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Hi Steem Community!

Today our team is announcing the first Steepshot iOS release. Feel free to download and test.

Apple Snapshot.PNG

New Features

(in comparison with the latest Android release)

  • Tab bar with separate browse button
  • Image caching
  • Photo optimizations
  • Fit photos to screen width
  • Swipe profile, swipe feed
  • Filter NSFW, ability to set filter on\off in settings
  • Low rated filtering
  • Flags
  • Hide photos from the feed
  • Timestamps


We highly appreciate the support of the community

We are glad for a large number of responses, it becomes more difficult to process them after the next app update, but we are trying. Thanks to your feedback we put forward priorities for important features & fixes.

Feel free to express your wishes regarding what you would like to see first in the application in the future. And also appreciate the reports of any errors found.


What's on the way next?

  • Filter out posts related to blogging content (leave only photos)
  • Android & iOS bug fixes & improvements

Previously announced

footer_img_1.JPGAnnouncement Post / FAQ / Google Play / App Store


what about private keys? Still stored on your server?

Yes (encrypted). Feel free to join the discussion in regarding the canonical signatures to help us bootstrap moving key signing to the client side.

Don't store users' keys.

steemconnect v1 can be used to establish this. the tool is already functional in this way.

There's no .NET version of Steemconnect.

Then you will have to wrap it, asking for peoples private keys is simply irresponsible. I use your software but it is no way my recommendation for others to do so. You simply cannot guarantee the security of your system.

There is another much more suitable lib to wrap and that's what we're working on right now.

Steem community needs libraries in as many languages as possible so that developers all over the world could write as many Steem clients as possible.

That I agree with. Nice work on the lib btw!

Sounds risky

Are you planning on integrating IPFS with this app? - so we can have "decentralized' photos when posting to the STEEM blockchain? - or is this something that will require a blockchain hardfork?

Yes, we do and the integration with IPFS is already set and tested on our servers. A link containing a hash of the image can be safely stored to the blockchain so no hardfork is required.

However, there are two main reasons why we still use non-IPFS centralized cloud storages for image hosting:

  1. IPFS protocol never guarantees you that the image/file is going to be received by the end user that requested the photo.
  2. Based on our tests it may take up to 20 minutes to fetch a photo by its hash through IPFS, while the upper bound we can allow ourselves for robust user experience is a few seconds.

So yes, we are planning the integration with IPFS but we keep looking for solutions for the issues described.

This is a great vision. Keep up the work brother thank you.
I hope the issues with IPFS are worked out soon. That way we can really advertise SteepShot as an app that can enable decentralized photos not hosted on a central server.

Thanks. IFPS integration should also provide a way for photo creators to technically prove their authorship by storing image hash into the blockchain post. So we're very excited about this technology.

This is really exciting, thank you for the information. Im looking forward to more updates in regards to SteepShot. - are you using steemconnect for private keys? - how are keys being stored?

Unfortunately there's no SteemConnect for C#-based apps, so we're writing our own lib. We'll release a new update soon and then integrate it with Steepshot.

Short term solution is - we're asking for user posting key only and store it encrypted on the server for transaction signing.

Privet ,ja iz Latvij ,ocen prijatno 🙂🙂

This looks like a great deal of work and what a result! Awesome! thanks for sharing and congratulations. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Yeah this looks sick! I'm gonna check it out on Android!

Nice, I will take a look thanks.

Very cool! I love it!

One thing that I wish there was an improvement for was the ability to not have SteepShot photos show up in my feed if I wished. They're a little too austere for a traditional blog post and make the feed a little messy. Same with Is there a way to do that?

This feature would be great for all the new Steem apps that are showing up. I would like to post my science posts here while posting photos on Steemshot without them cluttering each other.

However, I think the best way to do this is by creating an alternative user account to use for the other services.

That's probably not possible as they are built on the STEEM Blockchain, on the other hand may it is entirely possible simply with a lot more filtering of the Blockchain data coming into the apps. Can anyone anwser this for us?

Yes! We're just talking about filtering certain data, not restricting it on the blockchain. :) But what do I know?!
I'm just a humble user.

Probably we should have another application to have only display "longer" blog posts. So let Steepshot for photos, the new app for blogs, (and Zappl in the future for microblogs).
Steemit remain as everything.

The content that the blockchain client is showing is up to the client ( that shows the content.

That's interesting. Okay. I guess someone is gonna have to write a suggestion post on Steemit! :)

Hmmm. So just testing it, the "description" part should be placed in the post body as opposed to the post title. There should be an extra field for the post title :)

Also, the adding of hashtags automatically to the tags seems to fuck things up when viewing the post on other Steem platforms?

what is this for? How can I use it for steemit?

This is a Instagram-like application for steem blockchain.

Fantastic! This is a great app! A instagram app for the steem blockchain! Yes!

Yeah, I just downloaded in my phone (android),but it was early access.
It was fantastic! Nice

This is what I am waiting for! Thank you

So Steepshot pays from the steemblock chain similar to steemit? Looks great. Excited to used this on android. Hopefully has a share button so i can pull in peiple from fb.

Going to install it now, will give it a test drive over the next few days and see how I get along with it!

Great job! I know it's a lot of work, but can't wait for v1!

