Steemterview International. Is it possible?

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What is @steemterview?

Steemterview is a project created by @serialfiller for the italian community on steemit.

I invite you to follow this account and also the official italian community account like @spi-blog, @spi-postit, @steempostitalia.

I suggest you some great authors like @thenightflier, @armandosodano,, @ilnegro, @phage93, @gianluccio, @dexpartacus, @tizswa, @spaghettiscience, @road2horizon,@mad-runner, @sbarandelli, @steemitri and many others.

The intent of this project is to know better the people of our great community?


Through an interview.

5 open questions + 5 quick questions.

At the end of the interview our guest indicates the next people to interview. 

Until now this project regarded only the italian people.

My goal for the next months is to expand this project beyond the italian community.

For this reason I would invite some great authors and members of the steemit universe to take vision of this post, to understand what we do here and make me conscious about your interest.

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My great honor it could be to create a section for the witness. I really would to know them better. 

I tag someone who come up in my mind but please resteem if you want this post. I hope a lot of people read this content and give me some answer about that.

After that me and the great people who draw for @steemterview (@isakost, @claudiazazu, @etn0,, @heidi71 and others) will try to study a new formula for the international authors who wanna partecipate.

Thanks in advance:






























Grazie per l'onore di essere stato menzionato tra i grandi autori, e ti/vi auguro la massima espansione possibile con questo progetto allargato alla comunità internazionale, resteem doveroso

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hay, im no longer a steem witness, we took down the witness server a month or so back, but thanks for considering and tagging me:-)

Ciao! In passato ci sono stati diversi progetti del genere.
@humansofsteemit è un esempio, ma l'account è inattivo da un po'.
C'era anche un utente italiano che aveva creato una serie di interviste ai Witness e a diversi Steemians che un folto seguito.
Purtroppo non ricordo i nomi delle varie iniziative.
L'idea è interessante.

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