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Greetings Steemit friends :

With the explosion of interest on Steemit, I've recently received a very significant number of personal messages from new members of the Steemit community seeking advice on how to improve their blog, grow their following, earn more rewards, and be more successful.

Identifying weaknesses and actively seeking help to improve on those weaknesses is in my opinion the best attitude to possess for an upcoming lifestyle blogger. The fact that you give yourself the opportunity to improve is already a step ahead of many other bloggers on the platform.

In this post, I will try to cover what it is that I think makes a lifestyle blog on Steemit successful. It will not be an exhaustive list, but rather a fairly detailed explanation of things that I have done, or observed others do with great success. Therefore, it should not be considered a complete guide but rather a supplement to your journey on Steemit writing a better lifestyle blog and building your reputation / success.

What exactly is lifestyle blogging?

I've only been a lifestyle blogger on Steemit for less than a year, but during this time I have made well over two hundred posts, cataloguing various aspects of my life. What is important to understand is that a lifestyle blogger creates content that is inspired from their personal interests and daily activities. This means that an individuals lifestyle blog will differ from person to person. You are not required nor obligated to blog about a given set of topics, rather, the topics are often highly personalised to the author's interests, location, stage of life and experience.

For instance, my interests are in travel, food, culture, fashion and cats. These therefore, are the topics I tend to stick to. Many of you will have interests that overlap with mine, but most certainly interests that do not. Don't feel as though lifestyle blogging requires you to blog about travel if that's not what interests you.

The important thing is to define your own lifestyle blog and make it unique to you.

Your job is to write about your life in the most interesting way possible that captures the attention of your following.

Here are some tips that I have learned (over time) which will help improve your blog.

Note: As a primarily lifestyle blogger, these tips will be most useful to the lifestyle blogger but can always be applied to all kinds of blogs.

To make one whole, you must have two halves.

When it comes to improving your blog, gaining a following and building a reputation, I like to break it down to two macro objectives.

  1. Improving your content
    These are things that you can change or improve upon in your posts. Whether it's formatting, content, photos, or your writing style, any experience if done right can be turned into a very fascinating and engaging blog. It all comes down to your ability to utilise the tools you have to tell your story in a way that captures the reader's attention. The digital era has allowed us to make use of a vast arrays of tools to help us improve almost every aspect of our content. You don't have to be a professional photographer, writer or videographer to produce quality content.

  2. Improving your influence and reputation
    Content aside, building a successful blog always requires an accumulation of influence and reputation. Sometimes it can feel extremely disheartening to know that the best of your work is simply not being seen or voted on by very many people. That is something that all of the top authors on this platform has experienced at one point or another. However, there are things you can do to improve your influence and reputation and stand out from the crowd outside of producing quality content and I'll give a few tips on this further down as well.

Have the right attitude

Natural ability is important, but you can go far without it if you have the focus, drive, desire and positive attitude.

By reading this far, you have already demonstrated some traits of having the right attitude.


  • Seek advice
  • Stay positive
  • Strive to be better
  • Always look for opportunities to learn
  • Don't be afraid to try something new
  • Take pride in your body of work.
  • Understand exposure doesn't happen over night.


  • Fixate on rewards, the expectation will detract you from producing quality content.
  • Publish something that you yourself would not read.
  • Over exert, some people can write 10 posts a day, others post once every 10 days. Posting too much can lead to burn out.
  • Force the issue. This can be applied to many aspects of blogging, but one example would be spamming your post everywhere on Steemit.chat, or asking people directly to vote for your post. Keep your sights on making a good blog then the value will naturally come through.

Improving your content

Do you know what your niche is?

Pick a niche and fill it (or even better, carve out your own)

Ask yourself these questions :

Can you describe what your blog is about in one sentence?

Does your audience know what they're expecting from you by following you?

Do I write about topics that offer my own unique perspective, and not just content that can be found online elsewhere?

People already blog about the things I want to blog about, what can I do differently / better?

What to write about is often the first barrier to entry for the aspiring blogger.
"My life is boring"
"I can't afford to travel and eat at luxury places"
"I don't have an interesting life"
"I'm not good at writing"

These are some of the more common points of contention which all have one thing in common. The assumption that you have nothing of value to add. It is a defeatist attitude and one that is ultimately getting in the way of you making progress on the journey of blogging. @jerrybanfield has made a brilliant video about "What stops us from making millions online and having the life of our dreams?" which largely discusses the barriers that people put in front of themselves, making it difficult for them to take strides forward.

A defeatist attitude will come across in a blog. The posts will be erratic, and be mostly very unfulfilling and uninspiring. Don't get in the way of yourself. Set yourself free.

Pick topics that you are passionate about, and take an interest in. Think about the conversations you have with your friends about topics you feel strongly about. Identify what it is about you that makes you unique, then channel that into your blogs.

Most successful lifestyle bloggers will trace their origins back to a single niche. For example, food recipes, fashion, travel etc. Sometime later on their journey, they may expand their blog to cover other topics, but what brought them the readership in the first place was their passion for the things they care about the most.

On the contrary, if you only ever blog about a single thing, your followers may start to get bored of your content. More than likely, they want to see you step out of your comfort zone, and start expanding on the range of topics you blog about.

But she already has an awesome travel blog, what else can I do?

Just because others blog about the same things doesn't mean you can't add value in your way, unique to you.
Every single person comes from a different background, different walks of life, and has their own unique lens. It is up to you to offer your unique perspective, and offer compelling angles that others don't.

For example, there is no shortage of people who travel all over the world, and take beautiful pictures to upload to instagram. I realised that out of all those people, very few of them make use of sets of photos to tell their story. I realised that I could offer more than just a single picture, I could make the whole experience more engaging. Putting my thoughts down through writing means that I can go into much more detail about how I felt about a place I visited. And using photos and video, I can supplement my posts to capture and engage the audience much more than with a single picture. This way, people also start to get a stronger feel of my personality, which is also really important.

