statement above "No Answer" then should we say luck plays a thing here?

Or maybe I should still play along with the 20 to 30 minutes rule. I think it helps.

For your calculation and explanation using @miti that's excellent of you. It sink to my skull.

Thanks for sharing.

There is no perfect answer to the timing. Luck plays a big role. Whales will hit this blog later today, so there is no rush. On the other hand, being too early means that you get less than the maximum of 75 percent.

Alright. Thanks. Recently someone suggested I go by 15 minutes saying it's 50/50 between I and the poster. Does that really work?

Often it does work, but there is no guarantee. There are other factors that you can’t control, like timing of other people and size.

One thing i love about steemit is the opportunity it gives users to learn something new everyday, now this information is of upmost importance. Since i got to steemit, i never got the curation mathematics right, thank you so much for bringing this to mind and clarifying it.

However, there is also curation trail, please could you explain more on that and how one could benefit optimally from it.

Thank you @swissclive

Curation trail is when you find someone who votes well - like @miti in the blog above, and you set it up to automatically vote when they vote.

Thank you so much, this is really helpful

Have a great day

Good morning @swissclive. Hope you had a wonderful night rest.

Well while i was reading this, i was just waiting foe the part whwre you make mention of the best time which i have always known well to
be between 15 to 30mins which you finally did at the end with the illustrations you gave. I think these appps you mentioned are really cool apps for checking future curatuon rewards and i must say i learnt from them because i never knew i could actually do that much with them.

I have always used steem block explorer to check mine... You can check it out yourself HERE


Feom the image above, you see how it sgows me the curation reward of @surfyogi after he upvoted my comment and it also shows my own curation reward aswell.

Thansk for sharing this with us... I will check them out as well


Your story yesterday was a banger as it generated a lot of traffic on your blog. I enjoyed reading the comments of others on that post and your replies. I also made a post as regards your alien encounter too and i hope many others visit your blog to read that post so as to change their perspective about aliens like mine was changed.

Thanks for of those comments.

It’s great fun curating and commenting while at the same knowing you are earning money by voting.

I believe aliens are here on steemit. I have concrete evidence based on at least two of the comments from yesterday’s blog about my alien encounter. There is no way a human could have written them.

Did you also realize that the curation could become higher in both cases?

For @miti since there could be more upvotes after you calculated his expected curation reward.

The same goes also for your coming curation rewards, which are now 28.7. Laat week you received 35. Most likely the 28.7 will increase some more for all the upvotes you still have to receive.

You are correct. Every vote after yours increases the payout for those who went before. Therefore the amounts people like @miti will get could go up.

I should correct both you and @swissclive. The payout is also subjected to variations in the price of Steem until seventh day after the post was authored.. so theoretically, theoretically, it might even go down.

hi @miti..., our name is almost the same .., regards know. hopefully be a good friend. Best regards.
thank you

Indeed you are right. I should have mentioned this but forgot.

You are right about that. At first I thought you were not. Because I think the curation amount in SP will always remain the same (or increase in case of more upvotes). But in this post the curation reward is shown as $0.080. So indeed this $ value will go up and down depending on the Steem price.

Hello @swissclive
I bid you greetings,
You did well on sharing about how to see your future curation rewards..Through this piece you shared, i learned that you its not a most to comment, to get curation reward, an upvote will do.
But the part of the auto-upvote is what i dont know really. Is there like a link to join and set some people on auto-upvote?

Yes. As per @miti’s comment above, you can use STEEMAUTO.

Ok thank you much appreciated

wow .., @swissclive his explanation is accurate,
today I get more knowledge from you. I will try to give suare by looking at his time, the point is not too fast and not too slow. thanks for his knowledge. greetings from me

Hi @mufti. Thanks for your comment. I saw you made an interesting comment about aliens the other day. It was quite long for a comment. Have you thought of putting it in a blog instead? I assume it is your own text? And not cut and pasted?

thanks friends have replied to my comments. glad of this heart ..,
I really commented very long .., I need a long time to write it because I do not speak english, this alone I use google translation.

