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RE: Steepshot iOS alpha 0.0.1

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Are you planning on integrating IPFS with this app? - so we can have "decentralized' photos when posting to the STEEM blockchain? - or is this something that will require a blockchain hardfork?


Yes, we do and the integration with IPFS is already set and tested on our servers. A link containing a hash of the image can be safely stored to the blockchain so no hardfork is required.

However, there are two main reasons why we still use non-IPFS centralized cloud storages for image hosting:

  1. IPFS protocol never guarantees you that the image/file is going to be received by the end user that requested the photo.
  2. Based on our tests it may take up to 20 minutes to fetch a photo by its hash through IPFS, while the upper bound we can allow ourselves for robust user experience is a few seconds.

So yes, we are planning the integration with IPFS but we keep looking for solutions for the issues described.

This is a great vision. Keep up the work brother thank you.
I hope the issues with IPFS are worked out soon. That way we can really advertise SteepShot as an app that can enable decentralized photos not hosted on a central server.

Thanks. IFPS integration should also provide a way for photo creators to technically prove their authorship by storing image hash into the blockchain post. So we're very excited about this technology.

This is really exciting, thank you for the information. Im looking forward to more updates in regards to SteepShot. - are you using steemconnect for private keys? - how are keys being stored?

Unfortunately there's no SteemConnect for C#-based apps, so we're writing our own lib. We'll release a new update soon and then integrate it with Steepshot.

Short term solution is - we're asking for user posting key only and store it encrypted on the server for transaction signing.

Privet ,ja iz Latvij ,ocen prijatno 🙂🙂