QUESTION: Why do you follow people on Steemit?

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Just a quick question:

Why do you follow people on Steemit? Just to "follow back" or hoping for a "follow back", to read their posts, to interact with them more, to give them a false sense of importance, or just because?

I'm trying to figure out the mechanics behind this community, and your answers could help me a lot!

For example: I have 282 followers, why do you follow me? Would you even read this post?

Thanks in advance! :)


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Thank you! :)

haha, i only follow if i like what i read, sometimes people post just a picture and very few words, so I wouldn't follow them. It is rather disappointing to see so many followers yet when you post, it didn't generate much, coz nobody was upvoting it...

thanks for your contribution @melancholee :)

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In the question that you do, in personal the empathy, I may take dem, asado time and experience in this type of websites, I love photgraphy, nature, climbing and travel. I like to find people related to me, from other places, cultures and also I love learning from all lovers of photography that always bring something, greetings. @stegis

Thanks @oscarps, hehe, I should post more photos from my collection! I need to open Lightroom more often :P

That would be very good, I am a lover of the images and that attracts me to the works of other authors, in this case in you, besides being your own original content, unique and unrepeatable. @stegis

If i like what i read and good information I follow

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