I am officially blown by this level of information. To think that I always want to jump on voting for people who have large payouts on time was just in my thoughts knowing I could actually earn more.

This analysis clarified things for me the more.

I will love to see the complex formula backing these up when you eventually share @swissclive.

Many of us just vote and accept whatever reward that comes. This is very informative @swissclive. Thanks always.

Very useful! Thanks for sharing! Upvoted!!

Oh really , this are some wonderful hints from you @swissclive, I have always wondered how this things works but I haven’t had the chance to get the full access to the explanation and breakdown and basically the tools to use. These information are helpful and going to make a difference in my voting time and ofcourse in my curation rewards .

You don't have to comment to earn curation. A vote is sufficient.

Oh this came to me as an entire new knowledge about the platform itself. Though I comment but only to my favorite author’s post . Thanks for enlightening. You’re much appreciated

Great educative new exposures you just shared.

This is very instructive...

If you vote, not only will you earn curation on your own vote, but you will also earn curation on the votes of those who vote after you.

And this is, to me, is very informative. Made my day...

After 30 minutes have passed, the value of your vote (curation) is split 25% to your and 75% to the author. Before 30 minutes, it is a sliding scale so that a larger proportion of the curation goes to the blog author. If you vote after zero minutes, the author keeps 100% of the curation.

Thanks a bunch for these helpful tips.

Does that mean everyone has been doing it wrong by piling in on already voted for posts?

Wow!!! I've being out here looking for information so detailed about voting. What i used to do is just go to and upvote the posts that i love based on the time it was posted. I do choose the earliest. But recently i was in a class organized by @mr-aaron, and he talked about voting around 20-30minutes as a profitable procedure. I've been wondering how to go about that since most posts i see are some hours old. Thanks @swissclive for taking your time to explain this myth.

I've been hearing you talked about whales, what does that suppose to mean, and how can i get to know more about the people they vote for?

Thanks once again.

If you are voting ONLY for money, you will not make as much as a day job. On the other hand, if you like interraction with fellow humans, take time toread their blogs and only vote the best. Some will choose to read your blog to see what you write. You will get most traction with newbies who don’t have much steempower. There’s no point in chasing whales. Everybody is doing that.

Thanks a lot for this. I've learnt being myself out here, and i won't deny the fact that i'm loving it.

Wow thats somwthing awesome and useful you wrote about. Thats a great chance for so many people to earn just by upvoting and splitting of percentage is great. Thats wonderful. This type of app should be developed as soon as possible. Remarkable. Well thats me on top of your photo. NVM haha
Auto option is good too

This is really nice, and would check it up. I don't really vote post except the ones i comment on, like i just did yours. And the reason is just because with less than 30SP there is very little or nothing i can do. But when i comment, i give more life to the post and also earn should incase am upvoted. Definitely later on when the SP is high i would do that. Thanks

Wow @swissclive. I had not idea how complex steemit really is. I am very keen to learn more though so will sure to follow you. Thanks for this post, very informative!

The expected total votes is now worth $475. I get 75% of that, and the rest (about $120), is shared by the people who voted for my blog. There were literally 100s of voters, so that $120 has to be shared, based on a complex formula of timing of votes, subsequent votes and amount voted.