Put simply, people who live a similar lifestyle to me, can't be bothered to spend the time to document what they get up to. At least not with stories, pictures and video.

  • Stick to topics that define who you are and what you like to do
  • Offer a unique perspective
  • Offer compelling angles that others don't
  • Tell the story from your perspective

Can you tell a story with your pictures?

Photos make or break your blog

Instagram take two.

Thanks to instagram, the barrier to taking photos and sharing is a whole lot easier. The proliferation of better and better camera phones means that reasonable quality snaps can be taken without expensive cameras.

Steemit isn't instagram, but it doesn't mean you can't take the lessons learnt from taking decent photos, and then using them in your blog.

I use photos extensively in all of my posts because I believe in engaging and visual story telling. I want people with limited time or limited attention span to be able to enjoy my posts by going through the photos and still getting a large portion of the story.

I take photos quite thoroughly. For instance, with food blogs, I will take photos of the surrounding area of the restaurant, then pictures of the decoration inside the restaurant. I like to take pictures of the menu because often they can be quite unique and also shows the variety of dishes available to my readers. Of course, being the slightly narcissist person that I am, I love having pictures taken of me too, so they'll usually be at least of photo of me outside the restaurant, inside, and with the food.

When it comes to the food, I love to take pictures of each dish individually, and then all together. Yes, this does mean that I usually can't eat until the last dish arrives. A small price to pay.

That will give you an idea of the set of photographs I like to take.
Of course, photos alone can be quite "dry", especially if some explanation or commentary about the pictures isn't supplemented along side. How much you choose to write is up to you, but don't ignore it.

Here are some things that I take into account when taking photos.

  • When taking pictures in a restaurant, I always try get a table by the window. This allows for the best natural lighting possible.
  • Never take photos into the direction of the light. Do the opposite.
  • I like bright vivid colours, so I tend to pick scenery with the most diverse amount of colours
  • Use the grid lines on your viewfinder / screen to help frame your shot, and place the subject in the appropriate place.
    A simple trick used by photographers is the rule of thirds.
  • Take plenty of test shots to get the right composition (angles, lighting, focus, what's in the frame etc.). You will pick and choose the best ones later anyway.
  • Take photos from lots of different angles and positions. Top down, bottom up, from the side, the front, the back.
A lot of the time, you aren't presented with all the time in the world to get the perfect shot. For instance, taking pictures of wild life, whilst in a car etc. Using your phone is the quick and easy way to get those moments captured. In good lighting, your phone can actually take some pretty terrific pictures, so don't get out that DSLR just yet. Remember to tap the subject on your screen to get the right focus.

A camera phone doesn't beat a decent camera. And that's why I always have my trusty DSLR with me. I use a Canon 5D MK ii with a 50mm f/1.4 prime lens. One thing that I would recommend is learning to take pictures on manual mode. Understand and learn to adjust settings such as ISO, F Stop, Shutter speed and white balance.

Technicality aside, the important point is to use photos to tell your story. Capture the details. Do use examples of good photos on places like instagram for inspiration and try make the photos your own.

Here are some ideas:

  • For food, why not try arrange the food in some way. You can be quite creative with how you lay not just the dishes, but the food in the dishes.
  • Take cliche pictures but make them your own. How do you make them your own? Put something of importance to you in the picture, or put yourself in the picture.
  • Take first person perspectives, for example, a picture of your hand pointing to something in the photo, or a picture of you looking down. (That's why pictures of feet and shoes are so popular!)
  • Play around with the F stop to get some really fancy bokeh.

Has your blog got personality?

Writing YOUR story

Do you have personality?

When it comes to writing style, there is a lot of leeway. Each author will have a unique footprint which avid followers will grow accustomed to. Your writing contributes a large part of how people identify with you. This is because there can be a lot of personality picked up through someone's writing.

The best authors will possess personality, to the point that you could read a random excerpt of their writing and know who it is who wrote it. Their style is clearly identifiable, and this will apply to their whole body of work that is their blog.

As an aspiring lifestyle blogger, it is important that you let your audience quickly pick up your personality through your writing. It is a large part of why they will choose to follow you.

Learning to be an effective writer can take quite some time, especially if you intend to write in English, and English is not your native language.

For me, most of my advanced education was in English, but my mother tongue is Chinese. This can actually work in my favour because it allows me to draw on unusual vocabulary when crossing over the language barrier.

It has also made me more conducive to learning certain aspects of writing from other good authors which I can then integrate into my own.

I spend a great deal of time reading, not just blogs, but books on a wide variety of topics. Following a variety of authors on topics you intend to write about can help boost your vocabulary as well as bolster your writing style. You will more than likely want to start building up a healthy list of adjectives and superlatives to help express how you feel about something with more punch.

Focus on your perspective

When you are attempting to transfer knowledge through your blogs, it's important that you do so through your perspective. If you are informing your readers of information they can find else here on the internet without your own added value, then why would they choose to read your blog?

Obviously spend time researching your content, but make sure that you do not become too focused on just regurgitating content that can be easily found elsewhere. Add value by giving your perspective.

Do give your readers the necessary background information, but supplement with your experience and thoughts.

Not all blogs have to be wordy or dare I say, "formal"

This post aside, most of my blogs are a healthy mixture of pictures, background information, and commentary. You do not need to write essays in lifestyle blogs. Instead, focus on delivering your content in a personal way that readers can identify with.

Imagine telling your friend about an experience you had. That's the kind of tone you're looking for.

Improving your influence and reputation

You can't measure reputation with a number

Although Steemit has an internal reputation system, what really matters is your reputation in the eyes of your readers and the wider platform. It's kind of like a game where a high "level" doesn't really make you a good player. It just means that you "play" alot.

On Steemit, your audience will have their own personal measure of your reputation irrelevant to the number beside your name. And that measure turns out to be more important.

