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Yesterday was all tough. "Physical Pains all through" but i try my best to surmounts odds. I am tired of "odds" really but i am "too lazy to quit" and my body tires out even more. 

Let's shift focus...

If you didn't know of my intention, start by reading this post: 

My Steemit Giveway To Universities & Colleges Round The World! I Will Give This Away, After A Steemit Discussion In The University Of Philippines, Baguio.

Then try spot me:

Did they get to hear about steemit?

I ended up reaching Baguio! 

It was cold and the clothing-FASHION there, instantly showed it. There some nice things about Baguio really. I especially like to see mixed races all around; I think the weather attracts them!

Transportation is pretty cheap too and i wondered all along, if the fact that taxis didn't use their air-con(s), was a factor.

I was with @southparkqueen. She visited Baguio last week to set up this meeting. 

I do like the idea of hijacking events and infusing some "steemit agenda" into them as it cuts down drastically on budget. It could also be a harder route to go and i do like harder routes as they feel more testimonial.

Normally, you may need to rent a location and in some cases and depending on the size of the steemit gathering, you may need to rent a projector, audio systems, an MC etc but for this Baguio steemit meeting, all was ready-made, which is awesome. 

Another tip for effectivity when it comes to steemit growth is to target influencers, leaders, teachers etc and this case, we got help from Dr Cesar Liwanag (Head of Dept.) who instantly saw the potential steemit holds for students of his department "Mass Communication". 

Basically, the University was to have a radio drama conference, to which two veteran speakers (Luvmin T Aquino & Lety Astudillo Aquino) were invited to give speech and to look for potential talents from among graduating Art students and we were to privileged by Dr Cesar, to be guest speakers.

"The Aquinos", are Filipino veterans in Radio drama: 

  • Luvmin T Aquino (SR. Production Manager at Luvlet Artist & Talent Center) and Lety Astudillo Aquino (Production Supervisor at Luvlet Artist & Talent Center) 

On The Podium...

"I wasn't really prepared", i must say. I wasn't very happy that i couldn't get shirts printed before the event, to give to the members of staff at least etc Thus, i counted on my "written steemit giveaway" but even my internet wasn't going to work! 

There was a Baguio (storm&rain) there in Baguio and this suddenly affected everything even attendance. 

Even the nearby high school, had school activities suspended and all the students sent home due to the rains. 

Too, i was dead-stressed; "We went straight from Manila to the school"

Improvisation is key!

We managed to load up some of the steemit pages to be used, on limited internet, so that at least, they can be shown "some steemit" on the projector. I got on stage, did all apologies and began. 

Basically, my message was "i was once a student and to be a top-notch student, you will need some extra-curricular activities as found in "school of life"; an enabling environment to keep in tune with "world standard"; and a community of reputable like-minds etc and now more than ever before, it is possible to find all these things in one place: "steemit".

Next, was the money-part but that was really summarized! I spoke more about the potential of the currency "steem" and what "steem" is, in relation to "fiat"

During the speech, spreadsheets were passed around to gather their details; while @southparkqueen tried to spur further interest by engaging with the audience.

We also got passionate help from the students (organizers) as they helped us do most of the tasks; like taking pictures, organization etc

Interest in steemit, did fill the room before we left. This excitement became even more evident, when we were leaving and students round the school were waving to us and calling out on us etc. 

Hahaha, the thing is, when i was talking, i couldn't really look at every face, enough to recognize them afterwards. I simply picked out two or three people in the entire room to fix my eyes on!

I had plans of talking to "The Aquinos" but they left really instant. Heavy rain does have implications on daily activities in Baguio. The rain affected us too as we couldn't engage in further steemit activities. The opportunity to talk to the high school students as earlier planned also cancelled, because they were sent home as a result of the storm.

We know how to contact "The Aquinos" at a later date.

What Next?

For the first time in forever, i tried rest! I let myself be broken and gave in, to rest

I no longer know how to sleep but i rested. 