Great job, guys! Looking forward to any further development to use it as I would like to. :D

This is so cool! Have to try it out asap.

please do like zappl and only get steepshot generated content on your app.

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in wiki page about SteepShot. Thanks and good luck again!

Downloaded and checking it out now. Thanks @steepshot
Upvoted and following


#IntagramKiller Could this really become a viable and popular Instagram replacement...Ask yourself, how much does Instagram pay you for making them rich with YOUR content?

Can you make money by posting pics? If yes, how?

Dang this is seriously slick! Its awesome seeing you guys and gals build apps around Steem!

Excellent work! I hope that you get the private key issue resolved, I can see that as a problem.

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Wow! You have a great post there! Keep it up!
I have followed your account!

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nice post.please check my blog and upvote my posts as i also upvote yours too. Because this will help both of us.

Thought you might like this @gmuxx

Looks at least as good as Instagram....and it pays you wow cool.

thank you for good posting

Am new on Steemit but am enjoying it already, way to, am sure going to be spending allot of time on here

sweet..will try it out

Nice. Will look for it in the app store.

pumped to try this out. straight away! i'd swap from instagram straight away if it works just 25% of insta! :)

This looks awesome! Just seeing it now @steepshot!

Very good progress. Soon everyone will use steemit as we use facebook or snap

Great, can change isntagram on my phone

Thanks @steepshot, this looks so awesome!

Excellent information, thank you for sharing with our community my dear brother

Playing with it now! Reminds me a lot of Instagram. I agree with a previous comment about having a TITLE and DESCRIPTION section separate. Would be a nice feature :)

thank you ~

Wow~ I have been thinking if there is a convenient way to upload image to steemit, and you just did it!
Probably it's what many steemians longing for. Excellent!

Yes, great news :D

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This looks great. Am downloading now, and looking forward to using the app.

Thank you for all of your hard work and creativity, in providing this for us :)

cool and interesting

hey there, i like it, i'm interested to know if you will add support for the body of the post, i'd like to give a little blog post there all from the phone, it will speed up making my little blog posts on the go with my wireless keyboard, please say you will add that and the ability to add the five tags.

appears the wallet is showing the wrong data thou, can you confirm that is not working yet? because my partner tried it on her phone and she had a figure in her wallet and she's only put up one post :) - also, she had it crash a few times on an iphone 7 plus. i tried it on an ipad2 mini and it worked perfectly fine. just giving feedback. thanks!

This is great! I'm adding you to the /

looks good - i am following you now

Nice ! Just dowloaded it, good work with the app. Can't wait to see how it will evolve in the future ;)

Wooohoooo!!!! I've been waiting on this!

What about a Android Version of Steem? In Chrome on Android 7 I have a lot of issues with the Ui.

I'm just impressed by the front-end and its execution!! Could you please address any reward regarding bug reports if any!

Is this like an Instagram for Steemit? Wow, looks amazing! I'm going to try it out and probably do a review! :D Thank you for this!

I have a question though! When you post a picture from this, does it show up on Steemit as a standard post, or is this a completely different platform just for sharing pictures?

Yes, it has been showing up on like other apps have as well. If they haven't yet, they should include options to filter, to hide, posts, comments, from the apps of your choosing, like Busy, Steepshot, Dtube, etc.

Very nice, i will check it out.

Lots of photo related improvements. I'll definitely check that out.
Thanks for bringing this up!

Somehow missed this post earlier! Fantastic work! Downloading and will test it out! :)

I'm loving this app so far. Thank you for developing it!
If you'd like to see, I've created a video review of the app, with a couple of suggestions for future releases included.

Hello! I just got this app, photo optimizations are so good!

Very good news! Thanks for sharing!

thanks for sharing!

This is great - will we eventually be able to have it not post to our steemit blog?

Which iOS versions does it support?

Sorry if you've already answered this, there are a lot of comments to look through :-)

Is this based on Steem? Kind of like an app for it? Or the Instagram version of it?

Hi @steepshot, good post! I'm a new Steemian and recently joined the platform. It would be great if you could check out my blog and follow me if you like my content. Thanks!

9.3+ ios supports

Been waiting all month for this! Good job, guys!

Doing a good job, keep it up

Great app @steepshot! Thanks a lot, downloaded on iOS and it looks awesome!

I just downloaded. Looks awesome. You have my support.

Got the IOS app! Great!

nice work guys! downloadingggg...

Great initiative ! However the app is crashing when I'm uploading a picture. Are you alone maintaining the project? Is the project open source? I am an experienced iOS developer. If you need help, feel free to ask !

Is not available on the AppStore , why?

Because they're against innovation.

Can't wait to install on my device, Almost all of photos are stored on my phone, things couldn't be better. This is an exciting time to live and I glad to be part of this community.


Why is there no app for IOS in Austria?

Sounds awesome for Steepshot. I've been on it. So, I'm concerned with IPFS as I've heard Dtube uses IPFS but my old Dtube videos no longer play. Maybe those videos didn't make enough money and had to be discontinued or something. Don't know what happened but have heard other people talk about Dtube, about IPFS. I do hope for the best for IPFS, assuming it's the future, that it's as decentralized as possible like Bit Torrent.