The more "reputable" you are, the more social influence you have. Of course, on Steemit, you also have Steem Power which gives you some level of influence in terms of voting. However, building your real influence, ie. How many people are willing to read what you write and listen to what your opinions are, is something totally different.

Here are some ways you can build your real reputation and real influence.

Engage with your audience

Engage, engage and engage! Engagement is sort of a buzzword on Steemit, often a measure of how 'hot' a post is, or how popular an author is.

Just as leaving a meaningful comment on someone else's blog can make their day, so can replying to a comment on your own post.

I try to engage with every single one of my commenters and I welcome comments. This is because I like to connect with my readers and build a long term relationship. Even leaving a reply of gratitude is better than nothing at all. The fact that a reader has decided to spend that extra bit of effort to comment on your work, means that they are not to be left hanging empty.

Respect the fact that they have taken the time to read your post, and then comment on it.
Acknowledge what they're saying and comment appropriately.

Expand your reach, let your name be seen

Aside from replying to your own posts, it is always good to leave a comment on other people's posts. Especially if you really liked what they wrote. Early on, I set myself goals inspired by @thecryptofiend to make 100 meaningful comments a day. Of course, that's no easy task, but it's better to aim for the stars and land on the moon right?

Comments are a powerful way of creating engagement and discussion. An insightful reply will instigate further discussion. If your insight is considered valuable, people may stumble across your comment and decide to browse your blog to see more.

I have personally followed many authors through seeing and reading comments they've made on other blogs.

Try commenting on trending topics with the most amount of engagement. This is because the most amount of people will have their eyes on these posts, you will have a better chance of someone reading your comment that way.

Other channels you might consider

Steemit.chat is where you'll find a lot of the chatter regarding all things Steemit. Making a regular appearance on there, and participating in discussions is a great way to network.

You can also promote your post in the post promotion channels. Just be aware that some channels have rules, or moderation.

Another chat place becoming quite popular is the Steemit and Golos Discord channel. It's more of the same, except there are more opportunities to voice chat.

Make use of other social media

You might have noticed that at the bottom of your post, you have some quick share links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Use them. You can take advantage of your existing network on those social platforms to get more views to your post. Not only does it mean that your views per dollar go up, it also creates opportunity for your friends to sign up to Steemit.

Take part in community wide competitions and challenges

There are several long time running competitions on Steemit that welcome all users. It is a great way for people with the same interest to come together and contribute to the system.

I have taken part in several Open Mic Challenges, Steemit Photo Challenges and acted as a judge for the Culinary Challenge. In doing so, I've had the pleasure of networking with not only the people who run them, but also many of the participants.

In addition, I have taken part in instance competitions run by other others on the platform. For example, the Halloween Costume Contest by Stellebelle (this was my entry).

I've also run my own competition which @papa-pepper stole the show with his entry.

The attention economy

There are built in mechanisms which allow you to somewhat influence the visibility of your content on the site. The first as everyone is familiar with is upvoting. Of course, upvoting your own post will only ever contribute a very small amount to bringing it up the visibility ladder, but upvoting comments that you like will actually draw attention to you.

It is a way of acknowledging someone else's input to some discussion. And if that person is observant, they will notice your upvote and likely appreciate it more.

Paid Promotions are another way pushing up visibility of your own posts. Some what cheaper than buying a huge amount of Steem Power, you can place your post as highly as you want on the Promoted page and contend with a less congested trending page. I've tried this several times, especially on posts that I just want as many people as I can to see.

Accumulate Steem Power. Building your Steem Power is building your long term vested interest in the platform. The more Steem Power you have, the more you have at stake for the platform to succeed. Your blog and body of work is going to benefit from the success of the platform, and you'll want to have your skin in the game for when that happens. Here is a fantastic blog by @kevinwong on Why you should consider accumulating Steem Power.

Final Suggestions

Value is a function of time projection

A life as a minnow early on can be quite tough. Little exposure, and small rewards can kill motivation for continuing to contribute. But the value of your time should not be observed on the day to day. Sometimes, it takes a whole life time to gain some real exposure and reward for your work. Hopefully though, you have made an intelligent decision to invest your time into something that is still in it's very early stages. The future is bright, and the best is yet to come.

I suggest reading a post by @dantheman on Building Long Term Value from your Blog. For many who have stuck with Steemit from early on and stuck it out through the valley of death, they are now starting to see real value in building up their following, and making continued contribution to the platform.

Invest your time and money for the long haul

Investing into the platform can be as simple as just putting pen to paper (figuratively speaking) and contributing on a regular basis. In the short term, you may start getting some decent rewards for your work. More importantly, you will start gaining traction on your viewership. This is all at the opportunity cost of time.

In the long run, your time will pay compound dividends as it encapsulates not only the rewards you earn, but also the social capital you have built.

Invest in life experiences

As I briefly mentioned earlier, lifestyle bloggers usually carve out their own niche and build a fair following through that niche.

Life experience is a large part of lifestyle blogging, as such, you'll want to continually build upon your life experiences by trying new things, going to new places, eating new foods, meeting new people. If you blog about new technology, then you'll want to stay at the cutting edge of technology. This all means spending some of that hard earned money in spicing up your life and gaining valuable life experience.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem extra wise for their age?

It's because they've spent a great deal of time experiencing life as much as possible.

Investing in yourself to gain more life experience is never a waste of money, because you'll walk away better informed, more wise, and more experienced.

Invest in better equipment

If you want to take your lifestyle blog to the next level, then eventually you'll want to start thinking about upgrading your gear. The bread and butter equipment for any lifestyle blogger is their camera. Depending on what kind of photography you want to shoot, you may even have to invest in buying a few different kinds of cameras.

My blogging equipment is always expanding, but here is what I currently use.