I created a Facebook closed group and the on-boarding is on-going and we will be having new steemians in a few days. One user "@luiiiocampo" has had his username approved etc

Close to 80 people reached via texts, emails and i think that is a good number as these students have a tendency to shine on steemit as in reality, "steemit fits what they do!"

There are many educational initiatives on steemit like @steemiteducation and that helps matters.

Overall, it is not totally about numbers! When these few new steemians have great testimonies, they will spread the news about steemit to others! When Dr. Cesar, starts to see the "steemit effect" & growth, in his students, he will be open to more steemit meetups. 

It is not hard for news to spread in the Philippines! Talk happens non-stop!

The day didn't end there! 

I was to attend a hangout carried out by @brindocorp, so as to incorporate steemit into an ISDEV 2017 event, containing another audience of tech-inclined youths and tech startups. 

So i had to prepare for that later in the day and that also went on to be successful. 

I will record details about sign-ups from that event. We already have @brindocorp and @thetechlicense signed up and many more to come but that will be documented in another interesting post.

Don't mind me, i am really passionate about youths and empowering them; because they need "mirrors" and "steemit" does hold "mirrors"!


Look at steemit as also a means to "empower people". 


If you can gather people to a gathering and you want to integrate "steemit" into the gather and you need an extra hand, location is no longer a barriers, for i or anyone versed in steemit can appear in a "google hangout" etc

Your Boy Terry


My community and steemit growth effort are very much among what i do as a witness, so i tend to promote my witness underneath my posts! So, if you consider voting for a witness, you may also want to vote on "steemgigs".

 If you would want to vote for my witness, click here, then type in "steemgigs" in the first search box! You don't need voting power to vote for a witness!

To join the Steemgigs Community or contact me directly, click here! 


I hope a lot of intelligent Philippine students got convinced to join Steemit! :)

Many of them are in a facebook group currently. Several have had their accounts approved. Still waiting for one successful intro post from the group to spur the others on with

Exciting times ... sooner or later everybody should recognize the high value which Steemit is offering compared to facebook ... (if I just wouldn't be so impatient always :) ).

Quick thinking can always save the day! So glade you know how to improvise when the need for it arises. If just 25% of those 80 told 5 other people you got an insane amount of growth over time.

It’s always great to hear and see your ability to connect with other influencers and get people existed for a wonderful future with Steemit in their lives.

Great job man!

Your comment always shows your human

A rare breed some times in comment sections but I try my best!

I hope you are finding some rest like you wanted for the weekend. Knowing you, your mind must already be working on something amazing! Terry the evolved transcendent lifeform that refuse to let things get in his way. Have a great weekend.

You know, i am not saying much works. I really pray for that time. Monday, i will force myself to go to a psychiatrist. The truth is my life is tough but i bear it but 24/7 pain for so long, is out of hand. I stay speechless though but i don't have almost 97 percent of what normal humans have. I am good though. Plus, no time on my hands. I haste a bit. I am suppose to spend time with you but i am not very productive currently. I definitely push things. In the dms for instance, my being will always long to render to someone who needs my help, help. I can fix others. Jehovah help!

In July 1990, a strong earthquake hit Baguio and the University of Baguio got a hard blow; one of its buildings was almost totally smashed with students trapped inside and a few managed to jumped off suffering various injuries. I can still feel goosebumps while writing this; I was there....

Who would have guessed 27 years after, that this university will experience steemit FIRST among all the universities up there! What a blessing for those who received the good news you brought, Terry, @surpassinggoogle! :)

Touching comment. Life is just unexplainable. Let's be kind to one another. Stay awesome.

Way to go Terry!!!! I bet there are a lot of people who are very happy that you "hijacked" the event.

You are 100% correct when you emphasize that steemit can empower people. I truly believe that. It can open up a whole new world of opportunities. Thank you for sharing that with these students.