When I started steemit I was not finding it funny when I saw part of my earnings where been shared as curators reward. I later as the reason while I aim but my money is not complete but @mickyscofield explained better to my understanding, thanks for sharing I think this one will help the newbies, thank you @swissclive for sharing this wonderful information to us. It helps

You really impressed me @swissclive. You explained step by step.I had many confusion about this. But you post was so clear & straight i understood very well.☺thanks a lot for sharing.😊

Informative and insightful post you got there, you have open my eyes 👀 I now know the right time to vote on steemit great job @swissclive best of regards!

hello, I'm glad you love it mam @swissclive. this is very valuable information,As i grow on the steemit platform, i get to realize that earning more on this platform is knowledge base. If you know what to do, you'll earn. Thats a great chance for so many people to earn just by upvoting and splitting of percentage is great. Thats wonderful. This type of app should be developed as soon as possible. Remarkable. !! you explained step by step.I had many confusion about this. you post was so clear & straight i understood very well.This is a wonderful piece especially for newbies.I had to give this read so much attention and I clearly understand better now. :) It means I have been mising out on curation rewards for long now....I like this kind of initiative, It would be great if you could spill a few words about what each does... You’re much appreciated!! Thank you for the tips.Thank you mam, @swissclive for sharing. wishes a good day!!

Everytime I wait for your interesting posts.Your talking style and expression is first class.wait for your next post. I just want to say Salute you Mam.. you're great..take care yourself.

@swissclive, mam I am resteemit and upvot done your post.keep it up..may god bless you,Sir

#We always Love you mam @swissclive. and respect you Mam.

You got a 17.53% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @swissclive!

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well with the changes due to the sbd pump in the prices the algorightms have completely messed up not more steem is needed to peg the sbd at $1

This is a wonderful piece especially for newbies. Actually for an average steemit member it may require a month of research with these type of study lessons to get a clear picture how this steemit works. And sadly I am the one who was having grown up in this wonderful platform like an orphan for months not knowing how to swim in this great ocean as there was no mentor or someone to guide what to do, how to do etc..

Later only I came to read such informative write ups..Thanks you for this.

What about starting on line portal that acts as orientation to Steemit life even on a small amount of fees..Haha..just kidding but can be practical too

If you write a guide, you may get some good votes. am a newbie..Still dont know anything in detail...In fact I kept open your blog and doing a practical understanding with steembot tracker now...

Wooooow! This is a fantastic info.

Now THAT was a really useful post. Especially to a 15 SP "noob" like myself who still has a lot to learn. Thanks man!

Wow! I honestly had no idea 💡 about all these and I have been complaining bitterly on how I gain little or nothing from upvoting and from my blog as well. It is so very frustrating you know as am saving up for school and to got my mum a washing machine. Your post is going to help me a whole lot, not just me anyway. Am not really good at timing people's posts so I think the autovote idea would be best. thanks a lot.

Wow I had absolutely no clue about how this worked before this post. Thank you for putting this together!

Thank you for posting this @swissclive.

This was very thorough analysis and valuable for all members of the community. There is no one topic that is less understood, overall, as curation. Few, including myself, make a study of it.

I am going to look at my voting habits and alter them to apply some of what you posted. There are so many different ways to go about it that it does require some thought.

I wonder if any of this will change with account based voting or will curation be something minimized? Under that system, isnt it just a numbers game and votes at the 16 minute mark will beat everyone else in?

Some things to think about.

I do not know this before, this is very valuable information, so we can apply this tactic to get the highest curation value,
But for those of us who do not have a lot of power Steem this can not be applied because we will only get a little curation value, for me. The power steering power is great for setting, getting more feed back ..

Correct. If you have less than 500 steempower, you might as well vote randomly for the posts you like most.

The power of my Steem power is still very weak, not yet able to apply this tactic ..

Until I build up a decent ammount of SP im not even worried about curation rewards too much... however what I have noticed is that highest curation rewards I have recieved so far have been from smaller Steemians who I believe write quality content :)

Might have to bookmark this for 6 months time when I have a bit more SP!

thanks for your tips .i really not understand about this .but after your this post i really understand.thanks for this sharing knowledge .


Amazing to see my name in your post multiple times, this is the second post of yours which I am going through and seeing my name mentioned in the post made me proud.

I hardly provided any attention towards the above mentioned facts and I always have ignored the time factor, I think I would have earned some more profit if went through such a post earlier, my steem power is not large though...