  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • GoPro Hero 4 Black
  • DJI Osmo Mobile
  • DJI Phantom 4 Drone
  • Canon 5D MK II

Be the jack of all trades

Over the course of your blogging career, you'll have plenty of challenges to overcome, many of which you will likely have never touched upon before. For instance, Video Editing, Photo Retouching with Photoshop, HTML, Markdown, the list goes on. As a blogger always aspiring to be better, it is always wise to top up and broaden your skill sets to tackle the demand for better and better quality content.

Blogging is like an art, your creativity can be endless. It's quality, subjective. If you continue to challenge yourself along the way, always learning, always striving for betterment, then you are on the right tracks to forging a successful lifestyle blog!

I hope you have found at least some of this article to be helpful.
I may decide to revisit some of these sections in further detail in later posts.

Please up-vote if you liked the post, and of course resteem and follow me for more lifestyle blogs!

Don't forget to leave a comment!

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I love this! You have so much advice that is helpful for Steemit and other social media platforms, and even for aspiring professional writers. I admire that this was a long post that kept me (and plenty of other readers) engaged enough to read through to the end. Even the comments have more good tips, and I think you've created a thread that's genuinely helpful to many people. I followed you because I don't want to miss what you have to share!


Thank you for taking the time to read through it all. I'm very happy that so many people have found it to be a useful resource. It did take me a very long time to write, and an even longer time to accumulate enough experience to know what write. Hopefully, the wisdom can be uplifting and useful for now and in the future!

Thanks again:)


I'm sure it will be!


I totally agree! Great post sweetsssj

This is probably the best post of yours I have ever read. Well written - excellent advice - very informative.

I wish you continued success on this platform.. You do a good job of showing "how its done" in all of your posts!


Thank you rgeddes, with so many fresh faces, I feel like this is the right time to spread some words of advice.

Thank you for taking the time to read it all.

Look forward to seeing you comment in the future.


Yes! This is absolutely the best post of yours I've read sweetsssj. Thanks for thinking about all the aspiring Steemlings! I know a lot of them look up to you. I really appreciate you encouraging people to focus on their own internal motivations and not the 'reward'. I know it seems obvious, but I feel like it's a great reminder for all of us. I get caught up in it too sometime...but the best things always come when you're doing them out of plain love.

Also, @sweetsssj, I don't mean to pander, but I'm currently the high bidder over here for @customnature's gorgeous Steemscape painting...and I absolutely want to win!! But more than that, I want more people to see it...It's so wonderful. I paid for a @randowhale for @customnature already, but I wish there was more I could do. Any chance you would take a look at it??? I'll send you ALL OF MY CUTE CAT PICTURES! here's a quick sample

cute! (and dangerous!!!! AAAIIIIIEEEEEE!!! but look at tail wrap...gotta keep the toesies warm)


Thank you very much you gave us excellent information tips. Regards from Madrid!


You're welcome. Hi Madrid!


that's a lot of good tips! Thank you!
100 comments a day!
let me buy some time heheh


I checked, it's the most paid & upvoted post on how to blog on Steemit. Deservedly so!

This post is just as long as it needed to be, as I found myself thoroughly engaged from start to finish.

It's one of the better guides out there in terms of both its writing style, as well as the applicability of its information, so thank you!

And guys, don't get discouraged if some of the posts you make don't get the number of eyeballs on them that you think they should, at first. I'm no expert, but I've seen a lot of what @sweetsssj describes here:

"Sometimes it can feel extremely disheartening to know that the best of your work is simply not being seen or voted on by very many people. That is something that all of the top authors on this platform has experienced at one point or another"

and all I can add, in agreement, is that I often follow people based on my review of their entire catalogue of posts, and I'm assuming others often do so too. So, some of your long-since abandoned entries may just be key to you gaining a loyal following that will pay dividends later on, but you just can't see it yet!!!


Thanks beckerly, you make a good point about an authors body of work. Good authors will also know how to maximise the value of a post long after it has paid out. The real value of course, is the value added to their whole portfolio. I mention this when I talk about the real reputation vs site reputation and how important it is to build a good real reputation as that is the metric that actually matters to readers old and new.


Thanks for your comment, beckerly!

Steemit is my first time blogging anywhere! My dad told me about it over a month ago and I started posting a couple of weeks ago. There is so much to learn that it is easy to feel overwhelmed by it all. Mainly, since I don't know much about Steem and all that contains, what I am most excited about for now is the opportunity to write within a community of people that have great things to write about and share.

My experience so far has been very enriching both from writing, commenting, and from comments I've received from my posts. What you bring up about the body of work is where you get my attention as I believe in building a platform, a portfolio that begins to define you as a writer for the long term.

Thanks for your comment!

And thanks to you, sweetsssj, for all your hard work and your genuine presence!!!


I'm a newbie myself, but Welcome to you too, @museofthelake! I love your handle... sounds peaceful.

I'm glad you've found this community to be a positive experience. I know I read stuff from new bloggers ALL the time, not just the established players, so I'm looking to see some fun stuff from you soon!

And yes, I also really appreciate all of @sweetsssj's hard work here; this guide is so detailed, it must have taken forever to draft up, much less create. My hope is that the absolute maximum number of people that would be helped by this guide actually get to see it.


Dang, what's the story behind your dad telling you about it first?

Hi @sweetsssj I am new to the community (almost a week!) I've been spending most of my day looking at posts for newbies and yours just popped up! (Lucky Me) -- These are great tips and advice, I think the best advice was "Your job is to write about your life in the most interesting way possible that captures the attention of your following."

I hope to create a page filled with fitness, health and motivation content that I try to apply into my daily routine and lifestyle. I will be taking your advice on trying to write in way that captures the attention of my followers, and future followers.

thank you for your post looking forward to reading more of your content.


Atheletesinspire, thank you for reading my post carefully, your comment has already made me feel like the post was beneficial. I am sure with your attentive eye, you will do very well here.

I look forward to seeing your fitness, health and motivation content. By knowing exactly what it is you want to cover, I now know exactly what to expect by following you.