I can' wait to see what these new community members will create!

Yes me too. Thank you for coming here! There are bright things in the future for @steemiteducation. i have always tried to push #gedwriting. Some of them there join #steemgigs community in its early stages, like stefan, a young music producer. The whole #steemgigs venture too was to direct steemians in general to their vision, dream-building and creative aspect. I always knew of #til in the past and i am sure you do too. Thus steemiteducation is something that will work, it just requires pushing it without tiring out and it is bound to impact lives

Hi Terry. You don't know me from Adam, but that's what Steemit is all about right? Connecting with people all over the place.

I really appreciate this initiative to teach the youth about Steem! You are talking to the generation that will shape or future, not just of Steem, but the world as a whole.

Your being in the Philippines holds a special interest to me. Although I am in the US, my nephew was adopted from rough conditions in the Philippines, and I often wonder what his life would have been like if he had not been adopted to the states.

I have not read your back story, so do not know what your health concerns are, but please always keep in mind, as much as you want to help others, you cannot help them if you cannot go on yourself!

Take care of your health as best you can, so that you can continue this good work of bringing Steem to the next generation of users.

Have a wonderful day!!

This comment is evidence that you know me from Eve. I am working hard on the health part, i am forcing it because apart from less productivity, it does make me miserable, kills on my life span i am sure and fills me with depression.

Thank you for taking the time to respond Terry. That is quite generous for someone with your time demands. Please don't feel like you have to respond. I am just glad to know you read my comment.

I am all too familiar with depression. Mine takes the form of anxiety though. Constantly thinking about life's what ifs. I feel from your post about your family growing old that the what ifs get to you too.

Remember you are powerful. I mean that in the sense that you get up every day, and continue to do good works. Many people suffering the way you are would not make the effort to get out of bed. Let society take care of them, instead of getting out and helping society.

I found your discord channel and added it to my list. I hope one day to have a chance to run into you there. Your posts paint you as a great ideas person, and I always enjoy people who have brave big ideas. Ideas should be set free, not pushed down with persistent "No, you can't do that" from the world at large.

I'm glad I found your this post resteemed in my feed and came to check your posts out. You're one of the good ones. Thank you for that!!

I also want to add that having great people as witnesses is super important to this platform. I will continue spreading the word, see if more people would be willing to promote you and anyone else they feel has the steemit community's best interest at heart :)
The best of luck and much love to you Terry- make sure you take time to rest!!

Thank you alot. Seeing your impact

Awesome, that's really great to hear :) It's still my favorite thing about this platform, that it removes borders and makes this wide world feel like a much more connected place. That I have met such wonderful people and made such great friends all over the globe.
When I met Marly in New York City face to face she was exactly as I imagined she would be and she said the same about me, it was a confirmation that we really did know each other without any physical contact. Such a cool thing for spirits to connect in this way :)

So true. Plus, there is a "steemit effect". Instant brotherhood too or is it chemistry

U are good at narrating an event,i read from beginning to d end without getting bored...keep up the good work bro and tnx [email protected] for the part she played and sorry about the rain and storm that set in...i love ur posts...nice work bro!!

I tell you. This is one awesome comment. To create that flow is tough indeed and to keep the spark up throughout the post. Thanks

The post was engaging throughout...tnx to u and i really appreciate the upvote

You do a lot for Steimit. And does someone help you pay for all trips to universities?

Yes, my posts help. I have delegated power too. But expenses come from support from my posts.

Dear @surpassinggoogle As usual day after day we are surprised by your works. Thanks for your effort :D

Your comment honors me. Thank you!

Great results man. It is a pleasure to watch how you are patient and how you try to reach your goal. And yea improvisation sometimes is a key and quite often it can be even better than the original plan.

Hahaha, really awesome comment and you know it

Great work, Terry! Hijacking an existing event...you might be on to something there. :)

Hahaha, those methods work. And especially here. A google hangout works too!

