MASSIVE NEWS: Yesterday saw another Record Breaking Number of Transactions on the Blockchain at a jaw dropping 236,529 Transactions..!!

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I am very pleased to announce that yesterday saw another Record Breaking Number of Transactions on the STEEM BLOCKCHAIN at a jaw dropping 236,529 Transactions..!!

Let's just think about this for a moment while I repeat it a jaw dropping 236,529 Transactions..!!

This is huge news, in fact it is MASSIVE NEWS..!!

Just to put this number in perspective....

January Total = 3,115,811

February Total = 3,485,408

March Total = 4,387,899

April Total = 2,762,585

May Total = 2,592,552 (so far..!!)

January Avg. = 100,510

February Avg. = 124,479

March Avg. = 141,545

April Avg. = 92,086

May Avg. = 162,035 (so far..!!)

Once again this is MASSIVE NEWS and worth repeating once a jaw dropping 236,529 Transactions..!!

With these sorts of stellar numbers I am sticking firmly with my imminent Price Target for STEEM at a Market Capital of $655million / $2.80 per STEEM..!!

Thanks again for reading.


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All due to the Graphene and the lightning speeds that are possible. Nothing compares and all the others are practically already obsolete.

let's keep commenting and posting folks! An active community and a bullish price will keep us all Steeming!

Truly an amazing good news. Steemit will definitely go there and even surpass it forward.

Shared on twitter. Stephen

muy buena publicacion

Yesterday's transactions took place on the Steem Blockchain at a rate of 3.223 transactions per second, that is 15091 more transactions than Bitcoin. We have surpassed bitcoin transactions wise.. hope to surpass in market cap as well very soon.

All I can say is WOW! We talked about how this would happen. Steem is very impressive. This means its still highly undervalued with all the new Steem Apps coming out over the year! Additionally, Steem has the first mover advantage in Social Blockchains the same way Bitcoin did with the first crypto currency. This could get very interesting in a few more months.

Is there any chance you can make the daily transaction list available somewhere so we can chart it and take averages. It's quite difficult to measure daily transactions for bitshares and steem even though they are easily the highest used altcoins.

Wow! Also great to see that we've passed the previous top daily total set back in March, before all the changes. That shows a lot of resilience, for those who are still skeptical and think a minor setback or two will somehow "stop" Steemit.

Nice post , Keep it up