So, I'm following you :)


Thank you for your reply @sweetsssj it is highly appreciated. Your post was beautiful and inspiring and very beneficial to a newbie like me. I'm looking forward to joining a community and following other steemians that create original, creative and quality content just like you do. Thank you for the follow, highlight of my day :)


Did you know Gary Vaynerchuk talks a lot about FOLLOWING UP with posted content by engaging, building relationships, and replying back to EVERY comment? In addition to this, he also mentions DISTRIBUTING CONTENT as the thing to do when not creating content. :)


Thanks denni, I think I try my hardest to to reply to every comment. Its tough! Distributing content not sure what you mean by that..


"Your job is to write about your life in the most interesting way possible that captures the attention of your following." - Yeah, that was a great line Sweets.

This is a ridiculously good, long, thoughtful, effortful (not even a word!) post, and one of the best that I've read on here I do believe.
You do a great job of....something!....which I can't put my finger on. Because of all the interests you listed, we have zero overlapping! I'm even a dog person.
But...I read everything you post. Always find everything so well thought-out, especially with the organizational layout of the post. Great flow as you read through your posts!


meme.for.steem, thank you for the vote of confidence.

There is a certain methodology to follow when crafting your posts.

If you use photos like a story board, and start from there, then the layout will flow.

When writing longer pieces of writing, I start off with a wire frame of the main topics I want to discuss , then their subtitles, and then bullet points. I will then expand as necessary, and fill out the wire frame.

I had to bookmark your post so that I can go through it a few more times, as I only got to half. I wrote things down in sticky notes and will try to apply your great advice.
Thank you again for everything that you do for the community and I hope that you get back what you deserve .


This post received a 2.0% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @kingmotan! For more information, click here!

This post has some really good tips and advice and I really appreciate the time you put into helping us understand what makes for a good, engaging blog. I love reading your posts and am always inspired by them. Thank you.


Luzcypher , thank you for this comment, it's very encouraging! It's been quite a journey for me and obviously we are now being graced with new friends on Steem it so it's time to share our accumulated wisdom! Thanks for taking the time to read through, it's quite long!


Are you kidding? I poured over every word multiple times. Bookmarked it for future reference and am applying what you have taught me to my blog
I'm even looking at the camera and drone you're using because I love your pics. Thank you

The best guide on lifestyle blogging i've read anywhere, ever! I think maybe part of the solution is also not to read too many guides as well btw xD


Ah, Kevin, credit to you too for my mention of your steem power article, team work!

Took my time to read from start to finish...thanks a lot!


Thank you popet, I suspect it must have taken 10 minutes or longer to read through it? Much longer than my usual stuff.


It must have taken up to that duration, didnt quite check the time; it was worth the read. You indeed poured your heart into it. Thanks again!

Really detailed post thanks, very helpful tips and direction.


My pleasure!

Thank you so much, I enjoyed your post and found some interesting things I did not know about steemit.


That's good, that means there was some value in it for you! Perfect!


Most excellent thorough job on this one. You are inspiring and will be guiding a load of people toward better content, positive attitude and posts while helping them thrive on so many levels. Thank you, namaste :)


Haha, sounds like a fitting name. I've learnt a lot since starting my blog here, so i'm just spreading a little what i've learnt!

Thank you for the positive vibes!

Thank you very mich, well done!

Legit! Love how articulate you are!


Hope it was useful!

Wow this post is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing such a lot of information with us :)

I always try to figure out how to get more influence and what is the main psychology of a platform. I like your advice to write more meaningful comments and help other people with this.

I tried this a lot in german facebook groups and got from this a lot of followers back! So a very good point :)

I am very grateful for such wonderful tips. This is a very good post. I will reread it several times. A lot of valuable and useful information for me. I still have so much to learn. I wish You success. Thank you @sweetsssj


Thanks madlenfox, hopefully it was useful to you.

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All your posts are successful


Thank you.

Thanks a lot for the tips, it is really inspiring! I was thinking on how to write the blog. I'm keep thinking of "should I do what other bloggers do?", "should I copy their style?", "but they already have large number of subscribers, how am I able to do that..". All these thoughts are stopping me from blogging, your post really encourage me to continue my blogging. Thanks a lot!


keep it up! Persistence is key!
No accomplishment is ever worth celebrating about if it wasn't a challenge to achieve.


For anyone looking for tips on persistence... I recommend The Founders movie. It's true story about the Founder of McDonalds... In fact, I found quick clip referencing the scene about persistence. See it here:

"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence." :)

Wow, everyone can flight with you.


If i decide to take flying more seriously you can expect 'fly with me' posts! haha


Yup, I believe I can fly :-D

I think you’re stunning! and good post very great job.

Interesting read. It was nicely put together @sweetsssj


no problem, hoorah for getting through it :)

Great information. I am new to steemit so am learning from helpful how to posts like this one. Thanks.


This was written specifically for people like you. I really hope you walked away with some new angels to approach things. Do let me know if you have anything that needs further explanation or clarity.

Lots of excellent tips and focus points in this article. Resteeming this now.


Thanks joanaltres, appreciate the support!

love your material .really good information you provided


Glad you found it helpful.

send regards for success


i'm sure you can find something in there to help you !


Certainly very inspired


Happy I inspired you!


Yes, thank you very much

Wow ^_^ awesome post and amazing looking photos. Whoever your photographer is they're doing a great job. Such nice detail in editing. Any idea what software is used to do the editing?:) either way thanks for sharing!


One of the pillars of good lifestyle content is taking photos that grab attention and 'pop'. Its no accident that the top instagram people have really awesome photos. In a post later down the line, I'll share some tips on how to edit photos. (I'm no expert, just do it all the time, every single day)


Agreed!:) & yes that would be great! I will definitely be staying tuned.👍 Thank you again @sweetsssj


I look forward to seeing more about taking and editing good photos!


Yeah, how do you edit your photos? Have you blogged about it yet? I've just been using https://www.canva.com/, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to everyone who's designing photos, thumbnails, posts for all platforms, and etc.