We should also hijack every little group conversations and introduce steemit to them.

Ha ha @surpassinggoogle
I like that idea of hijacking some event to infuse STEEMIT to the audience. Surely you are doing what is best for the promotion of our finest community in the Internet "on the blockchain"
Thank you Sir

Bottomline, did you get a bit of rest after the marathon trips?

Brindocorp is yet to send pics to me for the updates, my bros didnt get good angles of my talk at ISDEV 2017...

Okay, talk to them on Facebook. I don't have either yet but tomorrow, i believe. I tell winners to come get a steemit prize too, so they will be here soon. When i get the pictures, i will send or check segun joshua on my friend list. i didn't rest. i am going to psychiatrist on monday.

Please do, that is very important...

Thank you so much for the effort of coming over to the Philippines just to promote steemit to the youths in our country specially to the college students, for some if not most of them really need an extra income for their tuition fees, etc. I will try to look such events, and invite you one of these days. God bless you @surpassinggoogle and to your help mate @southparkqueen.

You are welcome. Plus i am Pinoy as well

Wow, that's great to know you are a Pinoy

Same here! I know @Yehey is pinoy as well.

Let's get it going

Yes totally agree with your vision of"empower people" and you are really doing a great job in promoting Steemit.Kudos.

I am glad you do. It is more about that than money. You need good behavior to use money right and steemit teaches just that

That's one (and the most important methinks) of the things the world can learn from Steemit.

This is really will be an explosion of Steemit power here in the Philippines! I am loving it. The power of social media infused with cryptocurrency is the best. No catch, no requirements. Even a beginner will be able to earn money.

Yes, you basically mine steem with your mind!

Thanks for your upvote man! Good to know pinoys here. Hopefully you can drop by my posts daily, I am sure this will benefit all of us. Regards.

@surpassinggoogle you are doing well and implement a great idea wish you best of luck in future.

Nice! Those look like a lot of people! You have truly become the Steemit Ambassador in the Philippines, Terry! I'm happy for you, man. Now go reap the rewards of your hard work :D Keep pushing!

it was great to see some amazing faces from the crowd too much energy :) but couldn't find you in the first pic heheh :D

Yes, i am the extreme back. The tallest one i believe

woow....this is very great. someday when you see all this sacrifices 'payout' you will be very convinced that you did your very best. So glad you could improvise your way through to produce an outstanding work.

i am always motivated seen your work because who preach it practically, that steemit has the potential to empower lives.

thanks for the great job you do Boss!

I am really surprise with your works sir @surpassinggoogle you are so very clever and because of that i am inspired with your works. I learned to love Steemit after i knew what is this all about and most of all I am enjoying here thanks to your blogs :) keep posting everyday sir. Maximum respect.

That's a great way to promote steemit and show the world what is steemit capable of,keep it up buddy @surpassinggoogle you are doing a fabulous job.

Big ballin! I'm glad you made it to Baguio despite the bad weather. I hope those UP students will join Steemit ASAP so they won't miss out! There's so much things going on right now and a lot of improvement in the next few weeks. If they join now, their timing would be perfect.

On a different note, I already have the printed gift cards. When are we going to give it out? I'll wait for you on Discord. :-))

Hi @surpassinggoogle good job. may this community be a gathering of good to those in need. And can be established like a sibling. May continue to materialize all our desires all.

hai @surpassinggoogle pekerjaan yang bagus. semoga komunitas ini menjadi suatu perkumpulan yang menebar kebaikan kepada mereka yang membutuhkan. dan dapat terjalin layaknya saudara kandung. semoga terus terwujud segala keinginan kita semua.

I like that new style, shorts over your pants!

Hahaha, this got me. People mistake it for that but it is straight-up pants with two divisions or colors

Wow I had to check that picture out again. Wow, never knew!

Are you sure you didn't wear both?

Wow amazing .. really a very great meeting I really salute with you do there. they begin to know what is steemit. I think they are also very fond of this one ceiling.