I usually vote posts which I go through and find good, here I am gonna vote you after this comment, that is nearly after 24 hrs.

There’s another whale vote coming so maybe there is still some curation to earned by late voters.

Hope so, but I am Lil upset with the way as minnows like we people might not be kept on auto upvote as whales don't vote on our posts, I think I can live my life happily if only one voter of vote strength 10 $ keeps me on autoupvote, I will no longer be poor then

That makes me a Lil frustrated and I think steemit is only for the rich people of world with huge steem power

Hey, I was a minnow once, and after my first 12 outstanding posts had earned the grand total of $0.01 in votes. Only after I wrote a stupid blog “How to make a fried egg sandwich” did I get my first 5 “Real-Human” followers. Buying some steem power helped. I now have over 2000 followers, of whom about 300 are now friends and follow me because they like what I write. The rest could be bots, drones, dead, or just following me hoping for a free vote. If you here for the money only, then it is not going to be as worthwhile as a day job. On the other hand if you like writing, it is more about seeing your reputation grow slowly, and enjoying that. Don’t focus too much on the money. Write for love and respect.

You are dam true and I respect your thoughts, but you know what I am here on this platform since start of this year, getting some attention towards my posts from my followers is my all time dream, my posts hardly get the deserved views.
But whenever I have got a big vote on my post that post has got a little popularity and I got some comments too on those posts.
Seeing people getting involved in your posts helps you to show your interest in writing.

My wish is to get at least one big vote on my every post so that people may get involved on the post.

I hope you get my point What I am going to say

Are you kidding me?
Learning truly never ends...I have heard about the 30 minutes voting thing but this is well explained and detailed.
Yes! I remembered your previous post and the suggestions that came forth

This is nice, you explained it well, through out my months of steeming till now this is the best explanation have seen concerning curation and voting thanks for the post...

wow! this is one of the best post i read on steemit because it has given me the secrets to making a whole lot of steeeeeeeem/ cassssssh. thanks dude. am so following you.

thanks for your tips

I have been on Steemit for some time now but didn't know all of these things.
I had to give this read so much attention and I clearly understand better now.
It means I have been mising out on curation rewards for long now....
Wow, thanks so much for this information, I am definitely gonna put this to practice right away and get some profitable rewards just by upvoting.

This blog post just made my day today
Thanks so much @swissclive

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Interesting topic, in my case I barely have days, and I really do not know much if it is worthwhile and comment, for me it is a challenge, but I do not know the results, the people who have months in this, surely have a clearer idea , I will continue investigating to know what is the reality, thanks for sharing, greetings!

I am not agree with the whale support these days whale not auppory any one mostly they are now about selfvoting mostly . And i am not in avor of any whale port newbies theae day so much tallent we have in newbies but they are not ng support rom either community or whale.

I'm not quite sure what you are saying? Can you explain better?

"You dont have to comment to earn curation,a vote is suffficient" This post has really enlightened me....i have spent time oftentimes trying to understand how this thing works,i have just been informed.
Thank you so much @Swissclive for bringing this post up, I hope to read more of it as it will help newbies like me to grow fast in the community.

Hi guyz! I need to rise my steem power, what actually can I do?

What more can i say, this is gem, this is curation reward demystified 101, an eye opener, no more leaving money on the table. Thanks @swissclive. I am gonna maximize this secret.

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That's a very interesting example and I haven't seen anyone calculate how much curation you make for a certain vote they way you did here. Some make very good curating because they have the right timing, and with a steemvoter you can adjust it to what you see to be perfect timing for a certain author - nice post

I know I'm a little too late on this... But I read your comment somewhere and decided to read your blog and I'm glad I did. This curation thing has got me confused throughout... I was usually suggested to upvote after 45 minutes or so but now I know better. Thanks for posting it. It would have surely helped many people like me.

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