I haven't blogged about that yet, because i'm actually still experimenting alot and learning. But i do dabble with photoshop mostly tweaking colours. And thanks for that link , i'll have a play and see if I can use it!

Dang. That's a very long post :) very helpful tho! Thank you so much!


Sometimes, you really can't condense things anymore, this was the result.


True! But funny I read it from the bottom.lol! I don't know why I did it! But hey I finished reading it.haha . Great post. Great tips. Great pictures. Thanks again.

The whole article was really helpful, thanks a lot for taking the time to write this!


I'm so glad to hear that, the worse thing is to write Sonnets to cows. (That's an expression by the way). Hope you will find use in the tips, now and in the future.


Hahaha! you definitely pointed me in the right direction, I appreciate it :)

Very interesting article!)))


Bit longer than my usual stuff. But, so many people asked me for some tips so I thought i'd write something.

Then it turned into this.


It's good ;)

DJI is pretty great! I see you have one of their better ones. I have the Phantom Standard but don't get to use it much.

You have a good connection with the community, keep it up! This is awesome content!

~ @Timbo


Thank you timbo, I hope we can build a better community where everybody can help each other out in some way.


I absolutely agree!

Thanks for the response, what Steemit is and the way this community responds to it is outstanding.

The biggest reasons something attracts you is the value. STEEM is showing that, as well as the community.

Very well written and explained. Obviously you enjoy what you are doing.


Thanks jiva, you sussed me out quickly :)

You really are a successful blogger and I can say your vocab is so vast that you can right for any topic so smoothly and easily.


Thanks rocksg, I find writing some topics much harder than others. Chinese culture for instance is truly a nightmare to write in English. There simply are no direct translations. General lifestyle is pretty manageable though.

Was there any particular time on your 200 post journey where the lightbulb suddenly came on, and you had an "aha!" moment, or was it a continual, gradual process without any memorable, defining moments?


Good question, I didn't actually have a eureka moment. I actually had writers block earlier on. It mostly came down to the fact that I didn't read enough English text, and everything I learned was academic.

I remember around the time I published my first Miss. Opinionated post, was the time that I sort of felt comfortable writing some English satire. Prior to that, it would have been out of my comfort zone and beyond my ability. Perhaps stepping out of my comfort zone is really what shook things up and helped me rise to new plateaus.

Nice post. Followed!!!


Welcome @sweetsssj, would you consider resteeming any of my post someday? It will be appreciated.

Much valuable post. Thank you.


You can refer back to it in the future !

I appreciate the time and effort you must have spent creating this article. It will definitely benefit all of us minnows. Thank you. Upped and followed


You are certainly most welcome billytwohearts, if you found it useful, then i'm happy!

Thank you for the great advise. Well worth the read. Being a newbie at this and not having much experience, this was some great information.


I'm glad it was of some help to you, I hope you use it to some measurable success :)

Wow. Good post.


Thanks coindup.

Always a pleasure to watch and read your posts. And so much to learn from this one. I am learning mandarin, but I can only start to dream of ever becoming as fluent as you are in english.


Pleasure to have you as a follower, thank you. You are also one of the smaller fraction of people i've currently had the pleasure of engaging with, so like I said in my article, that's a very positive thing both for you and for me!

haha SWOT analysis, but first, you are a woman and look like pretty.


Thank you, but in this instance, I will have to disagree.

I take my blog very seriously because I like to feel proud of my work. By writing this article, I hope you have a glimpse into the amount of work that goes into each one of my posts.

More than half of my posts are bilingual, and each photo is selected from literally hundreds. I also sometimes edit videos. These usually include footage from my Osmo and Phantom 4.

I think that if anyone spends at least the same time as me on producing content, then they would certainly start getting noticed sooner rather than later. Regardless of if they were a woman, or if they were pretty.

Great post, thanks so much for sharing your insights into blogging.


You are welcome, thank you for taking the time to read through. It's my longest post so far.


cheers rizkiavonna!


Do not forget visit me too, follow and upvote me ;)


Will do, thank you!

Ooh. Sweet article. I'll have to print it and read it sloowly. Good advice. Thanks.


Oh please do, would be quite useful to have it by your side for reference.

Thankyou for sharing such amazing advice. It is great to get some real advice from someone who has made a great name for themselves here on steemit. Upvoted and followed so I don't miss anymore of your great work.


Thank you silvernova, hopefully see you more often round these waters :)

Reading all your advice is going to be very helpful. Thank you so much. I like it when people help each other where they can. Upvoted and resteemed


Bernadette, you're very welcome. I hope you have some measurable success in the future.


You are very kind replying. Many thanks.

really nice and thaks you you are beautiful and so is your heart thank for being a wonderful person trying to help people thanks again


My pleasure.

Wow thanks for the great advice. The only thing I am missing now is a great body. Any suggestions on where I can get one ?


You're welcome. No idea about the body thing, I just eat eat and eat. I rarely go to the gym, but I do spend most of my time being active and walking everywhere.


I was mainly talking about where I could get a nice set of breast implants. That's what everyone wants to right ? LOL. Thanks for your response.

You have explained in very detailed how a standard blog post should be. Specially your tips on photography will help me a lot.


Well, I tried not to describe what a 'standard' post would because lifestyle is such a broad area it could different quite a lot from person to person. However, most of the tips I mentioned are transferable to any blog. And that's the real value.

This post helps me a lot as a newbie. Thanks a lot for your effort to write it.


Sure thing, thanks for reading. You now know more than me when I first joined. I had to work out most of this myself.

am a new here, found your post very insightful, following you for more great post.


Welcome to steemit darkerhorse, I hope you find your niche here, and enjoy every bit of your journey.

I'm leaving a comment so I can read this later :)

This is an excellent guide for users. I wish I could print a copy for future reference. I especially enjoyed your "Do" list, with one addition -- to write/post as often as you can. If we can do everything else you've said, and keep practicing, we should have a good shot at blogging success.