Wow. I love it


We would like to organize a meeting to promote Steemit in our region and we will need your support to guide us. Thanks a lot

For sure. Region is not a barrier. When you are ready, we can always talk. No doubt, your daily blogs rank in google and promotes steemit too

You are right, the obstacles should disappear if we work hand in hand.

Great job Terry and @southparkqueen! Getting these brilliant UP Mass Comm kids onboard with us on Steemit is such a great idea! :)

Thank you. I said UP there and got lost. It is actually University of Baguio. Stay awesome

oh lol. still very good job! :)

wow good job. You are making all the steemers proud.

Amazing share. All those amazing people!

i believe you can make steemit better place

Congratulations on the success event :-)

I know there would be a lot more in the future like this

Thank you for the effort Sir :-)


You're welcome Sir :-)

Wow....amazing.. God Bless u always at your vision @surpassinggoogle

Another job well done, hopefully more to come! Million thanks and kudos! :)

Hello @surpassinggoogle, we appreciate the effort that you do for the community, but you also need to know when to take a break man. I know you have lot of things on your plate, but sometimes you also need to take a rest and slow down, or else you're body and mind's going to break. Take it from someone who suffered from a breakdown. I know probably this post won't slow you, but I just have to say it.

Yes, thank you! Will try.

Yes, please do. The community needs you.

Way to go Terry! Those people are my mother's roots, the Igorots, will be glad to meet them all :)

Nice post and Well done @surpassinggoogle sir, you are doing a wonderful job to "empower people" and promoting steemit, this effort of yours surely gives steemit new heights.

Thanks for motivation

post of the day.realy realy good post.I hope it will be a tending post.so I resteem this post. everybody will resteem this post.go ahead bro

wow...am inspired...great [email protected]

The bagyo in Baguio did it for me. Its funny and nice that you were able to "infiltrate" an existing event to push your agenda while saving really huge amount of money in the process.

Hahaha, i didn't spell it right

Hahaha. Its ok. we pinoys knew what you mean.

Oh its amazing sir. What a lovely wy to help your community. They are blessed to have you. Thank so much

I am blessed to have your powerful comment.

Thank you for this wonderful answer

Very nice work ,It's good to follow this up article. Bravo @surpassinggogle keep going

A huge number of people in steemit community. wow that's some great news.
welcome to the community. best of luck out there.

The exponential growth in Steemit that is possible because of your efforts with @southparkqueen is tremendous. Your work is amazing @surpassinggoogle!

But I would agree, Terry, that you should try rest. And eat some veggies while you're in Baguio ☺

Veggies. Hahaha. i don't know when last i ate veggies or even fruits. I am one workaholic, even food i have relegated and rest as well. Now, i am broken but i will try starting next week to get a fixing

Vote up and Resteemed. Cheers @surpassinggoogle

Love this! I want to be doing the same here in Toronto, Canada soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

That can happen. Talk soon

Great. Look forward to it.

Wow Terry! Simply amazing, youre simply amazing in promoting steemit. :)

Thank you, for me it is actually beyond steemit. I have inspired people all my life and steemit is an awesome way to continue that. Its a beauty thus.

Wish I could've been there Terry. Nice work!

Hahaha, i have heard of cold in Baguio and i couldn't conceive of it well but it is indeed cold. I know there will be great times. Let's keep alive and healthy, Jehovah's willing

I've only been there once actually. And it's only for a few hours. I haven't got the chance to enjoy all the places and sights.

Very Interesting post. nice to see these beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing..

👏 Beautiful project, simply charming. You are hardworking and dedicated, your work surprises, and it has motivated us to be better every day.

In my last post, I even commented that I went to the beach and since I did not have people at the time I decided to write the word Steemit several times in the sand, in order to try to achieve something. And every day I feel motivated by your encouragement.