Thanks again for taking the time to document your thoughts on this.


You're welcome redhens, actually I thought about the frequency of writing as a point to discuss. Whilst I do encourage people to practice and hone their skill of blogging, I wouldn't want them to favour producing quantity over quality. At the beginning it's probably just better to make it a habit to write though.

Great ideas! Thank you for sharing this sweetsssj. You give solid, usable answers to making it work.


You're welcome terrybrock.

Wow, I read every single word twice. First, I am amazed at how much information you know about the art of taking pictures! Secondly, the marketing part seems to bring extra interest. There is much information here and it seems to cover all angles. Honestly, I think you could write a book on this subject. Congratulations, never cease to surprise me! Hebro.


hebro, I really appreciate you taking the time (twice!) to read through. I must have been quite tired because even though I proof read it a few times myself, I've now corrected some really obvious errors. Still, I hope you got the main points and learned a thing or two.


It was like gold. Thank you for make yourself time to answer my comment every time.

@sweetsssj, this is one of the best and well brief article for people like me who are new in this field, the creativity really inspires me. And this keep me motivated that one day, I will make it.
I love writing, although English is not my first language, trying hard, this really give me inspiration.
Give me advice please as English is not my mother tongue, I some time facing difficulties in selecting proper words as you writing like professional, what should I do to overcome this? A valuable suggestion is welcome from all of the readers.
2nd, as you said some people could write more in a day, but for me writing a single post 's hard to complete in a day, so how can I overcome this?
Either way, enjoy your creative blogging!!


viralcutz, I understand your struggle, as a number of years ago, i had the same struggles. There really isn't any quick fix to improving language skills. You can however gradually improve by reading as often as you can. And then practice your writing either in a private diary, or with someone who will correct your English.
Aim to read atleast 1 book a month. Don't skim across the little details, because it is those that differentiate a good writer from a bad one, and you need to assimilate those details into your own repertoire.

Don't worry about writing more than one post a day.
Set realistic and achievable goals, and take them in bitesize steps.


You know, I can imagine you blogging about "Learning how to become a "turnkey" blogger", plus the process of learning English! (I'm sure most users are global and deal with the EXACT same challenge). In regards to learning how to post faster, better, stronger, and etc. I recommend these notes:

. I promise you'll know what to say and do after you watch these two videos. Any other video you wish to watch by Gary will significantly improve your Steemit game. ;)

Whow ! I've got to say , this is a super impressive post ! Amazing pictures and tips . Thank you : ) followed , upped and resteemed .


Thank you stefan, welcome !

Thank you for sharing such an in depth guide for the aspiring life style blogger. I appreciate you taking the time to go through all these tips and tricks, you've given me some ideas for what to do better next here on steemit. Thank you and steem on! :)


You're very welcome raluca, thanks for reading it through and picking up some pointers. Look forward to seeing your work soon.


(beautiful and interesting post mate )


Thanks. Never got that lava reference..


There is a beginning to everything... ;)

Wow, tons of great information! Thank you for taking the time to share and go deep and expand. Question: who do you seek advise from and how? Private message, friends, random 3rd party unbiased strangers?


Sure thing, so as I explained in my post, I tend to infuse pictures along with writing to help tell a story, more recently I have started including some videos as well.

Taking good pictures is a fairly isolated exercise which i've had some informal lessons with professional photographers to learn some of the basics, but more importantly, I am always practising and looking for ways to capture shots that I like from places like instagram.

I tend not to ask 3rd party strangers because I don't have a gauge of how useful their advice would be. Of course, if it is someone with a reputable repertoire of work, then I can trust their credibility some more. The only problem is, they probably don't have too much reason to tell me their secrets, so it comes back to me trying to critically analyse my own work against those of my peers and always trying to improve.

  • Willingness to try something new
  • Challenge yourself
  • Learn something new

Hi Kubbyelizabeth! =D I have a good answer for you question, "who do you seek advise from and how?" This answer is a DJ'd from a 14 hour audio program entitled, "Your Wish Is Your Command", which I highly recommend. I intend to blog post about this, but here's the thumbnail sketch of what my colleagues and I call 'The Foundation':

WHO DO YOU LISTEN TO? | Listen to people who have or have become what you want.
TEACHABILITY INDEX | What's your willing to learn? AND What's your willing to accept change? (Be willing to GIVE UP SOMETHING, specifically your time, money, and energy to learn how to Steemit)
TRAINING BALANCE SCALE | Focus 99.9% of your time on the WHY and .01% on the HOW. (The WHY consists of your attitudes, motivations, thoughts, desires, intentions and dreams)
THE 4 STEPS OF PROCESSING NEW INFORMATION | a) You Don't Know What You Don't Know b) Now You Know That You Don't Know It c) Conscious Competence, which is applying IT repetitively until you're.. d) UNCONSCIOUSLY Competent, where you do it Automatically, like tying a shoelace. ;) (Your 'mentors' like Sweets can only take you up to steps 1 and 2. Conscious Competence, step 3, is YOUR/ OUR job and is the step that will lead to measurable wealth)
MASTER THE BASICS | Master the first 4 basics. ("Mastering the Basics is a Basic")

Without going into too much detail, I hope you get the jist of HOW TO GET COUNCIL from those who have what you want like Sweets.. In fact, I'll include a little more detail above in parentheses ( ).

For your second Q's: "Private message, friends, random 3rd party unbiased strangers?" The blunt answer is a) BOOKS b) AUDIO PROGRAMS c) SEMINARS/ Live events d) 1-on-1 mentorship/apprenticeship (It's a combo of over-the-phone, texts, and face to face interactions & typically your 'mentors' will directly or indirectly refer/ point you in the right direction to someone you can listen to.)

If you care to learn more, here's where this data stems from: (a YouTube Playlist of "Your Wish Is Your Command")

I studied this elite and essoteric information 5 years ago and still today continue to use it today. If I can distill into 1 or 2 sentences, I'd say, "YOU CAN BE, DO, & HAVE ANYTHING YOU DESIRE", and "There is NOTHING more important than YOU FEEL GOOD and KEEP FEELING BETTER

Bye for now. :) Hope it helps a lil. - @denni, the crypto-vlogger

PS. I can go into depth if needed. ;)

PPS. This is probably my longest Steemit post so far. I'm proud of myself! :)

Nice posts can never be too long! this article is full of good exposures which kept me reading till the end, thanks a lot


Thanks max, hoped you got some new insights.


Sure, especially from your hard-working nature, you're awesome with your work here, there is this passion that I sensed in you. keep it up.

Great advice. Many Thanks


you're welcome, hope you picked up something!

I'm so happy you made this post. It helps us newbies learn to be successful on Steemit. I've been admiring your work and your pictures. I love traveling but don't get to do it very often. So blogs like your keep me hopeful of doing it more someday.


My pleasure, I appreciate you following, and hope to see you comment on my posts some more :)

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牛B,这浏览量如果放放 adsense 广告肯定赚大发了




嗯,这种成功无法复制,原因有:(1)需要是美女(2)需要身材好 (3)需要有钱(4)需要有时间(5)不需要工作(6)不能有孩子
我哪一点都没法满足。 真是羡慕

Success = Post stuff, although eyes like yours help a lot i imagine ;P


Thanks, but I wanted to attack the various ways people can improve on their blogging, all other things equal. Sure, everybody has different circumstances, but on average, there are viable ways to increase viewership and recognition outside of leveraging innate attributes.


Would never call them eyes innate attributes nor was i trying to be mean :)


No worries, I understood your point. Thanks for the compliment =)

i guess you forgot to mention the biggest factor for successful blogging and youtubing at all is just by:

being a nice cute looking girl ;-) ohhhhhhhhhh ^^

however i'm pretty much impressed about your post quality.
Awesome stuff :-) will keep following
greetings from Pattaya
oh and if you like beer check out my latest non-sense post :-) would love to see you there just for fun @chrisx


Thanks! It helps a bit.. but what happens when all the cute looking girls come to play? Gotta start stepping up the game!

(I'll check out your post)


ahhhh don't worry as far as i can see you got all the tools to be on top of your game :-)
no doubt at all, you're doing it right :-)



amazing posting for newbies.

I learned a lot :)


you're welcome!

Great tips thank you for sharing. Trying my best to read everything I can, to learn and improve. Thank you :)


you're very welcome. Feel free to ask me if you need clarification on anything.


Thank you. Everyone is so nice on here :)


One of the most amazing things about Steemit is how positive and supportive the community is when a little bit of money is at stake. I think that's very 'intelligent' design.

Thank you @sweetsssj. I've been trying to find articles that can help me improve my blogging. This one covered a lot. Thanks again.


You're welcome. I'm glad it has some value to you. If you have other challenges, do let me know and I might be able to go into more detail.


Wow! Thank you. :)

It's no doubt why you are successful on here!. Your effort and great energy is marvelous. You were actually one of the first page i stumble upon. You were the first person i followed when i started here. I feel like beginner lifestyle bloggers like myself can learn so much from you. Thank you and congratulations. You are valuable to this platform and deserve all the success and love from this community.

If you are ever in Bangkok and want to hangout with a local please let me know :)


suerisue, thank you for your kind words. Less than a year ago, I was starting out here and facing many of the challenges new users face today. It is after all one continuous learning process which I think takes some practice. But like with anything else, if you do your best, and keep challenging yourself to improve, then things can only get better right?

I actually just came back from Bangkok not too long ago, next time I am there (which is probably very soon) , let's meet up :)

thanks for the tutorial. you've done a really great in detail job for us newbies. still a long way to go and is very much worth trying.


you're welcome gabriellasam, if you have anything else in specific that you struggle with, I might be able to write in more detail in a later post.

Thanks so much for this, as a new person to Steemit I'm still finding how I best fit into the space of this brilliant platform. You've done an incredible job here and your work is truly outstanding. It's easy and fun to read and the story is skillfully interwoven throughout. I've got a couple of posts here on Steemit and I'm so excited to discover the valuable set of tools and a smart template you've provided here. Thanks again for informative valuable read, upvoted and following you for more!


Hi judym, yes, I think with the site being so new and still trying to find it's own place, you are not alone in trying to find where you fit in. But, if the platform is to have success appealing to a general crowd, then lifestyle blogging irrevocably will need to be it's flagship content. So, it's a wonderful opportunity for us to develop our blogs for when that happens.

Hopefully these insights can help build towards that future. We can only get there if everybody who does blog about lifestyle works together on producing great content.

Hope to see you more :)


Hi sweetsssj, agree with you completely. Content is king. And by the way your content is awesome, really well done. When you're new it takes time but I really love it here and am excited about the future. Hope you're doing great! :)

Thank you for your many useful tips on lifestyle blogging. I compliment you on your excellent use of the English language - and yes, I read the entire blog. I have followed and upvoted you


Well done! Thanks for reading it all the way through, I hope it was informative and helpful to you. Hope to see you put some of the tips to good use in your own blog soon! (Don't forget to tag me !)


I wont - please have a look at my posts - very new here


Lovely stories, i'm looking forward to seeing more :)


Thank you - I appreciate your commenting

there are many helpful tips here! thanx! I have been recently trying to take good pictures of foods and drinks to post in my blog. But still its very difficult. seeing as many good pictures of others as possible is also important to improve the quality. upvote !


mjcha42, you're very welcome! One thing I can't stress enough is practice. I am always taking photos of everything everywhere I go, and I am quite critical of my work even in the midst of everyone telling me it's fine. I think that is the only way we can expect to strive for better and better quality content.


I think that is really important, not being just satisfied with work but trying to be better and better. Think i need to work more ;-)