Awesome. We all need motivation and we don't have much of to, so i try to give it. I do have loads of it in me.
Yes, don't let the day emptily slip by, "Achieve something". On steemit, one way you can do it, is indepth reading in other fields of industry. You can also write researched posts. So read something new, learn it and educate us in a post. There is #tilphilippines for that!

Fantastic!!! I wish we could have meetup in Sheffield.

Excellent post thanks for sharing ! @surpassinggoogle
I am a new steemians, maybe i should study first with you, regards know me
I followed and upvoted.Would you like to follow and upvote me sir

Yes, you need to study first and grow in your own journey

Thank you

Totally agree on that one, study first to gain the basic knowledge and along your journey in life, you will be able to harness those basic skills/knowledge that you learned from studying.

Amazing post, awesome meeting, you guys really earn all the respect for your actions, this awesome community is growing fast and strong. Thanks for sharing! #keepsteemin

No doubt. Keep steeming

Wow great job . Thanks for sharing

Wow a super awsome idea, 😬❤️ @surpassinggoogle always full of surprises 🤣 Hope to do it someday here in UAE with fellow ofw steemians

Great. A meetup will happen in Abu Dhabi, i believe soon, by hiro. you can join. I was in Dubai weeks back. My sis is there and she hasn't posted on steemit yet

We are all excited to get this Abu Dhabi meet up running soon. A lot of fellow pinoys are already joining and showing interest. Have you seen @hiroyamagishi's recruits yet! hehe

On another note, that hi-jack is totally clever! Infuse steemit whenever, wherever. ;-) Best of luck on your endeavors @surpassinggoogle. You mean well, and you are greatly appreciated.

Hahaha, yes, i know hiro and i know of the plans. We will talk on the Abu Dhabi thing. We talk on FB

I don't mind joining, if you guys book me a room in the Burj Al Arab Hotel.

Ok... Fine it doesn't have to be a 7* hotel, I don't mind downsizing to 5*. Is that a number we could work with?

Nope we will create 12 star just for you

Would I be getting some discount, Steemit exclusive deals?

Nicely done despite all the odds.

Hijacking against all odds. Job well done Sir.

It is impresstion how much your involvement in this great project to grow this community and make it more powerful and deversified ...
It is really a source of motivation to well proumouvoir steemit
Today I made two videos on steemit and dtube and it was exclusive on youtube, thank you very much for your support and support

Woah, i tell you, even those videos work in promoting steemit, same as steemit posts that rank in google. I found steemit through google. So keep doing them

Yes , people ask more about Dtube , they find it awesome and interessing
my group steemit in facebook has 800 active members
im 100% in steemit , it s amazing

Nice post @surpassinggoogle sir, your efforts of promoting steemit is really helpful for all steemit community, i wish you get more and more success in this noble cause. thanks for sharing

Thank you for motivation

You are! Really you are!! You are amazing!!! I salute!!! First time to hear your voice! And you are so tall!!! Put longer video bro.... i would like watch of your doing...

Hahaha, will need to get that later. There recorded it all. Will get it at a later date

I will expect with that... excited here to see your video!! 😀😇😀

Good job in spreading the steemit community against all odds.

Hahaha, there are indeed odds

Keep spreading the Steemit word :D Especially studens are a perfect target group!

this is really great and insightful. I wish I can get to the point of going to infusing it in student here in mexico. Although there are meetups on steemit but it has been localized in the country's capital. Anyway, I do relate well with the spanish community on steemit and I believe soon they will schedule it to a university in my state here. Great work @surpassinggoolge

Soon! There is time for everything. Climb the ladder first, then you can impactful draw others up. However, if there is an English gather and a PC, i can appear in video or have someone do so, incase you need help with someone talking them over

Yeah, you are right. The ladder of steemit is worth climbing. Ok. This is brilliant. I will get in touch as soon as that happens.

Yes, i am always reachable even if delayed. When delayed it is simply cos i am down

ok. Good. Thank you.